Top 10 Business Ideas For Students in Nigeria


One constant question that ponders the mind of every student is how to make money while schooling. Let’s call it the sense of responsibility that comes with age, but students always want something they can find doing to put an end to depending on their parents. It might be easy for part time students, but for full time students, juggling school work with a job can be very frustrating. This is why most full-time students are always searching for side businesses they can do.

If you are a student looking for ways to earn money, then this article is for you.

It should be noted that just like every business is laid on the foundation of an identified problem, starting a business as a student should also be built on this basis. As a student, there would be lot of problems around you, it is left up to you to find them and proffer solutions to them. If you are not able to think of a solution, then you need not to worry as we’ve prepared top ten business ideas for you.

Top 10 Business Ideas For Students

What’s better for a student than earning some money before graduating and landing a good job. Here are top ten business ideas for you.

1. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is a verified means of earning money online known all around the world. You can earn money from owning a channel with a relevant niche. Payment can come from YouTube ads or sponsored ads and content by organization. Building a YouTube channel might be hard, but once you get started, the rest comes easily. To build a successful channel, you would need good recording equipment like camera, microphone and so on. You need not to worry about getting views because as long as you are offering something different, you will definitely do well.

2. Make Money From Social Media

While surfing the social media like, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook, you must have noticed a particular person you are following who keep advertising products for brands. The thing is, the person is getting paid. The person could be into entertainment, motivation, relationship, news or any other popular niche and they would still advertise some brands. That is what is called influencing. Since it doesn’t take time to start, you can also build your social media account to gain lot of followers, then you can approach companies and small businesses to advertise for them.

3. Transcribe Lecture Notes For Your School Mates

Many people become absent in lecture halls for one reason of the other, but at the end they are faced with the problem of getting notes to write and eventually copying them. Since a problem has been identified, then you can provide a solution. You can make photocopies of the extensive lecture slides you had in class, rebrand them and sell to the absentees. You can also sell to students who do not copy notes in class. You can also transcribe recorded audio lecture notes and resell to students.

4. Produce a Campus Newsletter or Magazines

Most people love magazines and newsletters especially if they contain all the juicy gossips. Owning to this, you can create your own newsletter and magazine brand, which can either be hardcopy or softcopy. To save costs, you can go for softcopy, such as email magazine or newsletter and go for hardcopy when you are well established. Wondering how money will come, it will surely be from advertising space offered to local businesses and brands.

5. Resell Textbooks

After completing a session, one of the problem students encounter is how to dispose their old textbooks since they have become junks and scraps. You can solve this problem by offering to buy the books at a fairly low price and sell to new students taking the course at the beginning of another session. You should sell at a price higher than what you purchased it, but less than the cost of a new book.

6. Start an Essay or Thesis Proofreading Business

One skill that is often required in the school environment especially by final year students is a thesis writing and proofreading. This is because essays, thesis and project works will need to be proofread by owners before submission. You can help them with this especially if you have a good command of grammar in this language or what better thing is there than getting paid for reading to gain more knowledge and correcting grammatical errors.

7. Start a Tutoring Service

You understand how hard it was for you to comprehend courses during your previous classes. New students in that class also experience the same problem. You can solve this problem by organizing tutorials for them especially if you are someone who has passion for teaching. You don’t need to worry about getting patronage as tutoring is needed by all students.

8. Start a Freelancing Job

Freelancing cuts across every aspect of human life. What do you think of making money while marketing your talents? It is the dream of everyone to get paid for doing what they love best. You can also join the club of these set of people if you dive into freelancing. One special thing about freelancing is that you are your own boss and can sack your boss. Freelancing as a student doesn’t really require much skill and technical know how. You can make money as a freelancer through content writing, graphic designing, music composition, artwork design and many more.

9. Start a Blog or a Website

One of the most lucrative business you can go into in this 21st century is blogging. Chances are that you might not be the next Linda Ikeji but there is no denying that blogging pays a ton. As a student, you can start your own blog and earn money and the best part, do so in Dollars! The best part is that your blog can be about anything as long as it is within the confines of the law. All you need to pick a niche you love and get started. With blogging, you can make anywhere from $50 – $5,000 monthly depending on your niche, your traffic and the quality of your blog.

10. Start a Cleaning Service

To start any business, there must be an identified problem. And one problem students encounter in a school environment is getting their laundry and cleaning job done. You can proffer a solution by starting a cleaning service. Apart from your fellow students you can also offer your service to people outside your school environment to gain more patronage.

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