Nigeria can only change if you vote out old politicians – Peter Obi

According to Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, Nigeria can only change when outgoing leaders are removed from office.

At the party’s large-scale gathering on Wednesday in Osogbo, Obi made this statement.

Only a vote for Alhaji Lasun Yusuf, according to the presidential contender, could free the state’s citizens from misery and poverty.

“We want to change Nigeria and the only way we can change this nation is to remove all these people who have put Nigeria where it is for the past 23 years. This is the time for them to go.”

Obi noted that if the party wins the governorship election on Saturday, their children will have jobs and also prompt payment of worker’ pension and salaries.

“Vote for Labour party so that your children can have jobs. Vote for people that will work for you.

“Vote for Labour party, vote for the future of your children. Vote for the candidate that will be committed to a better Osun state,” Obi said.

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