Top 10 Courier Companies in Nigeria 

Sending and receiving packages has been made simple thanks to reputable courier companies. Since the world is now connected, distance is no longer an obstacle. For the average person, courier is as popular as the ABC today and they have evolved over time. For online shoppers, there is no need to overemphasize how important courier companies are and the roles they play in the eCommerce world.

For starters, courier companies are typically logistics companies. They are responsible for delivering goods, or packages from one location, usually from a seller’s to another location, often times the buyer’s. Courier companies are super effective because they connect buyers with sellers instead of the sellers interfacing directly with the buyers, which could take a lot of time, particularly if such seller has lots of customers.

Another great aspect to courier companies is that they easily guard against fraud. Since they are duly registered and reputable businesses, it is almost impossible for your package to go missing as that could mean a lawsuit that may see them part with millions of Naira. Unfortunately, this does not apply with public transport drivers’ people often engage as unconventional courier companies.

Top 10 Courier Companies in Nigeria

Therefore, whether you live in a rural location or a city, or you are shipping from China or the United States, or locally, you can be sure that these reputable courier companies in Nigeria are the best and will successfully ship or deliver your cargo domestically or worldwide.

Here are the top 10 courier companies that can be relied upon to deliver are listed below in descending order.

10. EMS Speedpost EMS

However, Speedpost doesn’t have as many shortcomings as other courier services in Nigeria. Customers have regularly complained about the product’s excessive price and lengthy delivery times. Customers require a courier service that offers prompt deliveries at a reasonable price.

EMS Speedpost is primarily focused on providing mailing and delivery benefits and is located in the Murtala Mohammed International Airport’s International Mail Processing Center (IMPC), NIPOST Building, Nacho Complex in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

9. Africa Courier Express (ACE)

A Nigerian courier company called ACE provides the cheapest dispatch and delivery services. The business delivers packages of all sizes, including food products, large objects, and gift cards. In Lagos State, Nigeria, ACE is located at 2B, Oko Awo Close, Victoria Island.

8. ABC Express Courier Limited 

From the same family as ABC Transport Service is the courier business ABC Express Courier Limited. A cargo and delivery service company called ABC Express Courier is located in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. It extends widely in Nigeria since it is often present in all of the country’s transportation hubs.

7. Trans-National Express Plc (TRANEX)

Nigerian-born logistics company Tranex provides both domestic and international express courier services. The business was founded in 1984 under the name TNT Skypak Nigerian Limited. In 1992, the name was changed to its current one (Trans-Nationwide Express Plc).

Additionally, Tranex provides extra services for hauling, storage, and transportation. Mailroom Management, Tranex Biopharm/Cold Chain Solutions, Tranex Dedicated Motorcycle Service (for delivery), and Express Delivery are among the many services offered by the business.

6. God Is Good Logistics (GIGL)

God Is Good Transport Company produces GIGL as a byproduct. Ingenious logistical solutions are provided by GIGL to address the current courier service business in Nigeria. GIGL was founded in 2012 and provides its consumers and clients with more precise and expedient delivery services. Numerous GIGL locations may be found around the nation, mainly at bus terminals.

International Courier Solutions, Domestic Courier Solutions, E-business Logistics, and Corporate Courier Services are all offered by GIGL.

5. Red Star Express

Red Star Express is a leading provider of courier services and is located in Oshodi. For more than 25 years, Red Star Plc has been interacting with people and advancing lives by providing reliable courier services that people know and trust.

The company collaborates with clients to expand into new market segments and provides global logistics solutions for dealing with shipping challenges. Through the FedEx network, they ship packages and documents to 220 countries. Through the Red Star Express network, they deliver to more than 1,500 communities nationwide.

Additionally, they collaborate with large, medium, and small companies to advance and provide logistical solutions that are time-sensitive and house-to-house.

4. Federal Express (FedEx)

Federal Express is ranked fourth in our ranking of courier services in Nigeria (FedEx). Although FedEx is undoubtedly not a local Nigerian delivery service, the Nigerian market finds it to be quite appealing.

Federal Express (FedEx) is a worldwide express and freight transport company with operations in over 200 countries. Due to its guarantee of a one- to three-day delivery window, it is a favorite among many online retailers and buyers.

FedEx delivers efficient delivery services and has locations all across the nation. Despite FedEx’s high cost, using their services is quite beneficial because you can track your package by just entering your tracking number in the portal provided by the firm.

3. KOS (Keep-on-Shipping) Deliveries

KOS Deliveries is a respectable choice if you’re looking for a courier service to handle your goods to clients in Nigeria. KOS allows your customers to pay on delivery and is only concerned with shipping internally (inside Nigeria).

Many people are unaware that Konga, one of Nigeria’s largest online retailers, is the owner of KOS Deliveries. KOS is the official delivery service used by Konga, a major online retailer, to send out orders for customers. KOS can be accessed by making inquiries on their website from Monday through Friday.

2. U.S. Postal Service (UPS)

Another dispatch company with its headquarters in Nigeria is United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS serves a broad range of customers and is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in the United States. In Nigeria, UPS has a sizable customer base and is quite skilled in shipping and delivering cargo.

Since it has been in business for more than a century, this courier service company has continuously provided value, especially when it comes to providing service.

1. DHL Express

DHL might be a name that is known to you if you are familiar with courier services. German-born DHL is an express logistics firm that was founded in 1969. According to records, DHL is the biggest logistics provider in the entire world.

It is mostly interested in air and sea mails (even though sometimes, it might use trains and boats for its consignment transportation system). Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn established DHL. Approximately 220 countries currently offer their courier services.

As far as we are aware, DHL is the best courier service, which may be why it is well-liked throughout the world. Customers’ sole minor gripe with the business is to its delivery times. DHL is infamous for its high logistics costs, and depending entirely on the region, it may occasionally have delayed delivery rates.

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