10 Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Websites


Getting soccer predictions for sports is fun, but without the right knowledge, it can be dangerous. Soccer game prediction requires a lot of experience and expertise. If you are not getting a good match prediction and you stake your money, you will likely lose money every time.

As a matter of fact, the unconventional punting rule is that you must be able to use prediction websites, understand their terms and be capable of forecasting on your own. Unfortunately, owing to the many soccer prediction websites around, it is difficult to know those who are special based on their accuracy as opposed to those who make people lose money easily.

So, it is best to look for sites and platforms that give accurate soccer predictions. The best part is that we have gone through the pain of compiling them and making them available to you at no cost.

10 Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Websites

While it is important that you can tell the real soccer prediction websites from pretenders, it is best to know beforehand that some of the best prediction websites do not exactly come for free. To get the best out of them means you might have to pay for them to access their premium services. Here are the top ten most accurate soccer prediction websites in the world.

1. Betensured

Betensured is still the world’s best and most accurate soccer prediction website. The website provides predictions on different football matches daily. It is rated by many people who have taken part in betting and see how their predictions work. The website always predicts the likely outcome of a football game even before the match starts, and almost 90% of the predictions are true. Betensured doesn’t predict only soccer, but it has expanded its prediction to other sports such as Basketball, Lawn Tennis, and Ice Hockey.

2. Rugby

Rugby is the second most accurate soccer prediction website and has maintained this position over the years. Rugby was able to achieve this milestone because of its knowledgeable experts who work to give at least 85% accurate predictions. Rugby allows anyone to become a member by signing for either the free or paid plan. If you decide to register for the free plan, you will get access to daily advice and free predictions posted by experts on the website. But if you sign up for the rugby paid plan, you will get access to all categories.

3. Forebet

Forebet is the world’s third most accurate soccer prediction website, and it is one of the most visited soccer prediction websites by betters. Forebet has been predicting for over 15 years and today has over 200 leagues database. Experts on the website are committed to predicting leagues in Australia, Asia, South America, North America, Europe, and Africa. Forbes offers free football match predictions, match previews, live scores, and analysis. The prediction website is generated by a computer algorithm based on team statistics.

4. WinDrawWin

WinDrawWin is the fourth most accurate soccer prediction website in 2022. The website offers free betting statistics, trends on football, betting advice, and football results. The website is also built so that anyone can easily navigate to watch live football matches and view league tables and betting tools. WinDrawWin covers at least 120 soccer leagues every season and provides over 20,000 predictions.

5. PredictZ

PredictZ is the fifth most accurate soccer prediction in the world in 2022. The website is viewed all over the world. PredictZ is easy to navigate by anyone, even if you don’t have experience with technology. It provides free football forecasts and tips on over 350 leagues worldwide. The accuracy of PredictZ prediction is 87% on all matches. The website also shows livescore and also reveals the last five matches for both teams.

6. BetExplorer

BetExplorer is the sixth most accurate soccer prediction in the world in 2022. Over the years, the website has proven to be a great tool for bettors in predicting football games. It also helps bettors in making the right decision by providing accurate predictions. BetExplorer also predicts volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and baseball matches. They also show live matches, which makes them have a lot of visitors on the website. BetExplorer recorded 3.9 million visitors in March 2021. Due to this, it is one of the best European soccer prediction websites.

7. Tipsbet.co.uk

Tipsbet.co.uk is the seventh most accurate soccer prediction over the years. The website is known for its reliability and profitability. The way written content is structured on the website also makes it attractive to visitors to read notes from expert prediction. Tipsbet.co.uk offers free predictions on almost all football matches in the world. So, as a result of this, it is one of the best prediction platforms for bettors.

8. Free Super Tips

Free Super Tips is the eighth most accurate soccer prediction due to its in-depth statistical research on football leagues and its providing football news and betting tips. If you are into betting or just watching football for fun, Free Super Tips gives the perfect analysis and predictions. The website doesn’t predict only soccer, but it has expanded its prediction to other sports such as Basketball, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, baseball, and Ice Hockey.

9. SportyTrader

SportyTrader is an online sports prediction platform that was founded in 2005. The website is the ninth most accurate soccer prediction website. Over the years, SportyTrader has developed several tools to make its audience see and view as many predictions as possible over the years. The website provides predictions daily due to their expert prediction specialist covering several football, tennis, and cricket leagues and matches.

10. Matchplug

Matchplug is the last website on the top ten most accurate soccer predictions list. The website is known for correct predictions. A lot of tipsters and bettors call Matchplug “prediction king” because of its rate of predicting accurate games. The website also gives professional advice on football. It doesn’t give a random prediction; the team of experts goes on an extensive study and statistical analysis, which includes injuries, winning rations, head-to-head records, home-field advantage, and recent goals.

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