Olisa Metuh gives update on Ekweremadu case

According to Olisa Metuh, David Ukpo, the boy at the center of the alleged organ harvesting case against former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, has finally admitted to lying.

Metuh, who spoke to Arise TV, stated that Ukpo backtracked and informed the police that he is not under the age of 21.

He said;

“The most important thing that we witnessed today is that the so-called minor recanted, and of his own free will, went to the police again and confessed that he’s not under 21; that means he’s not a minor.

“And because of that, the judge struck out section 45, so everything about the case can be open, since a minor is no more involved.”

Metuh also stated that the UK court’s admission that the boy was over the age of 21 means that “no exploitation was involved” in the case.

He added:

“We knew that the guy is more than 21 years and he’s going to be 22. We’ve always known that, but for him to have said that, it’s a good thing. So, we are happy about it.

“More importantly is the fact that the defence counsel had gotten up and said there was no exploitation that was involved. There was nothing at all. It is important that he stated that in court and Ike and his wife pleaded not guilty to all the charges.”

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