Top 10 Highest-paid Professionals in Nigeria


Everyone aspires to have a fruitful, fulfilling job that pays well. Because everyone wants to be financially secure in order to lead a more happy life, it is crucial to know which job route to choose in order to get there. The majority of these positions typically call for formal education, technological know-how, artistic talent, and experience.

Interestingly, not all careers or job are equal and not all jobs ensure equal or uniformed salaries. Thus, it is crucial that you possess the necessary requirements, skills or a track record of success in any of the below-listed fields in order to become a step closer to being one of the highest-paid professionals. Here, we compiled a list of the top highest-paid professionals or careers in Nigeria and how much they earn on a monthly basis as well some of their requirements.

1. Sailors

Large hauler ships, tankers, and passenger boats all employ sailors to help with operations and management. One would need to submit an application to the Maritime Academy of Nigeria or any of the recognized private maritime academies in the federation in order to become a sailor. Typically, sailors in Nigeria earn between N220,000 to N1.4 million monthly.

2. Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers are one of the highest paid professions in Nigeria. You could earn about N12,000,000 a year (about N1 million monthly) working as a petroleum engineer for a local or international oil and gas business in Nigeria. Your prior expertise and number of years of service will be a major factor in determining this. You must finish a five-year program and get the required certification at any accredited university in Nigeria in order to become a petroleum engineer.

3. Software Engineers

There is no denying that tech is the new normal and the world today revolves around it. A profession in software engineering is satisfying since it is highly sought after due to the widespread use of technology. To work as a software engineer, you must complete and pass a certification program in computer engineering at any university, college, or other educational setting. You do not necessarily have to go to the university for this. Software engineers in Nigeria earn between N250,000 to N1.6 million monthly depending on their experience and some other factors.

4. Chartered Accountants

Accountants are employed by almost any corporation, including governmental organizations, and are responsible for managing financial accounts. You must first get a degree in accounting or a closely related field before you may apply for a professional certificate from ACCS, CIMA, ICAN, or another professional body. You will be elevated for a prosperous career because of this. Chartered accountants in Nigeria typically earn between N150,000 to N1.6 million monthly.

5. Military Officers

Surprisingly, military officers are some of the highest paid and certainly makes this list of highest paid professions in Nigeria. High-ranking military officers of the Armed Forces be it the Navy, Nigeria Army or Air Force earn between N500,000 to N1.7 million monthly. Majority of those who have a hope at climbing higher in ranks in the military are those who get in with tertiary certificates from a higher institution. The case is very different for people who get in with their secondary school certificates.

6. Pilots

Passenger, freight, and helicopter planes are all flown and controlled by pilots. Since the lives and safety of passengers are in their hands, pilots are compensated fairly handsomely in addition to flying long distances.

To become a pilot, you must submit an application for admission to your preferred accredited aviation school, which could need four years to complete. The majority of these aviation schools are situated outside of Nigeria.

Entry-level pilots typically make between N200,000 and N500,000 per month in starting pay. Captains make between N500,000 and N3 million each month.

7. Medical Doctors

The career opportunities available to medical professionals are varied and include positions at teaching hospitals, public health agencies, private clinics, and more. In addition to other medical specialties, they could choose to focus on gynecology, gastroenterology, pathology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, or neurology. To be eligible to become a medical doctor in Nigeria, one must successfully complete a six-year program and acquire the required medical certification. Typically, medical doctors in Nigeria make between N300,000 and N1.5 million each month.

8. Surgeons

Because of how crucial their work is, surgeons are among the highest paid professionals not just in Nigeria but worldwide. The work of a surgeon involves a lot of risk, and any mistake might be catastrophic. Consequently, in order to become a skilled surgeon, substantial knowledge is required for this job, which involves finishing medical school, which could take 15 years or more. Typically, surgeons in Nigeria earn between N600,000 to N2.5 million.

9. Lawyers

You can avoid the death penalty, fines, and other types of court-ordered punishment with the help of a successful and competent lawyer. Because of this, qualified lawyers with experience are paid well. You need a bachelor’s degree in law and law school before you may practice law. As your knowledge and professionalism increase, you might make a good living. Despite being one of the most oversaturated professions in Nigeria, lawyers typically make between N150,000 to N1.3 million or more monthly.

10. Bankers

Bankers make the last of our list of highest-paid professions in Nigeria. To work as a banker in Nigeria, you must possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and successfully complete the necessary aptitude exams. These days becoming a banker is not restricted to those who study banking and finance in Nigeria. Typically, bankers in Nigeria earn between N150,000 to N1.5 monthly depending on lots of factors including, experience, establishment, position, etc.

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