Multinational Companies in Nigeria


A multinational company is a corporation that operates in one or more countries aside from its own country and owns distribution centers and warehouses in those countries. 

The main target of these multinational companies is the domestic market which they modify to satisfy their customers in various countries. They have a highly developed workplace, including a team of deeply devoted employees who perform top-notch management and contribute to the organization’s growth. 

Internationally renowned businesses known as multinational corporations have highly competitive workplaces and a staff of highly competent workers who can be said to be well compensated for each contribution they make to the growth and development of the organization. You’ll interact with people from all areas of life while serving on a board. Some people might have experience with nonprofit governance already. Fewer people still have gone to workshops or read some of the books on nonprofit board governance. You’ll interact with people from all areas of life while serving on a board. Some people might have experience with nonprofit governance already.

Nigeria is home to several multinational corporations that operate in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, telecommunications, health and wellness, consumer goods, and others. These companies also employ some of the highest-paid workers in Nigeria. Additionally, multinationals offer their staff members the chance to advance their careers and a very favorable work environment.

Multinational Companies in Nigeria

Since it is always seen as an upgrade for employees to obtain a multinational job offer, it might be thought ridiculous for any job seeker to reject a job offer from one in favor of one from a privately operated business. In no particular order, here is a list of the top multinational companies with presence and staff in Nigeria:

  1. Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Oil & Gas Multinational
  2. Chevron Oil & Gas Multinational
  3. Mobil Oil & Gas Multinational
  4. Total Oil & Gas Multinational
  5. Nestlé Nigeria FMCG Multinational
  6. Halliburton Energy Oil & Gas Multinational
  7. Unilever FMCG Multinational
  8. KPMG Consulting Multinational
  9. Etisalat Nigeria Telecommunication Multinational
  10. Julius Berger Construction Multinational
  11. Cadbury FMCG Multinational
  12. Google Technology Multinational
  13. CocaCola FMCG Multinational
  14. P&G FMCG Multinational
  15. PZ FMCG Multinational
  16. GE Conglomerate Multinational
  17. Guinness FMCG Multinational
  18. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceticals Multinational
  19. Friesland Foods WAMCO FMCG Multinational
  20. British American Tobacco FMCG Multinational
  21. Schlumberger Oil & Gas Multinational
  22. United Nations International Organization Multinational
  23. Baker Hughes Oil & Gas Multinational
  24. Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) Consulting Multinational
  25. 7up Bottling Company FMCG Multinational
  26. Lafarge Cement Construction Multinational
  27. UAC FMCG Multinational
  28. MTN Telecommunication Multinational
  29. Airtel Nigeria Telecommunication Multinational
  30. Accenture Consulting Multinational
  31. Stanbic IBTC Banking Multinational
  32. UNICEF Non-Profit Multinational
  33. Addax Oil & Gas Multinational
  34. Standard Chartered Bank Banking Multinational
  35. WHO Non-Profit Multinational
  36. ENI (Saipem) formerly AGIP Oil & Gas Multinational
  37. DHL Logistics Multinational
  38. USAID Non-Profit Multinational
  39. IBM Technology Multinational
  40. MAERSK GROUP Conglomerate Multinational


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