Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrities in Nigeria


One of the most prestigious nations in Africa, Nigeria is brimming with talent, culture, delicious food, and stunning male celebrities who leave women drooling over their style, handsomeness and more importantly charms. It has also been able to earn international prominence because to its rapidly expanding entertainment industry. It is challenging to compile a list of the most attractive male actors in Nigeria because it is almost as if the list of drop-dead gorgeous males is endless.

One cannot deny that Nigeria has some of the hottest males on the African planet. As a matter of fact, it won’t be out of place to state that Nigeria is home to the hottest male actors in Africa. And despite their charms and, these celebs have no doubt shaped the sporting/entertainment industry, one way or another.

The Nigerian entertianment/sporting industries boast some individuals that would be considered hot and sexy among the industries in Nigeria. With these male celebrities, it is almost a given that they have the power to make you drool, whether consciously or otherwise. Here is an article of the top ten hottest Nigerian actresses.

Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrities in Nigeria

Call them screen gods and you won’t be wrong. Other than their immense talent and fame, there is no denying that these actors are drop-dead-gorgeous and ooze incredible appeal. In a random order, are the top ten hottest male celebrities in Nigeria:

1. Banky Wellington

Banky Wellington

This R&B artist is a gifted guy and unquestionably charming. He has a talent for effortlessly capturing the hearts, eyes, and brains of women. His music is really alluring, and his vocals are calming. He is interested in more than just music; he is also an actor. When Banky W declared his desire to run for the House of Representatives’ Eti-Osa Federal Constituency in 2018, he officially began his political career. The crooner is gorgeous, seductive, and has excellent dress sense. He has the appealing feature that gives his fashion sense a golden appearance thanks to his dark brows, full lips, exquisite beard, and nicely positioned nose. His height and masculinity are highly complementing to his outstanding sense of style.

2. Alexx Ekubo

Alexx Ekubo

Alex Ekubo is a skilled Nollywood actor who became well-known for the part he performed in that profession. He has a highly distinctive attitude that sets him apart from other actors in the same field. He is a comedian and adapts easily to every part that is offered to him.

He is without a doubt the preferred option for most women, as evidenced by the size of his social media following. He definitely deserved to be named one of Nigeria’s top 10 most attractive Nollywood actors.

3. Enyinna Nwigwe

Enyinna Nwigwe

Without a doubt, Enyinna Nwigwe is one of Nigeria’s sexiest and best performers, and he is renowned for playing any character that is given to him admirably. With a thriving fan base, the actor began performing in 2004 and hasn’t stopped giving it all he’s got onscreen. With his breathtaking good looks, he has been able to capture the interest of many of his followers, particularly the female ones. The handsome actor has almond-shaped eyes that enthrall whomever they look at. His face is attractive to look at due to his full lips, well-groomed beard, and black brows. His height and masculinity also highlight his excellent sense of style. Enyinna’s clean, slightly fair skin serves to emphasize his good looks.

4. Mr P

Mr P

Undoubtedly, one of the sexiest male celebrities in Nigeria is Peter Okoye of the previously disbanded and re-united P-Square group. Peter, known as the “African Usher Raymond,” has maintained his health by focusing on his appearance.

The fact that Mr. P appears younger with each passing day when it should be the opposite is more intriguing. Peter still exudes incredible charm that causes his female followers to swoon over his body and grin, which is frequently accompanied by his dimples, despite the fact that he is married and has three children.

5. Timini Egbuson

Timini Egbuson

Timini is the younger brother of Dakore Akande, a seasoned actress in Nollywood (nee Egbuson). Our list includes the actor who also works as a voice actor and influencer. It is impossible to ignore his attractive face and lean body. Over the years, Timini has found it easy to have his way with ladies who make up a sizeable number of his followers and fans. As a matter of fact, ladies have engaged in social media fights over this bad boy who doesn’t really bother with the public’s perception of him and women. Other than being a charming figure, Timini is an incredible actor and the proper definition of a Yoruba demon.

6. Remi Kunle

Remi Kunle

Remi Kunle is the complete package—a fantastic actor, a wonderful kisser (according to his on-screen actions), and a charming, attractive guy with a good physical frame. Remi, a graduate and the 2011 Gulder Ultimate Search winner, is unquestionably one of Nigeria’s hottest male superstars.

He has appeared in films like Tiwa’s Baggage with Bhayra McWizu, a fellow alumni and reality show winner, and Falling with the brilliant Adesua Etomi. In both of these films, Remi has held his own against these women while peddling us fantasies we cannot afford, and with films like Quagmire, he doesn’t seem ready to stop his sales.

7. Somto Akanaegbu

Somto Akanaegbu

Talk about finesse that drips! One of the sexiest male celebrities in Nigeria this year is undoubtedly actor, model, and OUD Majestic brand ambassador, OUD Majestic! Every time a photo or a video appears on the Men’s Club actor’s social media account, women can’t help but swoon.

More interestingly is the fact that Somto is a graduate of Babcock University. This dude is not just a hunk of muscle and frame but also a smart ass!

8. Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Unquestionably the ideal gentleman. Think about Mike Edwards if you want an all-around man. He first appeared on our screens as one of the BBNaija “pepper dem” roommates, and ever since then, his killer heights and to-die-for abs have won over many women.

He went on to become every woman’s ideal husband by becoming the first married person to remain loyal to his partner on the reality show and even winning over a number of celebrities. If anything, Mike Edward’s sex appeal and his gentility towards women as demonstrated in the Big Brother Naija House shows he is nothing short of a complete, attractive gentleman.

9. Ebuka Uchendu

Ebuka Uchendu

Nigerian media personality Ebuka Uchendu is primarily renowned for his excellent sense of style. Despite selecting the entertainment world, he is also a lawyer. People have been swooning over the BBNaija star and host because of his attractive appearance, which he takes great care in displaying onstage. The handsome celebrity with dark complexion has red lips, low beards that nicely frame his face, and wonderful eyes. Ebuka has a reputation for having excellent fashion sense. The stunning man also has chest tattoos, which make the majority of his outfits that expose his chest seem wonderful on him. His macho persona and height make his clothing appear as though it were custom-made for him. Ebuka is a stunning man thanks to his black skin, which complements the qualities of his body.

10. Maduka Emilio Okoye

Maduka Emilio Okoye

Nigerian goalie Maduka Emilio Okoye is a professional football player that competes for both domestic and foreign teams. The keeper has managed to maintain the admiration of others thanks to his stunning appearance. One could mistake him for a well molded work of art based on his facial features. He has red lips, a nose that is perfectly in line with his forehead, and fascinating eyes. Many women have gushed about him on social media because of his six-packs, manly, and body tattoos. The Super Eagles goalkeeper, who is of German and Nigerian descent, is endowed with a lovely skin tone that elevates his overall appearance.

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