Top 10 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria


Over the past two decades, the unbelievable demands for comedians in social events or functions have reinforced and boosted the fact that comedy is a huge industry. Its rise in the past two decades have brought wealth and riches to not just those with business sense in the industry, it has also brought insane wealth to some of the top comedians in the country.

As with the Nigerian music and movie industry, Nigeria dominates in the comedy industry in Africa and has some of the finest comedians on the continent. If you have ever been opportuned to attend a comedy event in Nigeria, you will agree that the atmosphere is almost unbelievable and electric. These comedians, always deliver despite increase show demands that often cause them to repeat jokes which they often regard or refer to as “materials”.

As said, comedy is a big and serious and this is no doubt one of the major reasons why these comedians sometimes take lengthy breaks to cook up new materials that they believe will help drive home their points. In this article, we shall discuss the top ten funniest comedians in Nigeria.

Top 10 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria

Here are the top ten funniest comedians in Nigeria:

10. Alibaba

The Grand Comedian of the Federal Republic (GCFR), popularly known as Ali Baba, is a designation he earned for himself as one of the best in his trade and the father of all comedians. His real name is Alibaba Akporobome. In Nigerian history, Ali Baba is credited with creating the idea of stand-up comedy. Due of his remarkable accomplishments, he is now within Aso Rock and now tells jokes not for the general public but rather to the country’s elites. He is also an event pioneer and the MC for the majority of top Nigerian festivities, including those for the presidency and other notable political personalities both inside and outside the nation. Despite being an incredible comedian, Alibaba’s target audience are not the everyday people.

9. Julius Agwu

One of the few comedians with the potential to help their state is Julius. In the world of comedy, Julius Agwu has also carved out a place for himself. Julius d’ Genius is his nick name. He also dabbles in music under the name “Reel Liaf Band,” his own brand. There is no denying that Julius Agwu packs a punch when it comes to entertaining crowds. Over time, his presence on stage has greatly reduced owing to his health.

8. Kenny Blaq

Kenny Blaq is perhaps the most versatile comedian in Nigeria who fuses songs with his comedy and still leaves his audience thrilled in the end. His style and comedy delivery is entirely a fresh of breath air compared to traditional stand-up comedy. Since breaking out years ago, Kenny Blaq has grown tremendously and won hearts over. As a comedian, he has a sonorous voice that greatly helps him deliver with stellar performance.

7. Gordons

With his self-written jokes, notably his penchant for ministry-based puns like “moving to the permanent site” and his consistent vernacular of frequently repeating “Hallelujah” in between jokes, Gordons is undoubtedly one of the funniest comedians in Nigeria. A notable thing about Gordons is that you are more likely to hear adult jokes, albeit hilarious ones from him. While he has generated controversies and fallen out with colleagues on stage, he still remains one of the funniest comedians in Nigeria.

6. Akpororo

Akpororo is undoubtedly a charismatic yet funny comedian. He is so full of energy that he conveniently runs comedy with Gospel music and sometimes street evangelist. While Akpororo is mostly perceived as a Christian comedian, he has several times made adult jokes that left people gasping for air. Unlike most on the list, Akpororo’s expressions help with the delivery of his jokes, and he executes them flawlessly. He remains not just one of the popular comedians in Nigeria but also one of the funniest comedians in the country.

5. Okey Bakassi

Another top-rated comedian in Nigeria who possesses a knack for comedy is Okey Bakassi, whose true name is Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule. Okey Bakassi prior to standup comedy, was known as a comic actor who was good at what he did. There is no denying that his wealth of experience as a comedian is greatly exhibited on stage when he mounts to make people laugh. His delivery is always top notch. Okey Bakassi has a knack for adult jokes and delivers them without making them look as though they are big. There is no way Okey Bakassi will be excluded when lining up the top funniest Nigerian comedians.

4. Bovi

Bovi Ugboma, better known by his stage name Bovi, has become stronger over the years by aligning himself with other outstanding comedians. Only so you know, Bovi did not start out as a standup comedian as many imagined; he has been in the Nollywood Industry doing amusing 30-minute comic episodes before ultimately switching to standup comedy full-time. The Benin City-born comedian is noted for popularizing the terms Akpos in most of his jokes.

3. Seyi Law

Seyi Law packs a punch and is rated our third funniest Nigerian comedian. He has the accent of a typical Niger Deltan despite being a Yoruba man, which helps him deliver and almost crack ribs. A major strength of Seyi Law are his jokes that are quite relatable to every social class. Seyi Law has a significant fan base that is dispersed all over the world.

2. I Go Dye

To say that I Go Dye is funny is an understatement. His fast-mouthed brand of comedy will make you laugh till your sides hurt if you ever get to be one of his audience. He frequently takes on both his guests and the audience as materials and has severally generated materials from people around him on stage. Known for his humorous comments about politics and poverty and his oddly colored outfits, he grossly exaggerates events to deliver his jokes and his audience love him that way. He’s a natural and a terrific rib-cracker.

1. Basketmouth

You’re most likely not a Nigerian or an African, at the least if you do not know Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth. This is because of his innate talent as a stand-up comedian and his regular TV series made in conjunction with various artists, musicians, and comedians alike, he was known as the “King of Comedy” by many. More than any other Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth has enjoyed an insane amount of fame and success as a comedian and also serves as brand ambassadors to big brand names. Basketmouth’s versatility sets him apart and has pitched him as one of the greatest comedians out of Africa.

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