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Netflix seeking to recruit for real-life Squid Game

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American streaming service and movie production company, Netflix is recruiting people to compete for millions of Dollars, in a real-life Squid Game.

However, unlike the South Korean fictional Squid Game TV series, contestants who participate in the real-life game would not be killed.

“With the largest cast in reality TV history, 456 real players will enter the game in pursuit of a life-changing cash prize of $4.56 million,” the American streaming service said on a website set up to recruit contestants for the game.

“Squid Game: The Challenge” is looking for English speakers from around the globe, aged at least 21 and free to travel for up to a month in early 2023. The stakes are high, but in this game, the worst fate is going home empty-handed,” the platform promises.

The real-life Squid Game will be Netflix’s largest social experiment as contestants will compete “in a series of heart-stopping games.”

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