Portable Biography & Net Worth

Net Worth $100,000
Name Portable
Real Name Habeeb Okikiola
Genre Afro Beat
Date of Birth March 12, 1994
Birthplace Ogun State
Country of Origin Nigeria
Source of Wealth Singer, Song Writer
Updated As of 2022

Portable whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola is a fast-rising Nigerian rapper and singer. He was born on March 12, 1994. Portable is a native of Ogun State, the western part of Nigeria, where he grew up with his parents and siblings.

He is popularly known as Portable, Shakuku, and “wahala musician”. Portable has been singing for ten years before he gained recognition from Nigerians through Badoo endorsement. 

His song titled “Zazu Zeh ” where he featured Poco Lee and Olamide Badoo shot him into limelight. It is believed that the song was originally released but didn’t garner attention until Olamide agreed to feature in the song, a move which propelled Portable’s career and fame 

Educational Background

Portable had his primary and secondary school education in his hometown, where he grew up with his parents and siblings. After having his O’level result, Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable didn’t further his education to the tertiary level, due to his interest in music.


After spending some years in his hometown, without recognition. Portable decided to move to Lagos, Nigeria’s center and home of entertainment, since he had assurance that he had a chance of succeeding in the music industry. 

When Portable got to Lagos from his hometown, he looked out for producers he could work with while he kept producing rap songs and dancing steps daily. However, while working with a producer, Portable still maintained a 9:00 am – 5:00 pm where he worked as an artisan to pay his daily bills. 

Even though Portable has sung lot of songs that didn’t produce the breakthrough he needed, he still had the vision of becoming the top artist in the industry. His breakthrough began when he had the chance to meet Olamide Badoo through Poco Lee, a dancer and a music superstar. Portable’s first encounter with Olamide saw him weep profusely, while on his knees, with the rapper asking him to stand. 

After meeting with Olamide and Poco Lee, Olamide took Portable to his artistry and also brought him on a collaborative project with the popular dancer and artist, Poco Lee. The project was what led to the popular music “Zazuu Zeh”, which eould eventually become his breakthrough single. The popularity of the song soared with each passing day and later went on to become a club anthem.


After his breakthrough through with “Zazuu Zeh”, Portable’s fame grew and so did his controversies which happened almost on a daily basis. First was his fight with Poco Lee who told Olamide about him and then popular promoter, Kogbagidi. Portable claimed he was being used by the duo who were living fake lives when in reality they had nothing.

Also notable among his controversies are his claim to have founded a dreaded cult and thieving Lagos group called “One Million Boys”. The musician also claimed to have founded another dreaded group with some individuals who quickly debunked his claims. His claims resulted in the Ogun State police command asking the musician to report himself to any of the stations in the state.

Portable has been invited by the police several times over threat to life, assault and beating people up on camera. In a video that went viral, Portable directed some young boys, numbering six to beat up a young man and possibly kill.

In July 2022, organizers of Headies Awards announced that Portable had been disqualified from the 15th edition of the Awards for recklessly issuing death threats to musicians in the categories he was placed in. According to the Zazu Zeh crooner, a viral video of him claiming he would ask his boys to assassinate any musician who beat him to the Best Street Artist and Rookie of the Year Awards.

Headies organizers stated, “The decision to disqualify Mr Okikiola is accentuated by a series of misdemeanors by Mr Okikiola via his social media platforms.

“We shall not condone reckless and uncouth statements from artists and hereby disassociate ourselves from any individual linked to such assembly or activities linked to him as described.

“The music industry demands all-round excellence. It is extremely important for young artists being potential role models to exude professional responsibility, proper decorum and have respect for others.”

Reacting to his disqualification, Portable said: “I am a child of light. I have fame, I have money, I have cars, I have wives, I have children. I am rich. People know me everywhere. I don’t regret my actions”, the singer said in a video while being caressed by his new wife.”

Although the controversial musician issued an apology to Headies Awards shortly afterwards, he was never reinstated.

Social media critics and fans have complained severally about his uncouth attitude and wonders whether he has a manager who manages him, but a section of observers have attributed his misdemeanors to lack of education.

Endorsements and Earnings

Despite breaking out within a short period of time, Portable has bagged a brand endorsement with Odogwu Bitters, a herbal alcoholic drink supposedly capable of boosting energy and libido and owned by popular socialite, Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana.

While it is unconfirmed, Portable claims he makes over a million Naira per show. However, evidence suggests he has made more than that in single shows in the past, such as some of the ones he attended with Kogbagidi and Poco Lee before they fell out.

Portable Net Worth

Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, or Dr. Zeh is a controversial Nigerian musician and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $100,000.

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