List of 2Face Idibia’s 7 Children & 3 Women

Call him 2Baba, 2Face or Innocent Idibia, you are referring to one and the same person. 2Face is no doubt a legend to almost every Nigerian and African musician but one thing that keeps coming to mind every time his name is mentioned is his numerous children and women.

The important ones, which are often part of his life’s story are three distinct women, including his legally married wife, Annie Macaulay-Idibia who had thrown tantrums on social media over the years as a result of 2Baba’s large heart that is capable of sharing love to all the women in his life, more importantly those who are ready to receive it.

Prior to when 2Face, as he was known way back rose to fame, the baby mama concept wasn’t exactly popular. However, 2Baba gracefully, albeit indirectly told all male musicians in Nigeria that it was possible to have women birth your kids without necessarily getting married to them. Then came a first baby mama, a second and then a girlfriend who was in the know all along about his lifestyle but failed to walk away.

In this post, we will talk about the life of legendary musician, Innocent Idibia, popularly called 2Baba, his children, baby mamas and wife and how their messy relationships began till it became a recurring media sensation.

Pero Adeniyi

2Face's first baby mama, Pero Adeniyi

Pero Adeniyi is the first baby mama to 2Baba also known as Innocent Idibia and is mostly perceived as the nightmare of Annie Macaulay-Idibia in the eyes of social media observers who have been following the Idibias’ drama for years now. While you could define Sumbo as naive and quiet, Pero Adeniyi is feisty, and has been a thorn in the flesh of Annia Macaulay-Idibia.

Pero, as she is fondly called, is the daughter of Chief Jide Adeniyi, a serial entrepreneur and billionaire who made his fortune from the printing, transport and music industry as a music promoter. On her part, she was a make-up artist who only became popular after she got involved with the African Queen crooner.

Pero was reportedly married at the time she met Innocent Idibia and was said to have abandoned her then-husband, Tunde Borokinni, a New York-based businessman for 2Face. It wasn’t exactly known when Pero and 2Face started but news of their relationship became viral in 2005 after armed robbers attacked 2Face’s Festac home, leaving him and his siblings injured and traumatized. In 2006, Pero gave birth to 2Face’s first child and daughter, named Ehi.

The relationship between Pero and 2Baba was an extremely turbulent one but it did not prevent the make-up artist from birthing three children with the music star. Pero dumped 2Baba in 2009, but that did not stop their relationship from producing two more children. First, Innocent, 2Baba’s fourth born was born in 2012 followed by his fifth born, Justin in 2013. In total, Pero has four kids; three with 2Baba (Ehi, born in 2006; Innocent, born in 2012; and Justin, born in 2013) and one from her previous marriage she walked away from to be with the music star.

2Baba and his children with Pero Adeniyi
2Baba and his children with Pero Adeniyi; Ehi (female), Innocent (in black) and Justin (youngest).

However, in an interview, Pero’s father, Prince Jide Adeniyi claimed Pero and 2Baba had been married and are still married to date, despite the musician moving ahead to marry Annie. Pero, on her part has been in in a couple of on and off relationships but remains unmarried to this day.

Sumbo Adeoye (Nee Ajaba)

Sumbo Adeoye

Sumbo Adeoye (Nee Ajaba), is the first baby mama of Innocent Idibia, more commonly known as 2Face Idibia at the time. She is also the mother to two of 2Baba’s sons and the mother of Nino Idibia, 2Baba’s first born. Sumbo and 2Baba started dating in 2006, when she was 24 years old and a student of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) at the time. This was around the time Pero gave birth to Ehi, 2Face’s first child. According to her, she had just lost her father around the time and was pushed into the arms of 2baba who the only person was who showed her love. She got pregnant the same year and opened up to her pastor who unfortunately brought her before the entire congregation to humiliate her. She was asked by her pastor to present the man who put her in the family way, but she somehow pinned the pregnancy on another man whom she got wedded to at a marriage registry, with the church organizing the whole thing.

Trouble broke out a year later after she put to bed and her husband realized the child did not look him. Her mum who has been in the United States all the while returned only to realize that her daughter had been married off without her consent.

Sumbo left her marriage that same year, at 25 and went to reunite with 2Baba whose mum talked her (Sumbo) into living with him as that could help deter other women flocking around the music star who was becoming popular as a solo artist at the time.

Sumbo and 2Baba lived together for two years until 2009 when she gave birth to their second child. At this time, Pero Adeniyi was also pregnant for 2Baba and she would later go on to be an important person in his life. Sumbo picked her belongings one day while 2Baba had travelled out of the country and returned to her parent’s house.

Sumbo and 2Baba have two sons together: Nino (born in 2007) and Zion (born in 2009). She has since been remarried to a pastor and lives happily with her husband and their children.

Nino and Zion
Nino and Zion

In 2016, Sumbo granted an interview with Pulse Nigeria where she narrated her ordeal and the events surrounding her life and how she ended up becoming a baby mama to Innocent Idibia. Below were her words in the interview:

“I met Tuface when I was a student of Yaba College of Technology. I had just lost my dad and my mum was living in America. For someone who was a daddy’s girl, I needed love. This was the only person that was showing me love at that time.

I feel I had that experience so that other young girls would not make the same mistake. I was 24 when I fell pregnant the first time. I approached the pastor of the church I was attending then and he brought me out before the church and judged me.

I was asked to go and bring the father of my unborn child so we could be joined together. I brought a different person and we got married at the registry. Everything fell apart when I had a child who looked nothing like him and my mum came back from America to ask who gave my hand out in marriage because she was not a part of it.

I had to walk out of the marriage which I arranged by myself. I moved back home and by age 25 I was already a single mum and a divorcee. There was so much shame and reproach.”

It got to a point in my life that I felt that the Devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know, so I went back to my baby daddy and his mum talked me into living with him so he won’t have more women and babies. We lived together for three years and that was how the second pregnancy happened.

It was not a bed of roses while I was there because I was trying to put together what was not supposed to be. I think we broke up in 2009 after I had the second baby. There were other women who were also going to have babies for him around that time.

I came to my senses like the prodigal son and I was so broken. I think my baby daddy was out of the country that fateful day when I returned from work and I packed all my things plus that of my children, and I went back to my parents’ home.”

Annie Macaulay-Idibia

Annie Macaulay-Idibia

Annie Idibia (nee Macaulay) is an actress and has always been resilient and fierce in her relationship with Innocent Idibia. Annie and 2Baba reportedly started dating when she was only 15 years old. While we could not authenticate this claim, Annie only became known with 2Baba in 2004 after she was featured as a vixen in “African Queen”. By calculation, this suggests she is the oldest woman among the three in the life of the music star.

Annie has reportedly been around since Pero first came into the scene in 2005. However, Annie was not influential or capable of influencing 2Baba’s randy behaviour which saw him jump from one woman to another. It was also said that a young Annie at the time was not liked by the musician’s mother who chose Sumbo above all other women in her son’s life.

While 2Face was still lost in the worlds of Pero and Sumbo, Annie Idibia birthed her first child, Isabella, with the legendary music star in 2008. In 2012, four years later after Isabella was born, Annie and 2Face got married in an intimate ceremony. In 2013, the following year, they would later have two weddings: a white wedding in Dubai and a traditional wedding. In 2014, their second child together, Olivia was born.

Isabella and Olivia Idibia
Isabella (in black) and Olivia Idibia

Although, Sumbo may have moved on to a new man and a new family, Pero and Annie have been fighting nasty on social media for years now. In 2018, Pero and Annie reconciled publicly and settled their rift but the reconciliation was short-lived after Annie took to her Instagram to accuse her husband of spending vacation in Pero’s home in the United States. Since then, it’s been messy, with the Idibia family taking sides and support Pero over Annie.

Timeline of Innocent “2Face” Idibia, his children and women

  • 2004: 2Face featured Annie Idibia as a video vixen in his “African Queen” music video.
  • 2005: News of Pero and 2Face dating became viral after he was robbed in his Festac home.
  • 2006: Pero becomes 2Face’s first baby mama and gives birth to his first child and first daughter, Ehi Idibia.
  • 2006: Sumbo and 2Face started dating while she was 24 and studying at YABATECH.
  • 2006: Sumbo gets married to another man whom she claimed was responsible for her pregnancy.
  • 2007: Sumbo gives birth to 2Face’s second child and first male child, Nino Idibia.
  • 2007: Sumbo’s marriage crumbled after her husband found out he was not the owner of the child.
  • 2008: Sumbo moves in with 2Face and they started living together as a couple.
  • 2008: Annie gets pregnant and gave birth to her first child, Isabella Idibia, 2Face’s third child.
  • 2009: Sumbo gives birth to 2Face’s fourth child and second male child, Zion Idibia.
  • 2009: Sumbo dumps 2Face and returns to her parent’s home.
  • 2009: Pero dumps 2Face and moves on.
  • 2012: Pero gives birth to Innocent Idibia, her second child and the fifth child of 2Face. 
  • 2012: Annie and 2Face gets married in an intimate ceremony.
  • 2013: Pero gives birth to Justin Idibia, her third and the sixth child of 2Face.
  • 2013: Annie and 2Face have two weddings: a traditional wedding in Nigeria and a white wedding in Dubai.
  • 2014: Annie Idibia gives birth to her second child, Olivia Idibia and the seventh child of 2Face.

How many children does 2Face have?

Innocent Idibia, popularly called 2Face, Tuface or 2Baba has seven children (four males and three females) and their names are Ehi Idibia, Nino Idibia, Isabella Idibia, Zion Idibia, Innocent Idibia, Justin Idibia and Olivia Idibia in the order of their birth.

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