10 Finest States in Nigeria


Nigeria as a nation is blessed with beautiful resources and rich people. The country has 36 states, and all the states have their capitals enriched with unique features that make them different from each other. So, therefore, in this article, you will learn about Nigeria’s top ten finest states. It is not that the other states are bad; it is just that they are above others due to the landmarks, structured features, and infrastructures.

Nigeria has several stunning locations worth seeing, making location selection challenging. Nigeria’s most stunning states are those that stand out for their development and lovely scenery.

This article will serve as a helpful resource if you’re looking for the most picturesque states in Nigeria. The most stunning cities in Nigeria are found in these states. Let’s get down to business now without further ado.

10 Finest States in Nigeria

The point is not all of the towns of these states are beautiful; most of the beautiful states lie in their capital city. So, due to this, we have selected the finest states based on the capital cities’ beauty. Here are the top ten finest states in Nigeria.

1. Abuja

Abuja is the finest state in Nigeria. The city is able to achieve this milestone because it is mostly dominated by civil servants, senators, presidents, business moguls, general overseers, and government officials. It is a city rich in beautiful churches, beautiful hotels, stadiums, buildings, roads, and zoos. Millennium Park, founded in 2003, and the Aso Rock, are among the most beautiful places that make the city stand out.

2. Lagos State

Lagos is the second finest state in Nigeria. The state is not just beautiful, but it is the most populous state in Africa. The state is also regarded as the center of excellence because there is no state like it in Africa. Among the beautiful places in Lagos state where most celebrities and politicians live are Victoria Island, Lekki, and Banana Island. Eko Hotel is also a popular place in the state capital. The state is a Yoruba-speaking state but today has almost all tribes. The state’s capital is beautiful, with beautiful light, flyovers, and roads that make it attractive.

3. Enugu State

Enugu is the third finest state in Nigeria and is mostly regarded as Coal City by many. The state is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Enugu also has one of the most beautiful and best Universities in Nigeria. Some of the beautiful places in the state include Enugu GRA, New Haven, Independence Layout, and Achara Layout.

4. Rivers State

River State is the fourth finest state in Nigeria. Port Harcourt, the most beautiful and biggest city in River state, is known for excellence. The state is known for oil production. Because of Port Harcourt’s beauty, it is usually regarded as Garden City. Some of the beautiful places in the states include Bonny Island, Bonny Nature Park, and Finima beach.

5. Kaduna State

Kaduna is the fifth finest state in Nigeria. It is also one of the most beautiful states in the northern part of Nigeria. The state is rated as the fifth finest state because of the several tourist centers that make it an attractive state in Nigeria. Some of Kaduna’s beautiful and popular places include Kaduna Museum, Lugard Foot Bridge, Kamuku National Park, and Matsirga Waterfall. Kaduna is also one of the biggest states in Nigeria.

6. Delta State

Delta State is the sixth finest state in Nigeria. The capital city known as Asaba is one of the reasons behind its beauty. The state is located in Niger Delta Region, blessed with many natural resources like oil. Delta is known for beautiful mansions, buildings, reserved government areas, roads, and expressways. One of the beautiful places in Delta is Warri. Some of the popular and beautiful places in Delta are the Palace of Olu of Warri, The Golden Tulip Hotels, Abraka River Resort Motel, Country Club, and Effurun Garden Park.

7. Cross River

Cross River is the seventh finest state in Nigeria, located in the southern part of the country. Cross River is not just beautiful; it is also peaceful. The state capital city, Calabar, also known as Canaan, is one beautiful place in the state. Cross River has several tourist centers that make it look beautiful and attractive, which include Seaports and aquariums, Tinapa Resorts, Slave Museum, Kwa Waterfalls, botanical gardens, hotels, museums, and Mary Slessor’s tomb. The state also has beautiful road networks, mansions, and expressways.

8. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is the eighth finest state in Nigeria and is popularly known as the Land of Promise. Uyo, which happens to be the capital city, has beautiful tourist centers, landscapes, mansions, and roads. Some of the beautiful places in Akwa Ibom State include Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, National Museum Uyo, and Ibom Plaza Uyo.

9. Imo State

Akwa Ibom is the eighth finest state in Nigeria, and it is a state mostly dominated by the Igbo tribe. The state is located in the Eastern part of the country. Owerri, the capital city of the state, is beautiful and it is everyone’s attractive abode. The capital city has several Nightfalls, nightclubs, road networks, expressways, and mansions.

10. Ondo State

Ondo state, the tenth finest state in Nigeria, is located in the southwest region of Nigeria. Akure, the capital city of the state, is known for its beauty, and it is dominated by Yoruba tribes. The state has several mansions, road networks, waterfalls, lovely rocks, zoos, and expressways.

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