Top 10 Richest Yoruba People

The top 10 richest Yoruba people in Nigeria are entrepreneurs and business owners who have impacted many lives. These rich Yoruba men are unique and different because they are not just known in Nigeria but are popular worldwide. Although it is difficult for some Nigerians to eat, these people are still the richest amid poverty and inflation.

The Yoruba ethnic group is one the significant ethnic groups in Nigeria today. Their men are known for exploiting all areas of life, including entertainment, film, education, and business. Education is valued among the ethnic group, and their tentacles across every sphere of the business world is far more than any ethnic group in Nigeria.

10 Richest Yoruba Men in Nigeria

It is necessary to appreciate the businessmen, women and entrepreneurs who have contributed to the worth of Yoruba land to Nigeria and the whole world. When it comes to the top richest men in Nigeria, they are also featured in the list.

So here are the top richest Yoruba people in Nigeria and their source of wealth.

10. Chief Michael Ade Ojo – $200 Million

Chief Micheal Ade Ojo is the tenth richest Yoruba man worth $200 million. Chief Ade Ojo is a popular businessman in Nigeria and worldwide. He is the founder of Elizade Motors Limited and Elizade university in Ondo State.

9. Oba Obateru Akinrutan – $300 Million

Oba Obateru Akinrutan is the ninth richest man in Yoruba despite the fact he is a Yoruba King. He is a king worth $300 million. King Obateru is the king of Ugbo in Ondo State. He is a man that doesn’t allow the king position to take over his business knowledge. Oba Akinrutan is the founder of Obat Petroleum, a private oil distribution and marketing company in Nigeria.

8. Dele Fajemirokun – $500 Million

Dele Fajemirokun is Nigeria’s eighth richest and popular Yoruba man with a net worth of $500 million. He is a businessman and the chairman of Alico Insurance, which is an insurance company. Oladele Fajemirokun is also the founder of Henry Stephens Group. He is a native of Ile Oluji in Ondo State, born on April 16, 1950. He was a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, where he obtained a bachelor’s in business economics.

7. Samuel Adedoyin – $540 Million

Samuel Adedoyin is the seventh richest Yoruba man, and he is worth about $540 million. He is a chief, a business owner and an industrialist who founded Doyin Groups of Companies. The company’s focus on exporting products like ginger, cashew nuts and many agricultural products. Samuel Adedoyin is a native of Agbamu in Kwara State, where he was born on December 4, 1935. Adedoyin is a philanthropist who has committed to many activities by donating to several foundations every year.

6. Oba Otundeko – $550 Million

Oba Otundeko is the top sixth Yoruba richest man in Nigeria. If you have heard or eaten Honeywell noodles, then you have eaten part of his product. He is the founder and chairman of Honeywell Group, a company where all the Honeywell noodles come from. Oba Otundeko graduated from Lead College of Commerce, where he got a bachelor’s in arts & sciences and his doctorate in Olabisi Onabanjo University in Nigeria. Apart from Honeywell, Oba Otundeko also founded the Oba Otundeko foundation. Otudeko owns 66.8 percent of Honeywell Flour Mills, a leading flour and pasta product manufacturer operating under the auspices of Honeywell Group, which has a diverse product portfolio including Honeywell Semolina, Honeywell Noodles and Honeywell Pasta.

5. Tunde Folawiyo – $650 Million

Tunde Folawiyo is the fifth richest Yoruba man in Nigeria. He is a popular businessman in Nigeria, worth $650 million. Folawiyo is the founder and managing director of Yinka Folawiyo Group, a business that specializes in real estate, agriculture, and shipping. The father of Tunde Folawiyo was also a popular Yoruba businessman, and he was one of the richest in the Yoruba tribe in his own time.

4. Jimoh Ibrahim – $1.1 Billion

Jimoh Ibrahim is the fourth richest Yoruba man in Nigeria. He is a native of Ondo State in the country. Ibrahim is a businessman who oversees a lot of enterprises. He is worth $1.1 billion due to all his efforts. He owns NICON insurance, Air Nigeria and Median Hotels and takes care of everything from a global fleet. Ibrahim is also a lawyer who has worked in different fields. He has also run for governor in his hometown in Ondo state in the past.

3. Folorunsho Alakija – $1.4 Billion

Folorunsho is the third richest person in Yoruba land, and the richest woman in amongst the Yoruba people, with a net worth of $1.4 billion. She is also the richest woman in Nigeria and Africa. Her source of wealth is real estate and oil. She also has a fashion and design division. She is also a philanthropist who also has several printing industries across Africa. At age seven, she traveled to the UK to further her primary school education. She later returned to Nigeria between to continue her Secondary education at Muslim High School in Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.

2. Femi Otedola – $5.6 Billion

The second richest Yoruba man is Femi Otedola. He is a prominent and popular billionaire in Nigeria. He is a man with numerous investments and enterprises. Femi Otedola, popularly known as Otedola, is the founder of Forte Oil, which is an oil company known for petroleum distribution and marketing. Femi Otedola’s net worth is $5.3 billion. He is also a philanthropist who has done a lot for the country, such as buying Mega Plants to aid the energy sector of the country.

1. Mike Adenuga – $6.2 Billion

Mike Adenuga is the richest Yoruba person in the world. According to Forbes, his net worth is estimated at $6.2 billion. Mike Adenuga has been on the Yoruba richest men first list for over a decade, and he is currently the third richest man in Nigeria, only after Aliko Dangote and Abdul Samad Rabiu. He is the founder of Globacom, which happens to be one of the sources of his wealth, and he is also involved in other enterprises. He also founded an oil company which he started in 1991. The name of his oil company is known as Consolidated Oil Drilling Company and Conoil for short.

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