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Peter Obi Cannot Be Nigeria’s President – Rev. Fr. Mbaka

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The Spiritual Director and founder of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka has publicly attacked the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi over his presidential bid, claiming he is stingy and ‘cannot’ be the president of Nigeria.

Father Mbaka, while addressing his congregation at the Adoration Ministries ground in Enugu yesterday said “Peter Obi has a curse, he is not going anywhere… A stingy man cannot be our president”.

The fiery clergyman in the now-viral video said:

I have cursed Peter Obi, he is not going anywhere. A stingy man cannot be our president. We are terribly hungry. We need a generous person. Nigerians are hungy. Are we not hungry?

The fiery Rev. Father also said in one of the now-viral videos that Peter Obi must come kneel at his altar if he indeed wants to win the 2023 presidential election.

The viral recording which was made yesterday at the Adoration Ministries ground has sparked reactions and generated mixed feelings among Catholic faithfuls who are staunch supporters of Peter Obi.

How the fight between Peter Obi and Father Mbaka Started

Father Mbaka and Peter Obi have a long-standing, albeit unresolved issue. It all started when Peter Obi refused to publicly announce or pledge towards a Bazaar in Mbaka’s church while on a visit around 2018.

An angry Mbaka, days later, publicly attacked Peter Obi for being stingy but apologised after coming under heavy criticism.

The singer cum spiritual director of Adoration Ministries would later retract his apology and the infamous “shame on you!” was directed at the former Anambra State governor from the altar, with Obi’s supporters branded as “shameless people” by the clergymen.

Since then, Mbaka had always shown his dislike for the Labour Party presidential candidate, believing that he is a stingy individual, incapable of giving in the House of God.

Mbaka commands large followership in Southeastern Nigeria and played an important role in convincing a section of the electorates in 2015 that God had left then-president, Goodluck Jonathan and had sent Muhammadu Buhari to right the wrongs.

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