Top 10 Pay on Delivery Online Stores in Nigeria


Gone are the days when people go to local markets, supermarkets and other physical stores to shop for their needs and wants. We are now in the era of online shopping where people search for what they need online and order to have them delivered at any location of their choice.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping has become increasingly popular, and people purchase different items ranging from household equipment, electronics, clothes and even food.

This advancement in technology comes with a lot of problems. So many people have been defrauded in the course of purchasing goods online. They make payment online, while their goods are never delivered. Another problem is lack of satisfaction for the product ordered.

Since payment has been made, customers cannot refuse the products and have to accept them even when they are not satisfied. This is why the pay on delivery service was created. This enables customers to pay the moment they receive and confirm their goods.

Top 10 Pay on Delivery Online Stores in Nigeria

Although there are several online stores in Nigeria, only a few of them offers the pay on delivery service so as to build trust and ensure customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed. Customers can have their goods delivered at their doorstep or any location of their choice and pay after confirmation. Here are the top ten of the online stores that offers pay on delivery service.

10. Pointek

Pointek is a leading wholesale and retail online company for mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, Electronics and other accessories in Nigeria. Their vision is to be the preferred mobile phone sales and service company in Nigeria. The store offers a range of payment options one of which is payment on delivery. Customers are always asked to pay for the exact price of goods ordered to ensure a good relationship is fostered. They also offer free delivery within Lagos state.

9. e-Mart Nigeria

e-Mart Nigeria is a subsidiary of NewEra Nigeria. Their online shopping store is referred to as Ubuy Nigeria. This online store imports international and unique goods and display them on their online shop. They sell imported goods like household items, electronics, shoes, sports tools, groceries, beauty and healthcare products. They also offer services which enable customers to pay online or pay on delivery.

8. Payporte

Payporte is another online store that provides women with fashionable wears, shoes, bags, cosmetics, wristwatches and sunglasses. It was founded by Basset Eyo and considered to be one of the most preferred and fastest growing online shopping websites in Nigeria. The store is omnichannel and has presence in several other countries.

7. Mystore

My store is an online shopping store that is well known in Nigeria. They sell different household items, electronics, Mobile accessories, kitchen utensils and several other products. They also give huge discounts on their products while providing delivery to all parts of the country with a pay on delivery option.  The store has a feature which enables shoppers to view videos of goods instead of pictures like other online shops offers.

6. Dealdey

Established in 2011, Dealdey is an online shopping store for daily products in Nigeria. They provide quality products and services while giving huge discounts on them. Their vision is to provide an avenue for consumers to save money from daily shoppings through their discounted goods. The online shop is one of those that offers payment on delivery option.

5. Jamarahome

Jamara is another online store that offers pay on delivery service. They sell home appliances and electronics like Fans, Refrigerators, air conditioners, Television, washing machines, Cooker and so on, all from different authorized brands. They are known for setting high standards and ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Their customer service is also known for its dedication in resolving customers issues.

4. Kara

Kara is one of the top online shopping stores in Nigeria. It is an online store where consumers can purchase quality items such as mobile phones, electronics, kitchen utensils, Laptops, inverters, office equipment and kiddies’ items all at discounted prices. Their products are known to be delivered at specified locations without stress. They also offer a wide range of payment options one of which is payment on delivery.

3. Jiji

Jiji is one of the biggest e- commerce platform in Nigeria. It provides an avenue for buyers and sellers to meet online. Unlike most online shops, Jiji does not have a physical store. It only operates an online store. Since there are lots of sellers on the store, a lot of items are always displayed for sale, ranging from household items to cosmetics, cars, clothes, electronics and even jobs. In order to build trust among buyers, Jiji employs the pay on delivery service.

2. Konga

Konga was founded in July 2012 to serve as a third-party online marketplace. They are involved in the retailed sale of items in various categories like, home appliances, children’s items, computer, beauty and fashion products, electronics, phones and personal care products. The online store also operates a logistics service to ensure timely delivery of ordered goods to customers. The store also offers discounts and promotions on its products.

1. Jumia

Jumia is a household name when it comes to online shopping in Nigeria. It was founded in 2012 and is built on a logistics and payment service. This logistics service ensures the delivery of goods throughout different locations in Nigeria. They sell virtually all things needed in daily activities and to solve life problems. As part of its efforts to ensure quality service is delivered and customers get satisfied, the online store also has its pay on delivery service.

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