10 Best Shoes to Wear with Palazzo Pants


A lot of things in life aren’t fixed. They change continuously with respect to time. One of them is Fashion. We have all experienced different changes in fashion and fashion trends. You must have noticed that the clothing styles worn about 10 years ago hardly exist in present day times. Even if it does, a lot of modifications would have been made to it.

One of these modifications is the palazzo pants. It is a type of loose trousers with extremely wide legs that flare from the waist. It is said to have gotten its name from the phrase, palatial building, which is used to describe a big building with a narrow top and broader bases. The pants came into existence around 1960’s and the 70’s and was worn by women who didn’t like wearing skirt and weren’t allowed to wear trousers because it was termed inappropriate then.

10 Best Shoes to Wear With Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants have become a fashionable wear found in the wardrobe of ladies of all ages, sizes and shapes. It is mostly loved because of the way it makes the wearer feel comfortable. It also comes in different colours and styles and adaptable to any body shape. However, a lot of ladies face some difficulties when it comes to choosing the right footwear that can complement a palazzo pants. Here are the best shoes to wear with Palazzo Pants:

10. Pumps

Pumps is a boot styled shoe with flat or low heels. The heels can sometimes be high as one inch to one and a half inches. It is usually worn on work wears to complete the formal look. Pumps also look great when worn on formal palazzo pants. You can easily achieve a classic and elegant look especially if the pump is pointed. If you need a bit of shine to your outfit, metallic pump can do just that for you.

9. Flip Flops

We all have a form of casual event we want to attend and decide on a palazzo pant to keep everything simple and comfortable. For a casual outfit like this, selecting the best footwear might be difficult. You don’t need to worry; just wear that simple flip flop you have in your shoe rack to complete the casual look. Flip flops are usually hidden when worn on a palazzo and will leave people to wonder on what you are wearing on your feet.  A lot of ladies also like wearing palazzo pants at home, flip flops also complement their looks perfectly.

8. Heeled Coat Shoes

If you have decided on a formal blouse with your palazzo pants, a heeled coat shoe will give you a classic and timeless look. Coat shoes are known to always add a sleek look to one’s appearance. This is why wearing a heeled coat shoe can give you the formal and elegant look you need at your place of work, school or any other formal occasion.

7. Gladiator Heels or Sandals

Gladiator sandals or heels can give you that classy look you desire with a short palazzo pant and any shirt of your choice. You can walk into any event and be sure to steal the show just with your gladiator on a palazzo. It also gives your look an edge and sultry feel. Note that gladiator looks great on only ankle length or other shorter length palazzo pants.

6. Sneakers

Sneakers is one of the most popular shoes worn on palazzo pants. It is known to fit a palazzo pant better than any other type of shoe. Although, it is worn mostly for casual events, sneakers on palazzo is a yes for most ladies. The combination of a pair of sneakers on palazzo pants will give you that chic look you desire. It can be worn to the beach, casual parties or any other informal occasions.

5. Wedges

Many ladies love wearing a palazzo to the beach because of its comfortable feel. Often times, selecting the best shoe to complement the outfit is usually difficult. Heels will make walking difficult as it would keep pressing into the sand. Most decide on flat sandals, but a few like adding some heights to their look. If you would like to add some heights to your beach outfit, then you should wear a wedge. With its thick sole, this shoe can also give you a formal look when worn on palazzo made from lightweight materials.

4. Flat Sandals

A pair of flat sandals can easily go with an high waisted palazzo pants and crop top. If you also desire a simple look on casual days and informal occasions, you can decide on a pair of flat sandals. Going for this choice of shoes will draw all attention to your feet while giving you the chance to move about comfortably.

3. Flats

If you are not in the mood for heels or you want to rest from a week of wearing heels and you desire a palazzo pant, then flat shoes are your best bet. If you do not wish to add to your height and still desire a classy look, you can choose a pair of flats such as ballerina. Just make sure your palazzo is moderately flared so as to prevent the hem from getting stuck underneath your feet and ensure your top is fitted.

2. Suede Heels

It is a common sight to see ladies rocking shirts on palazzo to their places of work. Without doubt, it makes them look formal and classy. You might want to join the league but getting the perfect shoe seems like a problem. Complement the formal look you desire with a pair of suede heels. This shoe is perfect for achieving formal business appearance.

1. Stiletto

Stiletto can be regarded as the best shoe to wear on a palazzo pant, especially if it’s a day or evening party. It can also be worn to formal events including office clothes. Wearing a stiletto can help reduce the loose fit of your palazzo pant. If you are also interested in making your legs look longer while rocking a palazzo, then stiletto could be your best bet.

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