Prices of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria


LG has provided a resounding response to the issue of which air conditioner brand is the most well-known and desired in Nigeria. This brand has proven to be among the most trustworthy over time, in addition to being the most well-liked and recognized. There are several reasons why people fall in love with LG ACs, including their seamless functioning and dominating elegant presence. Of course, the brand is also quite classy.

If you spend more than five minutes in an LG air-conditioned room, you will quickly realize why they are among the best. A healthy interior environment is crucial to achieving organizational, residential, educational, and other major goals while preserving good health and life expectancy. The best source of indoor air quality is LG Air Conditioner. It is impossible to explain enough how important it is to breathe in clean, healthy air that comes from LG Air Conditioners because human life exclusively depends on breathing.

LG air conditioners are by far the most popular on the market right now for a variety of reasons. The items are just becoming more well-liked because they are made to fit into any area or office. If you are familiar with LG products, you should not settle for anything less than the very best. Beyond the brand name and a long way from fame, LG has genuinely established a history that will endure for a very long time.

You can get all the features you need in an air conditioner from LG AC brands and effortlessly at that. They offer top-notch air quality and are strong, trustworthy, and reliable. In fact, depending on the horsepower, the air that has already been produced can continue to circulate for hours after the AC has been switched off. The operating power of LG air conditioners varies. They are quite simple to install, and with appropriate care, they may last a very long time.

This post examines the costs of the various LG Air Conditioners now on the market as the demand for LG ACs grows daily. We’ll also talk about some fundamental reasons why LG air conditioners are some of the best.

Prices of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria

One of the most popular air conditioner brands in Nigeria seems to be LG. They are available in many models that fit in homes and workplaces. The price list for LG air conditioners is reasonable. Their models, features, and capacities determine their prices.

There are LG Air Conditioners for sale everywhere. They are one of those ACS that you can count on seeing in any electronics retailer. They come in a variety of varieties and horsepower levels. The most prevalent ones are 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, etc. horsepower. The effectiveness of the air conditioner is determined by horsepower. This is typically chosen based on the size of the rooms in which they will be put. The numerous sorts that are offered differ in terms of sizes, designs, and other extra characteristics.

Direct purchases of LG air conditioners are possible at any LG outlet nationwide. They can also be found in other traditional electronics retailers. The products can be acquired from online e-commerce retailers for convenience. Some of these shops will deliver your purchases right to your door. For a variety of reasons, buying these air conditioners straight from the makers is always highly recommended. In addition to being cheaper when purchased directly from the manufacturer, devices that are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty can be readily returned anytime a problem arises.

LG Split Unit Air Conditioners

  • LG Gencool Inverter Split Unit Air Conditioner 1 HP: N160,000 – N205,000
  • LG Gencool Inverter Split Unit Air Conditioner 1.5 HP: N170,000 – N230,000
  • LG  Gencool Split Unit Air Conditioner 2 HP: N250,000 – N375, 000
  • LG Gencool Inverter Split Unit Air Conditioner 2.5 HP: N337,000 – N390,000

LG Floor Standing Air Conditioners

  • LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2 HP: N495,000 – N600, 000
  • LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner 3 HP: N725,000 – N800,000
  • LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner 5 HP: N910,000 – N1 million
  • LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner 10 HP: N1.5 million  – N2.5 million

LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 2 HP: N450,000 – N650 000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 3 HP: N740,000 – N800,000
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5 HP: N960,000 – N1.5 million
  • LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5.5 HP: N1.67 million – N1.8 million

Why we Believe You Will Like LG Air Conditioners

One of the most crucial factors for optimum indoor air quality continues to be the LG air conditioner. There are many other reasons why LG air conditioners are regarded as one of the best products in the Nigerian market and globally, in addition to the fact that it continuously removes stale indoor air while replacing it with fresh air, the aesthetic value it adds to homes or offices, a strong/quality body built even with lesser weights, and a minimum of 2 years’ warranty. Here, we’ll look at a few benefits that LG air conditioners can provide for you.

  • Excellent Air Quality: LG air conditioners provide the best air quality available. The air conditioners are made to circulate high-quality cold air, which will ensure better sleep and generally easy breathing.
  • Durable: LG air conditioners can be used easily for many years without any problems if they are properly maintained. They are sturdy, dependable, and long-lasting.
  • Quiet Operation: Its integrated special skew fan and low vibrating compressor create less noise, allowing you to sleep well. The skew fan is special because of its low surface pressure on the fan blade, which when in contact with the air, reduces the peak noise to a very low level of 19dB.
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