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Cross River State mock question refer to Nigeria as “world poverty basket”

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A Civic Education Senior Secondary School 2 mock examination by the Cross River State’s Ministry of Education has generated controversies online after it indirectly referred to Nigeria as the “world’s poverty capital”.

The alleged question paper by the Cross River State’s Ministry of Education revealed that it was designed for the Senior Secondary School 2 students of the state.

In two questions seen on the mock examination paper, namely, questions 47 & 48, the questions made fun of one of the states in the South-South region of the country while the other indirectly refer to Nigeria as a “world poverty basket and having of a ghost President by some of her citizens”.

The questions read:

47: One of these South-South states has imaginary super high way and deep sea port

A) Cross River State
B) Rivers State
C) Akwa Ibom State
D) Delta State

48: —– country has been accused of being world poverty basket and having of a ghost President by some of her citizens.

A) Togo
B) Cameroon
C) Nigeria
D) South Africa

The questions, particularly question 48 not only cast aspersions on the country as “being world poverty basket” but also “having a ghost president”.

Several articles have branded Nigeria as the world’s poverty capital since 2018 when the African country, according to data, surpassed India to become the world poverty capital, with around 87 million people living in extreme poverty, compared with India’s 73 million.

A section of online fans claim the state’s commissioner for education will be sacked by the state’s governor who is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Below are pictures of the mock papers:

Cross River Question Paper Cross River Question Paper

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