Top 10 Bulk SMS Portals In Nigeria

Many services can now be performed on Internet-enabled devices thanks to the internet. SMS in Nigeria is an example of such a service. Sending personalized messages to a lot of phone numbers is known as bulk SMS. You have the option to send messages for less money with bulk SMS.

There are numerous portals in Nigeria that provide bulk SMS services. The majority of them share characteristics. Among the key features are the opportunity to use a personalized sender name, the ability to utilize scheduled messaging, which allows you to specify a precise time you want the message to be delivered, and the transmission of delivery reports for each SMS sent.

Pricing is the primary distinction between the majority of SMS portals. Many of them also let you build your own reseller portals so you can set your own price for SMS units. You can use your MasterCard, VISA, or Verve card to fund your account on these portals. Additionally, you can fund via an ATM or by charging money to a bank account and forwarding the transaction information to the phone numbers listed on their portals.

Top 10 Bulk SMS Portals In Nigeria

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to use a bulk SMS portal, be sure you understand the portal’s terms and conditions as well their rules. This way, you wouldn’t get into trouble or encounter issues with failed SMSes. Here are the top ten bulk SMS portals available to you in Nigeria.

1. Bulk SMS Nigeria

Price: The price ranges from N2 per unit for less than 999 units to N1.45 per unit for 500,000 to 5,000,000 units.

Nigeria’s best bulk SMS network provider, BulkSMS Nigeria Company, has more than 12 years of experience in the telecoms industry.

The key to their success is their dedication to offering top-notch services across all industries. The fact that they have been one of Africa’s cheapest bulk SMS services for more than a decade is unaffected by this.

2. X wireless Net

Prices: For volumes between 1 and 9,999, $0.89 per SMS is charged. This can be as small as 0.73 cents as a minimum volume (US).

This kind of system has existed for a long. It is convenient to use thanks to a user-friendly SMS provider. X-Wireless provides an alternative to Excel Plugin for SMS distribution from spreadsheets.

Follow the instructions below to purchase Bulk SMS from X-Wireless online:

  • Register on the website by doing so.
  • Register with your account.
  • The Make Payment button is located in the left menu.
  • You’ll be taken to the Order Page page right away.
  • Choose a payment option and specify the amount you are ready to spend to register.
  • To complete your payment, click Continue.

3. Gold SMS 247

With Gold SMS 247, text messages may be purchased for as little as 72 kobos each. You will get your order right away after making a payment.

For your business, the SMS Service in Nigeria is affordable and dependable. This service could be a useful tool for your company when it comes to marketing and campaigning because it promotes brand recognition and enables quick access to a sizable potential market with a respectable number of customers. If you purchase more than 999,999 units, SMS rates start at just 82 kobo.

4. Smskernel

N1.00 for each SMS.

In Nigeria, there is a huge demand for bulk SMS service providers, and Smskernel is the third of the top 10. It includes a responsive design as well as a feature that enables quick message delivery.

Furthermore, this feature cuts the time it takes for your message to reach the intended recipient to only a few seconds. It’s perfect for low-end phones thanks to its slick and user-friendly interface. In addition, it informs customers of critical information via text messages.

5. Ebulksms

Fifth on the list is one of the most well-liked and reputable bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria is this website. This well-known service is used by numerous well-known Nigerian businesses.

The platform’s layout is clear and simple to use, making it simple to use. It is responsive even when low-end cell phones have trouble using it. is worthwhile a try regardless of how long it takes for SMS messages to be delivered.

6. Dmobili

Price for Dmobili: N2.00 per SMS. N10 to foreign phone numbers

Dmobili has long been a player in the Nigeria bulk SMS market, just like X-Wireless. Its clients include a number of the biggest firms in the nation. Although the platform’s design may not be to your taste, its user interface is.

When you sign up, it gives you three free SMS units, which you may use to test the service before purchasing more. The message delivery rate on Dmobili is really quick and dependable. After establishing the timetable, you can also decide to broadcast your text at a later time.

7. Speedwaysms

If you want to send bulk SMS throughout Nigeria more quickly, look into our platform.

Additionally, it has the option to rapidly acquire SMS using your Cash withdrawal card or by depositing directly to its wallet, and it has excellent information transfer. Within a day of making a payment, you should receive credit.

8. Yugosms

Despite the fact that not all screen sizes can view Yugosms’ website, the company’s service makes it worthwhile for it to be listed among the top bulk SMS providers in Nigeria. First and foremost, mass communications conveyed through this medium are swift and uninterrupted.

Additionally, after signing up with this service, new customers are given two units and asked to certify their service. When ordering SMS, customers have the option of paying using an ATM or their bank account.

9. gbnmobile

In terms of responsiveness and design, gbnmobile resembles smskernel if you want to send a lot of text messages. It is ranked fourth on our list due to its exceptional qualities.

On gbnmobile, you may rapidly top up your SMS units with a voucher, commonly known as a recharge card. Check out gbnmobile if you’re seeking for dependable service.

When you sign up, they give you 2 units, and they charge 1.8 units for each SMS.

10. SMS Live 247

Price: N1 SMS is the cost per unit. 1.35 naira is the cost for one unit.

You can send SMS with this facility at a rate of one per unit. The cost is 1.35 naira per unit.

With the portal, you may send bulk SMS to all GSM and CDMA operators in the nation as well as to more than 650 providers in more than 190 other countries.

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