Top Richest Football Clubs in the World

Here are the clubs that made the list according to the most recent Football Money League rankings released by Deloitte. This should not be confused with the most valuable clubs in the world.

In March 2022, Deloitte released the 2022 Football Money League, which examines the financials of the clubs with the biggest revenue.

According to the most recent research, the top 20 teams, all of which are situated in Europe, brought in an average of €409 million (£340 million/$450 million), which is a slight rise over 2019–20.

The coronavirus epidemic, according to the research, cost clubs in the Money League more than €2 billion (£1.7 billion/$2.2 billion) in lost revenue, with teams affected by the lack of fans from stadiums for two domestic seasons.

Top Richest Football Clubs in the World

According to the Deloitte rankings, Barcelona was the richest football club in the world in 2021, but Manchester City has overtaken them in 2022 after bringing in €644.9 million (£537 million/$709 million) in income.

Due to its widely reported financial problems, Barcelona has dropped to fourth place, trailing Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich and Clasico foe Real Madrid.

Paris Saint-Germain is the only French team among the 11 Premier League teams in the top 20, which also includes two teams from each of German and Italian football.

Here are the top 10 richest clubs in the world, their ranking and how much revenue they made they made in the previous year.

Ranking Team Total revenue
1 Manchester City €644.9m
2 Real Madrid €640.7m
3 Bayern Munich €611.4m
4 Barcelona €582.1m
5 Manchester United €558.0m
6 Paris Saint-Germain €556.2m
7 Liverpool €550.4m
8 Chelsea €493.1m
9 Juventus €433.5m
10 Tottenham €406.2m
11 Arsenal €366.5m
12 Borussia Dortmund €337.6m
13 Atletico Madrid €332.8m
14 Inter €330.9m
15 Leicester City €255.5m
16 West Ham United €221.5m
17 Wolverhampton Wanderers €219.2m
18 Everton €218.1m
19 Zenit €212.0m
20 Aston Villa €207.3m

Five Premier League teams, including Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool, make up the top 10 richest football clubs. Arsenal is ranked 11th in the table, and Leicester has moved up to 15th place, barely ahead of West Ham United, Wolves, and Everton.

Borussia Dortmund, Inter, Atletico Madrid, Zenit, and other well-known European teams complete the remaining top 20.

While Barcelona is the biggest name stuck in reverse, Manchester City’s climb is remarkable, if not all that surprising, as they jump five spots into the top slot.

Before being forced to let go of seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi in the summer of 2021 when the Argentine traveled to PSG, they disclosed debts of €1.2 billion (£1.1 billion/$1.5 billion), and a long-term rebuild in Catalunya is still a work in progress.

Leeds United, Southampton, and Newcastle United, who just underwent a large-scale takeover, are three additional Premier League teams that can be found outside of the top 20 and within the top 30, while Roma, Atalanta, Napoli, Lazio, and AC Milan are all represented by Serie A.

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