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Gerard Pique told he is no longer needed at Barcelona due to unprofessional conduct

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Barcelona’s manager, Xavi has sensationally told Gerard Pique might have to pursue his career away from Barcelona as he is no longer needed at the club owing to his off-the-pitch ‘unprofessional conduct’, according to the Spanish press.

Pique was allegedly told by Xavi that his future at the club is bleak as a result of his off-the-pitch conduct and also his deteriorating health condition.

It was gathered that Xavi informed Pique of the news about two weeks ago, just before his split from his long-time Colombian singer girlfriend, Shakira.

The Spanish media also claim a major reason for Xavi’s decision is the 35-year-old defender’s several off-the-field interests, and it is believed that Pique is owed approximately €40million (£34.3m) by Barca for deferred payments.

Xavi who played alongside Pique as an active player, it was learned, communicated directly to the Spanish defender and made it clear that he would not be included in the club’s future.

Pique and Shakira’s rumoured split trended and made headlines about two weeks ago, with initial rumours suggesting that Shakira caught Pique cheating.

The erstwhile couple released a joint statement last week, asking the media to respect their privacy.

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