Jaiye Kuti Net Worth & Biography

NameJaiye Kuti
Real NameJaiye Oluwakemi Kuti
Date of BirthJuly 10, 1969
Net Worth$200,000
State of OriginOgun State
Profession:Actress, Producer

Jaiye Kuti, whose real name is Jaiye Oluwakemi Kuti is a Nigerian actress and movie producer who was born on 10th July 1969, into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Oluwale of Ilaro, Yewa South local government in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Early Life

She started her primary school education at Sunshine Primary School but was later transferred to Temidire Primary School when her father was employed at NITEL. Jaiye Kuti attended her secondary school education in Lagos State at Ikorodu Grammar School. After which, she gained admission into Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, her hometown, where she studied secretarial administration. Jaiye Kuti later studied English at the Prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG).


Before pursuing a career in acting, Jaiye Kuti worked in finance. Her mother tried to discourage her when she first started performing because she thought a profession in acting may have a bad impact on her.

Jaiye initially intended to produce films, but she decided to start off by performing in them instead since she needed to build a network first.

In 2002, she made her film debut when she appeared in the TV show Laff Patterns. She gained notoriety because to this series.

Over the years, she has acted in several Nollywood movies. She was honored as the brand ambassador of the Lagos State Polytechnic in 2016 due to her influence and contribution to the film industry. Some of the films that made her popular are Si Gbogbo Okunrin, Spiders, Everyday People, and Asewo Airport.

Jaiye Kuti is also the chief executive officer of Jaylex Aesthetic Productions, a company with specialty in the production of movies. Jaiye Kuti is also into Real estate.


Jaiye Kuti is a devoted and committed Christian. In an interview, she said she met her husband at a night vigil, and at that time, she wasn’t wearing trousers, earrings, and makeup. Today, her husband was the one who changed her by letting her understand that God isn’t that difficult or harsh to his people.

Jaiye Kuti is married to Mr. Lanre Kuti, the CEO of C. Ray Company Limited. And they are blessed with two children: a boy and a girl. Just like their mother, their children also live entertainment; the girl is interested in music while the other develops an interest in playing the piano. To make her career work without any problem, Jaiye Kuti had to bring her mom to live with her. She does this because sometimes, she will have to be at a movie location for months.

Alleged Marriage to Pasuma

Jaiye Kuti was rumoured to have been married to popular Fuji musician, Wasiu Alabi, popularly known as Pasuma after a picture where the duo was dressed in a matching outfit found its way to social media.

Jaiye Kuti dispelled the rumours in 2015 saying, “There was a time I shot a movie with Pasuma. We had a wedding (in the movie) and the pictures were out there. The next thing I saw in the press was that ‘Jaiye Kuti marries Pasuma’. People did not even go to the body of the story to read what was actually there. They just saw the headline and concluded that I had really married Pasuma. When one wants to be great in life, people would say bad things about one. People could say things that could kill one instantly. The beauty of it is that one has one’s legs and one can keep going.

“People that are spreading rumours about one won’t grow. I have heard shocking stories about me. Some people said I gave birth to Mayowa and Temitope Kuti and their father was Pasuma. I don’t have the time to start explaining to everybody that we were only making a movie. I don’t explain things to people. When they greet me, they tell me to extend greetings to Pasuma, and I tell them that I will. When last did I see Pasuma? He was paid to work and he left. Rumours are part of what we live on. It is part of what makes us what we are. One has to be strong to take it. It is like an arrow shot at one. One should not let it kill one; rather, one has to keep going.”


Jaiye Kuti asserts that she is not a feminist and disagrees with the line of thinking that holds that a man and a woman should have equal rights in marriage.

Jaiye went on to say that she is adamant that men should be treated as the heads of their families and homes and that this is especially true in Africa.

In a recent interview, she made some anti-feminist remarks, which are included below:

“As a woman, when you begin to say you are equal to your husband at home, then you are never going to have a settled home. That is why you see divorce cases here and there. He is the man and when he says go, you go, when he says, don’t go, you can still find a way to convince and make him see reasons to let you go. There are times my husband won’t allow me go to locations; sometimes, I let go while I return the money, while sometimes, I make him see reasons why I have to go.”

Movie Productions

On the same day in 2017, Jaiye debuted two films, Olori Amolege (Queen Amolege) and Oro mi (My Wealth).

The narrative she was given by a particular woman led to the creation of the film Oro mi. She claimed that the tale made up 40% of the film and the remaining 60% was made up.

In Oro Mi, a woman with three children was the target of a murder plot. However, God designed it such that she didn’t pass away.

Although these movies weren’t released in the cinemas, they were sold out once they were released. The actress also disclosed that her upcoming film will be seen in theaters.

She claims that the film is an epic that features elements of traditional and cultural Nigerian life. The film combines the Yoruba and Igbo traditions and highlights their diversity.

Jaiye admitted that soap operas pay more than movies when asked about her acting compensation. For instance, she can make up to N1 million per month from a soap opera, but just N600,000 to N700,000 from a single movie.

Jaiye Kuti Net Worth

Jaiye Oluwakemi Kuti, popularly known as Jaiye Kuti is a Nigerian actress and movie producer, more popularly known by lovers of Yoruba Nollywood, and has an estimated net worth of $200,000, as of October 2022. 

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