Top 10 Richest Women in the World

Although there aren’t women in the top 10 richest people in the world, we can’t deny the fact that women are also breaking records and making huge money as entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. The number of billionaires is increasing day by day and women aren’t an exemption.

While the top richest men are somewhat aggressive in their entrepreneurial ventures, some of the richest women in the world juggle the family and their career together.

In this post, we shall explore the list of the world’s richest women, what they do as well as the businesses they own.

Top 10 Richest Women in the World

If you also want to be one of the richest billionaires in the world, you will need to become creative and start your own company. Or keep it simple by focusing on investing in valuable assets. Being born into a family that is not rich is not your fault, but you must try to create a wealthy family. The richest women in this list are people who don’t inherit their parent or husband’s wealth; they are people who are creative and invest in valuable assets.

Here are the 10 richest women in the world, how much they are worth as well as the sources of the wealth.

10. Abigail Johnson – $21.2 Billion

Abigail Johnson is the tenth richest woman in the world with a net worth of $21.2 billion. She served as the CEO of Fidelity investment in 2014 after taking over from her father, who later died as chairman. In March 2014, she took over as the chairman of the company. Her grandfather founded the company in 1946 and she owns a stake of 24.5% in the company with over $4.2 billion in assets.

9. Iris Fontbonne – $22.6 Billion

Iris Fontbona is the ninth richest woman in the world with a net worth of $22.6 billion. She is a native of Chile, and her source of wealth is mining. Iris Fontbona is a widow, after his husband died of cancer in 2005. She inherits her husband’s mining and beverages company. Iris Fontbona and her family also own a major stake in Quiñenco; a Chilean trading conglomerate focused on manufacturing and banking.

8. Susanne Klatten – $24.3 Billion

Susanne Klatten is the eighth richest woman in the world with a net worth of $24.3 billion. Susanne Klatten’s source of wealth is pharmaceuticals and BMW. She owns about 19% of the German BMW, which she inherited from her parents. She also owns a chemical company in Atlanta. Susanne Klatten’s parents are popular because of their credit in rescuing BMW from bankruptcy in 1959.

7. Miriam Adelson – $27.5 Billion

Miriam Adelson is the seventh richest woman in the world with a net worth of $27.5 billion. Mariam is a physician, but her source of wealth is casinos. She inherits and now owns her late husband’s 50% stake in Las Vegas after his death in 2021. After the death of his husband, Mariam agreed to sell the company for $62.5 billion which will also add to her net worth. This means Miriam Adelson’s net worth is likely to increase.

6. Gina Rinehart – $30.2 Billion

Gina Rinehart is the sixth richest woman in the world with a net worth of $30.2 billion. She is not just the sixth richest woman but also the richest Australian citizen. Gina Rinehart’s source of wealth is iron ore and mining. She inherited the Rinehart chairs Australian mining and agriculture company Hancock Prospecting Group from his father in 1992.

5. Jacqueline Mars – $31.7 Billion

Jacqueline Mars is the fifth richest woman in the world with a net worth of $31.7 billion. Jacqueline Mars’ source of wealth is the company known as candy and pet food, a company founded by her grandfather, Frank Mars in the United States. She is a businesswoman who has invested in several businesses and also has a shareholding in private and public sectors to generate sales, revenue, and cash flow.

4. MacKenzie Scott – $43.6 Billion

MacKenzie Scott is the fourth richest woman in the world with a net worth of $43.6 billion. She is not the founder of Amazon, but her source of wealth is Amazon. She was once the wife of the richest man, Jeff Bezos, before they divorced in 2019. MacKenzie Scott is also a philanthropist and has donated over $12.5 billion to many organizations in the U.S and other countries within two years.

3. Julia Koch – $60 Billion

Julia Koch is the third richest woman in the world with a net worth of $60 billion. She is founder and CEO of Koch Industries, a multinational paper production company. Julia Koch also creates fertilizers, processes minerals and refine oil. She is a United States citizen and the country where the industry is located. Koch Industries is one of the largest private companies in the United States.

2. Alice Walton – $65.3 Billion

Alice Walton is the second richest woman in the world with a net worth of $65.3 billion. Her source of wealth is Walmart, which is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a grocery store, and discount stores. Alice Walton was the richest woman in 2020 before she lost her net worth to Bettencourt Meyer.

1. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers – $74.8 Billion

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the first richest woman in the world and has been on the list for about two years. Her net worth is $74.8 billion, and her source of wealth is L’oreal, a beauty giant which she inherits from her grandmother. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers firstly appeared as the world female billionaire in 2018 after the death of her month. She is a citizen of France richer than the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote.

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