10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Nigeria Right Now

Most of the expensive cities in Nigeria are places where businesses or activities thrive compared to other places. And because of the beehive-like activities in these cities, demand tend to be higher than supply, which often lead to inflation of amenities such as shelter, transportation, food and healthcare.

But what exactly make these Nigerian cities more expensive than others? As earlier mentioned, the first thing that makes these cities expensive to live vary and are almost unique to themselves. These factors range from overpopulation to greed, state’s natural resources, and the developmental strides of these cities.

So, whatever your reason might be for wanting to know the expensive states to live in Nigeria. Be it for knowledge or living in an expensive state is your dream and choice. This article got you covered, so look no further, grab your popcorn and dive into it.

10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Nigeria Right Now

Based on careful study and research, here are the ten most expensive cities to live in Nigeria right now, starting from the least:

10. Aba

Of course, Aba is blacklisted as the dirtiest state in Nigeria. Still, the list of luxurious states to live in Nigeria isn’t complete without this commercial city of Abia. What’s more? When listing out the largest markets in West Africa, you can’t possibly miss out Aba as it always comes second or finds its way into any of such lists.

Glass company, Heineken brewery, craftsman works available in this state means more employment opportunities. Above all, Abia is blessed with crude oil, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cement, cosmetics, palm oil, and plastics.

And while Aba may not exactly match the likes of cities such as Port Harcourt or Lagos, the cost of living in the state is not exactly cheap in any way.

9. Enugu

Located in the southeastern part of the country, Enugu ranks 9th out of the most expensive states to live in Nigeria. Mercedes automobile assembly plant, tertiary institutions plus, big industries account for the huge population of people and consequently the high cost of living in the southeastern city.

Unfortunately, Enugu is neither a producing nor manufacturing state as bulk of its people are civil servants, with a tiny fraction embracing trade. The cost of living in Enugu is not cheap, to say the least. Getting a decent two-bedroom apartment in the city of Enugu will see you part with nothing less than N500,000 at the very least and that does not include the fees and charges that come with renting a house or apartment.

8. Calabar

There is no denying that you have to stay in Calabar before you can have the taste of the expensiveness of Cross River.

Calabar is the capital of Cross River, and it is famed as one of the tourist destination cities in Nigeria. Other than Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, another place where you are likely to meet foreigners in Nigeria is none other than the beautiful city of Calabar.

This is all thanks to its exceptional carnivals, tourist attractions spots, and overall neatness. Tinapa Resort and Obudu Cattle Ranch are wonderful tourist attractions in Calabar you wouldn’t want to overlook and should not miss if you ever find your way to the city.

7. Owerri

Owerri is the beehive of social activities in the Southeast and quite notable for its night life that brims with activities of hospitality across the city.

Owerri, the capital of Imo State, is also notable for the decent presence of institutions across the city and state at large.

Owing to the growing presence of institutions and the hospitality industry, Owerri has become the choice destination for social animals who wish to groove and party all through the night. The effect of this on the state has seen to it that it is not exactly cheap. From housing to food, Owerri is certainly one of the most expensive states in Nigeria.

6. Asaba

Asaba, the capital of Delta State, is no doubt on this list and rightly so, the sixth most expensive city in Nigeria at the moment.

Despite having an estimated population of over 180,000 individuals, Asaba makes it to our record of the most expensive states. Also, it’s ranked top in the list of most beautiful states in the country.

Asaba has top-notch clubs and hotels in Nigeria. It’s a great place to take a vacation and relax. The heavy presence of the hospitality industry in the city has caused a surge in its cost of living in recent times.

So, if you aren’t buoyant enough to travel out of the country for a vacation, Asaba welcomes you with open arms. Ensure you are security conscious while traveling and having a good time in the city.

5. Kaduna

Kaduna is the capital city of Kaduna State. It is a city in the northwestern part of Nigeria and regarded as a major industrial hub in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Availability of good railways/roads make Kaduna a choice destination for industries. The state also has oil refineries, and an inland dry port. It boasts of the Peugeot automobile assembly plant industry, as well as the largest market in the country. Kaduna is prominent for manufacturing leather products, steel, plastics, textiles, furniture, and petroleum products.

4. Warri

The oil-rich city of Warri is the fourth most expensive city to live in Nigeria. It serves as home and a melting pot to some of the biggest oil companies in the world and some ethnic groups of the South South region such as the Itsekiri, Ijaw and the Urhobo people respectively. Owing to the presence of expatriates and oil companies in the city, cost of living isn’t cheap in any way. To get the best or something decent here means you will have to part with some good money compared to some other cities.

3. Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is another oil rich city that makes it to the list. With development and popularity almost rivaling Lagos, Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, is the biggest melting pot in the Niger Delta. It is home to mostly people of the South South and those of the Southeast. Being an oil-rich city brimming with industries, opportunities abound in this beautiful city.

Night life and hospitality thrives greatly in Port Harcourt and the presence of the University of Port Harcourt also contributes to the city being one of the most expensive in Nigeria.

2. Lagos

Africa’s most populous city, Lagos, is the undoubtedly the most popular city in Nigeria and one of the most popular cities in the world. And with a population of over 20 million people living in Nigeria’s smallest state, it is one of the most economically viable states in Nigeria. Lagos is home to industries, corporate head offices and headquarters some of the world’s multinational businesses in the world.

It is also the largest melting pot for Nigerians and is home to all ethnic groups in the country. Lagos is a former seat of power of the president and has several of its local governments listed as the richest local government areas in Nigeria.

Lagos has the fourth largest GDP in Africa and is home to the largest seaport on the continent. It is the busiest state in Nigeria and Africa, and one of the most expensive states to live in Nigeria.

1. Abuja

You’re right, Abuja isn’t a state, and neither does it have a governor. But it’s the most expensive place in the federal republic of Nigeria, so much that Abuja ranks second on the list of the most expensive cities in Africa.

Looking for an organized place blessed with good roads? The federal capital of Nigeria is the answer.

This city serves as the administrative seat of the president and boasts the headquarters of several firms, government parastatals, businesses, and government agencies, plus the presidential house. Which accounts for its overall expensiveness.

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