Top 15 Film Production Companies In Nigeria


Movies are one of the sources of entertainment that captures the attention of young and old. It is usually produced in such a way that the viewer will forget that it is simply a make and believe trick. Before a movie is produced, it involves a lot of process that move it from a raw to finish stage. This process is usually done by a film production company.

The film production industries in Nigeria has risen from being a local industry to a world renowned industry. Their movies are recognized around the globe with Nollywood as the third largest film industry in the world. They mostly work on the production of video content for private and commercial use. They are also involved in all aspects of movie production, such as scripting, casting, location scouting and necessary logistics.

Top 15 Film Production Companies In Nigeria

Film production companies are involved in video production, documentaries, production support, corporate videos, equipping of crews among many others. If you are interested in learning about the top 15 film production companies in Nigeria, the list below will tell you more about them.

1. Golden Effects Pictures

Incorporated in July 2005, Golden effects pictures has grown to become one of the most recognized and award winning film production companies in Nigeria. It is owned by award winning Nigerian actor, Kunle Afolayan. The company specializes in the production of high profile movies among which are the award winning THE FIGURINE, IRAPADA, OCTOBER 1, THE C.E.O.,PHONE SWAP and the African magic commissioned, OMUGWO, ROTI and THE TRIBUNAL. Apart from film production, the company also provides services, such as: film consultancy, editing, film equipment rentals.

2. Mainframe Pictures

Talking about a movie production company of excellence whose movies are recognized even outside the shores of Nigeria, then it has to be mainframe pictures. Also known as Opomulero, mainframe pictures was founded in 1991 by Nigerian film producer and cinematographer, Tunde Kelani. Since its inception, the film Production company has produced several movies recognized far and wide, such as: Dazzling mirage, Maami, Life in slow motion, including the recently released Ayinla.

3. Wale Adenuga Production

Recognized as the producer of the top family TV drama series, super story and comedy series Papa Ajasco, Wale Adenuga Productions is an household name when it comes to movie production. It was founded by Nigerian conglomerate, Wale Adenuga in 1978 as a magazine series. Among its popular movies and series are: This life, The Village Headmaster, Akpan and Oduma, Papa Ajasco and super story.

4. ROK Studios

ROK studios is a film production company based in Lagos. It was founded by Mary Njoku in 2013. Since its inception, the company has succeeded in breaking limits in the Nigerian film industry with its numerous films and over twelve TV series. The film production company is also aired across the UK at the high commission. Among its notable production are, Festac Town, thy will be done and a northerner affair.

5. Jungle Filmworks

Jungle Filmworks is another popular film production company owned by Seyi Siwoku. The film production company is known for its unparalleled and unrivalled services in areas, such as: professional stage performance, commercials, documentaries, live concerts and many more. The company has a proven track record in the film production industry and has also partnered with popular production houses to produce great movies.

6. OGD Pictures Limited

OGD pictures is a popular producer of scripted and unscripted film and video projects incorporated in 1990. It is owned by Tade Ogidan. The film production company has partnered with a lot of local and international bodies to produce movies, reality shows, documentaries, game shows, TV series, commercials and many more. The film production company has also helped a lot of talented artists into the limelight.

7. Koga Studios

Koga studios is a top film production company in Nigeria. The company specializes in the production of movies, commercials and media production of all types. Koga studios also partnered with Kemi Adetiba during the production of The wedding party. Other movies produced by the company includes: Heros and Zeros, The visit among others.

8. Anthill Studios

Anthill studios is a film production company owned by Niyi Akinmolayan. The company serves both local and international clients. The company provides services in areas, such as: animations, content production, media production, visual effects, colour grading, film editing, storyboarding and a lot more. Among its popular movies are: FALLING, OUT OF LUCK and ARBITRATION.

9. Ebonylife Films

When talking about Ebonylife films, the next thing that comes to mind is the hilarious movie, THE WEDDING PARTY, because the movie is a product of the company. Since the production of THE WEDDING PARTY, Ebonylife film has been recognized for producing classy and award winning shows. Among its other movies are: Fifty, The Governor, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel and many others.

10. Denziot Productions

Denziot production is a movie production and distribution company owned by popular Nigerian actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot and his wife. It was established in 2010 and has grown to be among the top film production companies in Nigeria. The company is known by movie lovers for producing high quality and classy movies. The production company has produced notable movies, such as: The secretary, Love tangled, Sweet Melony, Ordinary people, Finding Mercy among many others.

11. TFP Global Network

TFP Global Network is another top film production company owned by Nigerian director, Teko Benson. The film production company is involved in the production of commercials, documentaries, and top movies, rentage of production equipment, artiste management, logistics support for producers and filmmakers among others.

12. Dvworx Studios

Owned by Nigerian filmmaker, Femi Odugbemi. The company combines creativity and quality to produce great movies. The company film ideas are usually described as fresh and new. They are involved in all aspects of film and television production. The company also boast of high quality shooting equipment that are regarded as top notch. Among its popular movies are: Abobaku, Like father, like son, Bar Beach Blues, Rolling Dollar-A legend Unplugged and so on.

13. Kas Vid International

Kas-Vid international is another movie production company in Nigeria that has a lot of good movies to its name. It was incorporated in 2001 in Surulere. The company has produced several notable movies such as: Aki na Ukwa, Mr Ibu, Issakaba, Last burial, corporate maids and beautiful faces.

14. Film One Studios

Film one studios is a film production and entertainment company recognized even outside the shores of Nigeria. The company is also involved in the production facilitation of services for premium Nollywood releases across the world. The company also prides itself for releasing the top ten Nollywood titles of all time in West Africa. The company also has theatrical licenses to top companies like Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony pictures and Empire Entertainment.

15. Inkblot Productions

Inkblot productions is a leading film production company in Nigeria founded in 2010 by Naz Onuzo, Damola Ademola, Zulumoke Oyibo and Omotayo Adeola. The film production company has also partnered with Netflix for more Nigerian drama. Among the company’s notable films are: Moms at War, Up North, My wife and I, Superstar, Blood Covenant, The Perfect Arrangement among many others.

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