350 Igbo Names for Boys and Their Meanings


People who speak Igbo, also known as Ibo, are primarily from southern Nigeria and speak a branch of the Niger-Congo language family called Benue-Congo. The five main cultural regions of the Igbo are the northern, southern, western, eastern (or Cross River), and northeastern. The South East region or geopolitical zone is home to the Igbo people even though they are known to travel the length and breadth of the country.

Due to the diversity of the Igbo language, there are numerous ways to express the same idea; this advantage is now being used by imaginative parents to give their children unique names. For instance, Chidumaga and Chidumeje are the current names for the old name Chinedu, yet they all have the same meaning!

From the southeast of Nigeria, the Igbo tribe makes up the majority of the population. The earth and everything in it were created by a supreme god known as “Chukwu” (the big spirit), according to their traditional faith. Minor gods offered sacrifices to him. The Igbo people still adhere to their traditional religion, despite the fact that they now make up the majority of Christians.

The occasions and circumstances surrounding the kid’s birth are all taken into account when naming the child. Most Igbo names have a Chi (God) connotation because the Igbo people are also extremely religious. Here are 320 Igbo names for girls and their meanings.

350 Igbo Names for Boys and Their Meanings

Adimchimkpa I am important to my God
Adimchinobi I am in God's heart
Afamefuna My name will not be lost
Afunwaelotanna Father's resemblance
Akachukwu/Akachi The hand of God
Akamnachi I am greater in God
Akaolisa The hand of God
Akuabata Wealth has come in
Akuchinyere Wealth sent from God
Akunna Father’s wealth
Akuomasinachi Good wealth comes from God
Amadi Free man
Amaechi Who knows tomorrow?
Amandi/Amandianaze  Trust no one
Amobi Who knows the heart of man?
Anozie, Alozie We are now settled/ well positioned
Arinzechukwu If not for God/Thanks be to God
Ayorochukwu We prayed to God for this
Azubuike Strength gained from experiences of the past
Azuka Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences
Beluolisa If not for God
Belusochukwu/ Berechi If not for the sake of God
Bugarachukwuekene Carry all thanks to God
Bunkechukwu Belongs to God
Cheluchi Wait for God's time
Cherechi/ Cherechukwu Wait on God
Chetachi/ Chetachukwu/ Chetanna Remember God
Chiadikanma God is too good
Chiakasiemobi God has consoled/comforted me
Chiaruka/ Chialuka God has worked wonders
Chibubeagha May God continue to fight for me
Chibudom God is my peace
Chibueze God is King
Chibuifem God is my light
Chibuihe God is light
Chibuike God is strength
Chibundu God is life
Chibunkem God is mine
Chibunna God is my father
Chibuzor God first/ God leads
Chidebem May God keep me
Chidera Destiny cannot be changed/ Once God says/writes
Chideziri God wrote my story (destiny) well
Chidiadi There is God
Chidiebere God is merciful
Chidiebube God is glorious/great
Chidoruo May God bring peace
Chidozie May God fix it/Make it good for me
Chidubem/Chuwudubem Lead me oh God
Chidumaga/Chukwudumaga God Leads me
Chidumeme/ Chukwudumeme God is working with me/ God is with me
Chiebunigom God has lifted me
Chiedozie God has fixed it/made it good for me
Chiekezie God has made it good for me
Chiemeka God did a great thing
Chiemerie/Chukwuemerie/ Chiemelie God has won
Chiemezie God has made it good for me
Chiemezuonkwaya God has fulfilled his promise 
Chigaemezu God will do it all/ bring it to a completion
Chigbooromogu May God end this fight for me
Chijidem May God hold me
Chijindum My life is in God's hands
Chijioke God is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings
Chikamchoro It is God I want
Chikamjimerie I won with God
Chikamnwere It is God I have
Chikamso I'm following God
Chikanma God is better than any other thing
Chikelue May God make me whole/complete
Chikezie May God appease me with my share/portion
Chikumnaka God is carrying me in his hands
Chikwado God's approval
Chikwesiliotito God is worthy of praise
Chileziemuanya May God take care of me
Chimagozielam My God has blessed me
Chimaijem God knows my journey
Chimaluijem My God knows my journey
Chimalume God did well
Chimamkpa God knows my wants
Chimaobi God knows my heart
Chimaraobim God knows my heart
Chimaroke God knows my share/portion
Chimbuchi My personal god (chi) is the main God
Chimbuoyim My God is my friend
Chimdaalu Thank you my lord
Chimdindu My God is alive
Chimdiuto My God is sweet
Chimechefunam May my God not forget me
Chimechetagom My God has remembered me
Chimeguzola My God stood firm/ is standing firm
Chimelotam My God has remembered me
Chimerenka God did this
Chimereucheya God did his mind
Chimezie May God make it good
Chimkezirim My God created me well.
Chimmuanya My God is awake
Chimnadindu My God lives
Chimnoya My God is present
Chimsimgolibe My God says I shall rejoice
Chimzuruoke My God is complete
Chinagorom God speaks for me/ God is my mouthpiece
Chinahuzor God sees
Chinaka God decides /God schedules
Chinanu God hears
Chinaraekele Receive all thanks lord
Chinaraotito Receive all glory lord
Chinazum The lord is my Shepherd
Chinecherem God thinks/worries on my behalf
Chinedu God Leads
Chinekwu God says
Chinemelumogo God grants me favours
Chinemerem God does good things for me
Chinemezuokwuya God fulfills his words
Chineze God protects
Chinezie May God look after/ take care of
 Chinkembudike My God is great
Chinomnazu God is behind me/backed by God
Chinonaobim God dwells in my heart
Chinonso God is near
Chinualumogu May God fight for me
Chinweike Strength belongs to God/ Strength from God
Chinweoke God allocates gifts
Chiolileanya God of hope
Chiribeotito Take all glory oh lord
Chiwetelu/Chiwetere/Chiwetel God-sent/ God’s gift
Chizimuzondu May God show me the way of life
Chizitere/ Chizitelu God-sent
Chizulukeme God is great/capable
Chukwuanugo/ Chianugo God has heard/ answered
Chukwubuoyim God is my friend
Chukwubuzo God is First/God is the Way
Chukwuchebem/ Nnachebem May God protect me
Chukwucheta Remember me Lord
Chukwudalu Thanks be to God
Chukwudi There is God
Chukwudiegwu God is wonderful/ powerful/ awesome
Chukwuebuka God is great
Chukwuelofuna May God not forget me
Chukwueloka God thought well
Chukwuemeka God has done something great
Chukwuemika God is mysterious
Chukwuka God is the greatest
Chukwukaima It is God we know
Chukwukamji I walk with God
Chukwuma God knows best
Chukwumeziauzo God, straighten my path
Chukwunedumije God walks with me in my journey
Chukwunemerem / Chinemerem My God will continue to do for me
Chukwunuru/ Chukwunulu Let God hear
Daluolisa Thank you lord
Diarachukwundu Live for God
Ebubechukwu The glory/greatness of God
Ebubemsinachi My glory comes from God
Echezonanna Don’t forget your God/ your father
Egwuchukwunatum I am in awe of God
Ejikeme It’s not by power
Ejimchimemeonu I brag about my God
Ejimetochukwu People praise God because of me
Ejimgietochukwu I praise God because of you
Ekenedilichukwu Thanks be to God
Ekenemchukwu I Thank God
Elochukwukwu/ Elonna God's thought
Elozonachukwu Do not forget God
Emenike It’s not by might/power
Enweremchi I have a God
Enyichukwu God's friend
Enyinna/Enyinnaya His father’s friend
Esomchukwu/Esomchi Walking with the lord/ I follow God
Etuosuluchukwu As it pleases God
Ewelike It’s not by power
Ewezugachukwu If not for God
Ezeudo King of peace
Fesochukwu Worship only God
Golibe Rejoice
Gosifechukwu Show the light of God to all
Gosioranachimdike Show the world that my God is mighty
Haluchi/ Hanyechi/ Hanyechukwu Leave it for God
Ifeanyichukwu God is most poweful/ Nothing is greater than God
 Ifebuchechi A manifestation of god's desire/ thought
Ifechukwude What God has written
Ifechukwudeni What God has written
Ifediaso A holy thing
Ifemyolunna What I asked of the lord
Ifemyorochukwu What I asked of the lord
Ifesinachi/Osinachi/ Isinachi Sent from God
Igwebuike Strength in numbers
Iheanacho/ Ifeanacho Precious/what everyone seeks
Ikechukwu Strength of God
Ikem My strength
Ikemakolam May I not lack strength
Ikemba Strength of the nation
Ikemefuna I shall not lose my strength
Ikenna Strength of his father
Iwegbuna Be happy
Izigoranaibuchim You have shown the world that you are my God
Izuchukwu/Izunna God’s counsel
Jachike Give praise to God/ Hail God
Jachimike Hail my God
Jamalumchi Keep hailing/praising God for me
Jamuike Motivate me/Encourage me
Jayamma Praise him
Jeozichukwu Do God's work/ God's messenger/ Evangelist
Jidechukwu Hold God
Jidekene/ Nnajidekene Jideotito/ Nnajideotito Thanks/ Praise be to God
Jidemma Hold on to good
Jidenna Hold on to your God/father
Jideofor Hold on to your truth/You are justified
Kachimsilotam How my God remembered me
Kachisicho God’s desire
Kachiside As God has written it/The will of God
Kachisiemeamaka The deeds/ acts of God are beautiful
Kachizamekpere May God answer my prayer
Kachukwusideya As God has written it
Kachukwusieme The deeds/ acts of God
Kaetochukwu Let’s praise God/ May God be praised
Kainyechukwuekene Let’s praise God
Kaitobenna Let us praise God
Kaitochukwu Let’s praise God
Kambili Let me live/ I shall live
Kambirinachi Let me live in God
Kamdikachukwu Let me be like God
Kamdilichukwu Let me live for God
Kamfeechi Let me worship God
Kamgolibe Let me rejoice
Kamnyechukwuekene Let me give thanks to God
Kamnyechukwuekene Let me praise God
Kamsiyonna As I asked God
Kanayochukwu Let’s keep begging(an intention) of the lord
Kanyibirinudo Let's live in peace
Kanyifeechukwu Let's worship God
Kaobichimdi/ Kobichimdi A manifestation of how the heart of my God is
Kaobichimra/ Kobichimra A manifestation of the size of my God's heart
Kaobichukwume/ Kobichukwume Let the will of God/heart of God be done
Kaobimkenechi/ Kobimkenechi Let my heart thank God
Kaobimsiyochukwu/ Kobimsiyochukwu How my heart asked of God/ My heart's desire
Kaobimtochukwu/ Kobimtochukwu Let my heart praise God
Kasiemobi Comfort me/ Console me
Kelechi/Kenechi/Kenechukwu/Keneolisa Praise God/ Thank God
Kelenna/ Kenenna Thank God
Kenelumchukwu Thank God for me
Kodilinye/ Kodinna Let this child live for God
kosisochukwu As it pleases the lord
Kwesikenachukwu Believe strongly in God
Lotachukwu Remember God
Lotanna Remember the father/God
Maduka People are worth more than riches
Mmaduabuchukwu Man is not God
Munachimso Walking with the lord
Muochukwudebem May the spirit of good keep/ preserve me
Nachikambi In God I live
Nachikamdi I belong to God
Nachukwukambi I live in God
Naetochukwu Keep praising God
Nchedochukwu God’s protection
Ndubuisi Life is more important
Nduka Life is more important
Ndukaku Life is more important than wealth
Ndukwe Hope/As long as there’s life
Ndumdinakachukwu My life is in God's hands
Ndumzoronachi My life is hidden in God
Nebechi Looking up to God
Nkemnasochukwu Mine pleases God
Nkenna Belongs to the father (God)
Nkennanyerem The one given to me by God
Nkwachi God's promise
Nnabuenyi Father is great
Nnabuife Father is great
Nnamdi My father/ my God is alive
Nnanyelugo God has given victory/honour
Nwabueze A child is king
Nwachimereze A child who God crowned King
Nwachukwu Child of God
Nwadinobichi A child in God's heart
Nwaekerendu The child destined to live
Nwankpa/Nwadinkpa Very important child
Nwaokocha Child of a fair man
Nwokeocha A fair boy/man
Nwokeoma A handsome man
Nzubechukwu God’s plan/God’s wish
Obarameze/ Chibarameze God made me a king
Obiajulu I am comforted or consoled/ My heart is at peace
Obidigbo Existence
Obiefuna Tolerance
Obimajurugonachukwu My heart is comforted/ rests in God
Obimdinachi My heart belongs to God
Obimkenechukwu Let my heart thank God
Obimnaetochukwu My heart praises God
Obinna His father’s heart
Obioma Good heart
Obiora Heart of the people
Obumnaeme/obumnaeke It’s not my doing/making/
Odera Once God says/writes it (destiny cannot be changed)
Ogadinma It shall be well
Ogonna Favour from God
Oguguamakwa He consoled me
Okafor Male child born on Afor market day
Okechukwu Belongs to God
Okeke Male child born on Eke market day
Okemsinachukwu My share/ portion comes from God
Okezie He has created/ allocated/ shared it well
Okonkwo Male child born on Nkwo market day
Okoye Male child born on Oye Market day
Okwuchukwu God's word
Olisa God
Olisaeloka/ Oseloka God was very thoughtful
Olisaemeka/ Osemeka God has done well/ God did something great
Omezikam God did me well/ Fixed me up well
Onuora Mouth of the people/ Spokesperson for the people
Onyebuchi No man is God
Onyedikachukwu Who is like God?
Onyeisi The first/ Winner/Champion
Onyeka/Onyekachi Who is greater than God?
Orahjimetochukwu People praise God because of me
Osita/Ositadinma May good things stay permanent
Otito Praise
Ozichukwu/ Ozinna Message from God
Sinobichukwu From God’s heart
Sobechukwu Follow God
Sochikaima/ Sochikanyima It's only God we know
Sochima Only God knows
Sochimamkpam Only God knows my needs
Sochimbuchi My God is the only God
Somadina/Somayina I shall not exist/ walk alone
Sombili/Dumbili Stay/Live with me
Sometochukwu/Dumetochukwu Praising God with me
Somkenechukwu/Dumkenechukwu Praise God with me
Somtochukwu/Dumtochukwu Praise God with me
Sonnamaijem Only God knows my journey
Soyabuchukwu Only him is God
Tobechukwu Start Praising God
Ubahsinachi Wealth comes from God
Uchechukwugaemezu The will/mind of God shall be done
Uchenna/Uchechukwu The wisdom of God/The will of God
Ucheoma Good sense/ good thoughts
Ugosinachi Pride/ prestige/ Honour comes from God
Ugwumsinachi My honour comes from God
Urudinachi There is gain in God
Urukanachi/ Urukanachukwu There's greater gain in God
Usochi/Usochukwu The sweetness of God
Utokanachi There is more sweetness in God
Utondu The sweetness of life/ Life is sweet
Uwajimetochi The world praise God because of me
Uzochukwu God’s path/Way
Uzoma Good way
Yadichimma Let it be pleasing to God
Yadilichukwu Leave it for God
Yobanna/Yobachi/Yobachukwu Ask/beg God
Zamekpere Answer my prayers
Zikoranachidi Show the world that there is God
Zimchikachim Show me a god who is greater than my God
Zimife/ Ziemife Show me the light
Zimihekachim Show me a thing that is bigger than my God
Zimuzo Show me the way
Zinachidindu Show the world that God is alive
Zinachimdindu Show that my God is alive
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