Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria


Drugs are medical substances created as a result of advancement in scientific inventions. It is always surprising when we use a drug after feeling sick and within 30 minutes we are healed. It is indeed a work of wonder. Just a tiny piece of it can make or mar someone. These drugs didn’t grow on their own, they are manufactured by industries called pharmaceutical companies. These pharmaceutical companies are operated by licensed pharmacists so as to manufacture high quality drugs that won’t cause harm to human health.

The pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria is a multi-billion-naira industry that has come a long way despite the various challenges facing the sector. Among the challenges are unfair government policies, poor marketing and administrative structure, low-capacity utilization, among others.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria started as large scale importers of pharmaceutical products. Presently, there are over 115 registered pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria and a lot of them have manufacturing plants where they manufacture various pharmaceutical dosage forms.  Here are the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

1. Swiss Pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited

Popularly known as Swipha, Swiss pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of Servier, a French pharmaceutical company recognized to be the second biggest pharmaceutical company in France. The company was established in 1976 and has its headquarters in Lagos. Swipha is the first pharmaceutical company to obtain an ISO certification in Nigeria. The company is responsible for the production of drugs like; Arenax plus, Bio-starch digest, Expezol, Farenax, Swifen, Swinol, Suprac, Suprakids, Guafensin, among others. Apart from being into the production of drugs, the company also supplies drugs to federal government, state government and private organizations.

2. May & Baker Nigeria Limited

May and Baker is the first pharmaceutical company in Nigeria. It was established on September 4, 1944, and has since grown into a renowned pharmaceutical brand among Nigerians. Known among Nigerians by the acronym, M&B is a pharmaceutical company of high rating and class. The company partnered with the federal government of Nigeria in 2005 to produce local vaccines. Among its other subsidiaries in Nigeria are a multi-billion-naira food processing factory, an anti-retroviral drug plant, among many others. The company also has a World Health Organization standard pharmaceutical production plant in Nigeria which is one of the reasons why the brand is trusted. Some products manufactured by the company include: vaccines, antibiotics, Sera, hygienically processed table water, among others.

3. Emzor Pharmaceutical Company

Emzor is another top pharmaceutical company recognized not only within the shores of Nigeria, but Africa at large. It was established in 1984 by Dr Stella Okoli who is also the richest pharmacist in Nigeria according to Forbes. The most amazing thing is that the pharmaceutical company started as a retail chemist shop before rising to be the most respected and an indigenous multi-billion-naira pharmaceutical company. Through their locally manufactured drugs, affordable and quality healthcare have been provided to many Nigerians. Among the pharmaceutical products manufactured by the company are: vitamins, analgesics, antibiotic, anti-malaria, anti-tussives, anti-helmintics, antacid, Cadio-protective drugs among others. The company is also involved in the manufacture of surgical equipment and medical supplies.

4. Mopson Pharmaceutical Company

Mopson Pharmaceutical company is another indigenous pharmaceutical company with tentacles spread across Africa. The company began operations in 1977 and specializes in the manufacture, compounding and sales of pharmaceutical products. Their mission is to provide quality and affordable pharmaceutical services that will meet customers’ expectations. Since its inception, Molson pharmaceuticals has represented the mission and satisfied a lot of people with their products. Among the company’s products are the award winning Neofylin cough syrup, Micpol paracetamol, Supermag antacid, among others.

5. Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Limited

Established in 1991, Drugfield pharmaceuticals limited has has gone a long way in fulfilling its aim of filling the void created by the departure of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. The company has a proven track record of providing high quality services involving the manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Among the products manufactured by the company are: antibiotics, capsules, tablets, cream, gel, ear/eye/nasal drops, antifungals, injectible liquid and so on. The company consists of a team of dedicated workers which is why they are rated among the top companies in Nigeria.

6. Aspen Pharmacare Holdings

Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited is a South African owned pharmaceutical company. It is the largest drug company in Africa and has branches in different African countries including Nigeria and different parts of the globe. The company is responsible for the manufacture of high quality and highly sought-after drugs like anticancer drugs and the Johnson $ Johnson’s covid-19 vaccine. The company also produces specialty branded pharmaceuticals like injectibles, tablets, capsules, biologicals, liquids, and nutritional products.

7. Evans Therapeutics Limited

Formerly known as CiplaEvans, Evans therapeutics limited is a pharmaceutical company in Nigeria established in 2003 as a subsidiary of a joint venture between Evans Medical PLC and Cipla Ltd. Starting with six brands in one therapeutic class, the company has since grown to be one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is involved in the sales and marketing of drugs in various categories such as; Anti-infectives, Erectile dysfunction agents, analgesics, anti-asmathics, cardiovascular agents among others.

8. Greenlife Pharmaceuticals

Greenlife pharmaceuticals is another renowned pharmaceutical brand in Nigeria. It cannot but be mentioned in a list of top pharmaceutical companies due to its prominence. The company was established in 1995 by Dr. Obiora Chukwuka. Since its inception in 1995, the company has grown massively and has a staff strength of 500 employees and over 75 pharmacists and a distribution network that functions in all the six-geopolitical zones. The company is popular for its pharmaceutical products, such as: Lonart-DS, P-Alaxin, Felvin 20, G-Derm, G-Oral, Lofnac Funbact A, Day by day soap, among others.

9. Fidson Healthcare Plc

At the mention of Fidson, the next thing that comes to mind is Astymin, the popular multivitamin syrup. Fidson healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria and was founded in 1995. Through their array of natural medicines, Fidson healthcare has helped a lot of Nigerians overcome some of life’s most delicate challenges. The company produces different pharmaceuticals like antacid, multivitamins, to mention but a few.

10. Glaxomithkline Consumer Nigeria Plc (GSK)

Glaxomithkline consumer Nigeria PLC is a British multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company headquartered in London. GSK is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world with subsidiaries in various countries across the world including Nigeria. Specifically, GSK is involved in the research and development of innovative pharmaceutical products to help people feel better and live longer. The company also has a portfolio of some of the worlds most trusted and best-selling brands, such as; Panadol, Sensodyne, Otrivin, Voltaren among others.

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