Top 10 Best Inverters in Nigeria


Nigeria is a country known for supplying electricity to other countries like Niger republic and Benin Republic, while its citizens languish in power failure. It has the potential to generate 12,522 MW of electricity but can only distribute about 5,000 MW to its large population, which is lesser than what is needed to meet basic household and industrial needs.

This epileptic and erratic power supply has made many Nigerians resort to the use of generating sets. These generating sets come with a lot of problems such as: high-cost maintenance, Carbon monoxide poisoning, noise pollution and high fuel cost caused by the recurrent hike in price of fuel.

These problems are the reasons why inverters were made. As a device, inverters would convert a DC voltage into an AC voltage. The power entering the DC is usually lower than the power being generated. The power can be gotten from solar energy or batteries.

Top 10 Best Inverters in Nigeria

With the advent of inverters as an alternative to generating sets, Nigerians are making plans to own one of these products of technology. But so many are confused on the brand of inverters to buy. Here are the top ten popular and best inverters in Nigeria.

10. Mercury Inverter

Mercury inverters are of two types: the pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters. Modified sine wave inverters can easily be used for simple systems and gadgets while many modern equipment may not run well with it, but they are less expensive. Pure sine wave inverter on the other hand can work with all types of electronics, but its cost is high when compared to its other type. This brand of inverter uses battery and can automatically transfer power during a power failure so that its user will never experience blackout.

9. Cyber Power

Cyber power can easily be used for security purpose. It has an Automatic Voltage regulator that is designed to ensure stable power supply. It can also be connected to generators and external batteries. This inverter also displays information on battery and power conditions to ensure proper management and maintenance.

8. Felicity

Felicity inverter uses solar power as its power source to change the DC voltage. It is manufactured by Guangzhou Felicitysolar technology co, a renowned company headquartered in Hong Kong, China and has spent years in researching, developing and producing solar energy products. The inverter works on a maintenance free design and a reverse polarity battery protection. With its solar panel, the inverter can easily be charged during the day and not until electric power is available unlike most inverters.


For most inverters to shift power when power outage occurs, it can take a little time. During that period of power outage and inverters are still shifting, a critical equipment can get damaged or data on it might be lost. This is why APC UPS was created, to ensure that power is immediately shifted within 10 milliseconds of power outage to ensure uninterrupted power supply. It is also designed to curb the problem of electrical accidents by providing protection against abnormal current and voltages.

6. Blue Gate

Blue gate inverter is an ideal energy back up system for household and business owners. It is very durable, and its battery power can last a long time. The inverter can work with all types of loads continuously without interruption. This feature is why it is employed for use in big offices and factories to maintain a constant power supply.

5. Exide

Exide has a wide range of inverters and UPS to ensure home and business gadgets and appliances keep working even in the face of a power failure. It was adjudged the best inverter in India in 2018 and has since made several modifications to its previous models. It also has a feature that allows it to display voltage, load and power to ensure proper maintenance and management.

4. Microtek

Microtek inverter is built on the principle of a pure sine wave inverter by one of the best inverter manufacturers in the world. It is designed to use the latest MPPT/PWM algorithm to produce a pure sine wave output that runs easily. It also comes with a microcontroller that allows it to identify a power outage and set itself into the action of switching power within the short time of 15 milliseconds.

3. Luminous Inverter

It is a hybrid inverter designed by luminous company. It is relatively affordable and derive its power from solar energy. Excess energy generated is also stored in the inverter’s battery to save for later use. It can power basic household items while protecting against short-circuit, overload and other problems accompanied with electricity.

2. Sukam

Sukam inverter is employed for use in industries, large houses and offices. The inverter is top performing and very reliable. Although, it cannot be used for small home appliances, it is considered a good inverter because it helps to reduce the cost incurred in using distribution companies to power appliances that consume a lot of power like air conditioner and many more. It also displays the voltage, power and frequency to ensure proper management.


Prag is adjudged Nigeria’s number 1 inverter brand. It is a very powerful and durable brand of inverter for homes and offices. It is manufactured in China, but it features are designed to work for the power needs of Nigerians. It has on automatic changeover feature to shift power during a power outage. It also has a fast charging and voltage regulation design for all home and office equipment.

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