Top 20 Construction Companies in Nigeria


To live a long and peaceful life, there are three basic necessities needed, they are food clothing and shelter. Food is needed to keep us alive and healthy. It can be gotten anywhere from the soil; clothing is needed to protect us from harsh weather conditions. Finally, everyone needs shelter to have a place to rest. It is very important as it is where everyone goes after a hard day’s job.

During the beginning of existence, the early men lived in caves and treetops. Later, when man began to acquire knowledge, wooden houses come into existence and was replaced by mud houses. When man learnt how to make brick and concrete, he began to construct houses which later evolved into beautiful architectural designs and structure.

There are lots of structures around us, hospitals, schools, churches, banks, companies and so on. These structures only came into existence because of the efforts of construction companies. In terms of development in Nigeria, construction companies play a huge role. They construct and link roads, brigades, airports, high rise buildings and a lot of other structures. You might have a construction project you want to get accomplished, any of the construction companies listed below can help you execute the project and bring it to life.

Top 20 Construction Companies in Nigeria

Here are the top construction companies in Nigeria:

20. Schwartz Kristoffel

Schwartz Kristigel is a popular company that has provides services in engineering procurement and construction. It was founded in 1987 and has its headquarters in Lagos. They specialize in road construction, real estate, energy generation and distribution and has a range of products such as drainage and ducting pipes, highway guardrails, asphalt paving

19. C&C Construction

C and C construction company is a construction division of Choudhary group. It was founded in 1979 as the first division of the group. The company has since grown and recognized to be one of the leading construction and civil engineering contractors in Nigeria. They specialize in tower blocks, dredging and land reclamation. The company also has its concrete production facility. The company has successfully carried out several projects among which are ideal flour mills, Nigerian eagle flour mills, Tin can island, state security headquarters building, Ocean parade towers and many more.

18. Mixta Nigeria

Mixta Nigeria construction company has distinguished itself from other construction companies in terms of constructing huge architectural edifices and structures. It was founded in 2005 with its headquarters in Lagos and the mission of building communities within Africa. The company is committed to providing modern and urban infrastructure and affordable housing solutions.

17. Evomec Global Services

Evomec global services limited is an indigenous construction company incorporated in 2006. The company is actively involved in the provision of premium engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning service to most energy, oil and gas industries in Nigeria. Their mission is to offer innovative engineering and technology solutions that are of high standards and environmentally friendly.

16. Afrique Construction

Another popular construction company in Nigeria is Afrique construction. Afrique construction company was incorporated in Port Harcourt in 2011. They specialize in design, renovations and repairs, building construction, road construction, engineering consultancy services and architecture.

15. Elalan Construction Company

Elalan construction company was founded in 1982 and presently headquartered in Ikoyi, Lagos state. The company is known to deliver quality engineering and construction projects. The company specialises in the design, planning, approval and construction of complete construction solutions. They also provide facility management solutions and building maintenance. Clients recognize them for always delivering cost effective and timely construction projects.

14. Apave Nigeria

Apave is a subsidiary of Apave group, a 150-year-old company with a long line of history delivering high value structures and construction solutions. The Nigerian subsidiary was only incorporated recently, but the company is rapidly growing and proving to be a trusted construction company to handle construction consultancy, building inspection, technical support, training and testing.

13. Net Construct

Net construct was established in May 2001. The company might not be as old as most construction companies in Nigeria, but it has proved itself capable of handling high value and great construction jobs. They specialize in real estate development, construction, facility management, water treatment plants and property renovation service.

12. Cappa & D’alberto Plc

Cappa & D’alberto is one of the oldest construction companies in Nigeria. It was founded in 1932 and has its headquarters in Lagos currently. It was founded by Italian migrant, Pietro Cappa and Virginio D’Alberto. The company was listed on the Nigerian stock exchange but was delisted in 2009. The country has a long line of completed projects to its name. Among it works include civic center towers, Mobil House, Zenon house, Union marble building and wings complex, Victoria Island.

11. Saidi Nigeria Ltd

Saidi Nigeria limited is a multi a discipline construction firm founded in 1997. The company boasts of strong engineering equipment which they usually describe as state of the art. They are known for delivering quality engineering projects with timely delivery. They specialize in the construction of roads, bridges, mass housing schemes, dam construction, borehole, dredging irrigation and engineering consultancy services.

10. Adold Engineering Company Limited

Adold Engineering Company was established in 1976 and has grown to be a top construction company in Nigeria since then. The company is known by its clients to provide quality engineering and construction projects. In total, the company has completed over 250 construction projects and still counting. Among its notable projects are the Ajayi Crowther university, Globacom Plc, first bank plc, Leadway assurance, Shell Petroleum among many others.

9. Arab Contractors

Also known as Al Mokawloon Al Arab, Arab contractors is an Egyptian regional construction and contracting company. It was founded in 1955 by Osman Ahmed Osman and has branches in several countries in Africa including Nigeria. Its Nigerian office is located in Lagos. The company specializes in the construction of roads, tunnels, airports, sports facilities, dams, power station, housing and engineering consultancy service. The company is popular for the reconstruction of the Owerri-Elele Road.

8. Dantata & Sawoe Construction Company Limited

Dantata and Sawoe has a long history of engineering construction in Nigeria. The company is regarded as one of the top construction companies in Nigeria. The company specialises in the planning, designing and construction of roads, bridges, airstrips, irrigation facilities. Among the popular achievements of the company are the successful construction of AIT Abuja, Edo state house liaison office in Abuja Benue government house including several others.

7. Brunelli Construction Company

Brunelli construction company was incorporated in 1972 and has its headquarters in Lagos state. The company prides itself on having Nigerians as part of the senior management and supervisor level. The company specializes in construction of jetties, shore protection projects, drainage construction, concrete electric pole construction, canal dredging and water treatment plants.

6. Monier Construction Company

Being a locally owned construction company, Monier construction company was established in 1955 and has its headquarters in River’s state. The company is known as a building and engineering contractor. The company is known for its strong engineering equipment used in road construction, modern building and trench excavation which is not expected of a locally owned construction company. The company is known in all parts of the country for delivering high value projects on low budgets.

5. Costain West Africa Plc

Costain West Africa was established in 1948 as a private company. It has since grown into a world class construction company. The company boasts of experience in civil engineering, open cast mining and dredging. It is known for its engineering projects both within and outside the country and recognized for having the experience to handle all types of projects.

4. Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco Nigeria limited is one of the leading construction companies in Nigeria and was established in 1977. The company began its career path by constructing township and district roads in the then Bendel district. The company has grown and currently has over 45 years of experience delivering high value engineering projects. The company has successfully executed engineering projects in 20 states in Nigeria.

3. Reynolds Construction Company

Reynolds construction is a subsidiary of SBI international holdings whose headquarters is in Switzerland. The company boasts of its numerous projects across the globe and mostly concentrated in Africa, Central America and Europe. Its Nigerian subsidiary was established in 1956 and was first named Nigersol construction company limited. Reynolds construction is responsive for the design and construction of the most beautiful campus in Nigeria, the present-day Obafemi Awolowo university, Osun state. The company also executed several water projects in southern Nigeria.

2. China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC)

Popularly known as CCECC, China civil engineering construction company was founded in 1979 in China with Clement Omosimua as the CEO of its Nigerian branch. The company performs international contraction and economic cooperation, this is why it is very popular in Nigeria. They specialize in railway construction, civil engineering design and consultancy, real estate development, trading, industrial investment and hotel management.

1. Julius Berger Nigeria Plc

When it comes to construction in Nigeria, Julius Berger is a household name. Federal government, state government, local government and even individuals hire them for their structural engineering skill and infrastructural works. The company was founded in 1950 and has its headquarters in Abuja, with permanent locations in Lagos and Uyo. They specialize in design, fabrication, erection and construction of pre-engineered steel buildings. The company became known after it constructed the second mainland bridge in Lagos. The company is known for constructing most of the infrastructure in Nigeria including major expressway and even the headquarters of Chevron Nigeria. Among its other notable construction are the central bank if Nigeria, National stadium, Ajaokuta steel plant among many others. The construction company has a staff strength of about 18, 000 and clients from countries around the world

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