Top 10 Signs to Identify Fake Pastors


Christianity is one of the most widely practiced religion in the world. It is a religion that is built on the belief in the existence of Christ. Being a Christian comes with a lot of promises especially if the Christian follows God’s commandments to the core. Some of these promises become fulfilled immediately while some of them do not. It is then the role of the Pastor, Reverend or spiritual leader to guide Christians into ensuring that the full promises of God are fulfilled in the their life. They are like the Shepherd shepherding a flock of sheep.

This is why they are highly revered and loved. Being a pastor or spiritual leader doesn’t come easily. Such person must have been trained by the spirit of God himself and equipped with the knowledge necessary for the job. They train the congregation spiritually, feed them with the word of God and lead them to the promises of God. In return they are expected to receive a tenth part of the income of their members (tithe), although a lot of controversies surround this. As a result of the impact of their job in peoples lives, they are often appreciated with different forms of gifts, like; cars, money, houses, trips abroad, among others.

Due to the added benefits, a lot of people come out in disguise of being “called” by God. They appear as pastors and real men of God to deceive the unsuspecting congregation. They seem so real and at times they don’t. Even when they don’t seem real, the congregation would always be scared of accosting them or disbelieving them so as not to commit blasphemy against the holy spirit, which is also the highest sin to ever commit against God. Owing to this fact, they will never be probed by the congregation in order not to disrespect them.

Top 10 Signs to Identify Fake Pastors

In Mathew 7:15, Lord Jesus Christ admonished Christians to beware of fake pastors who are wolf in sheep’s clothing. There are hundreds of verses in the bible which describe fake pastors and how to identify them, but it has become increasingly difficult to know who is who. For a long time now, there has been a sudden increase in the number of fake pastors everywhere, mostly because of the added benefits. They keep flourishing and increasing because they are mostly never apprehended. It is never difficult to identify a fake man of God because he was never trained to be one. The bible says by their seeds you shall know them. If you are looking for ways to identify a fake pastor, here are ten characteristics often exhibited by them:

1. Fake Pastors Sell Miracle Items in Church

This is one very common characteristic of fake pastors. They sell miracle products like holy water, holy handkerchief, anointing oil, holy soap and so on, all in a bid to earn more money. This is not supposed to be so as there is no place in the new testament where Jesus Christ or his apostles shared any of these items to the people in order to protect them against attacks or satanic powers. Whenever they heal any sick person, they would instead tell them to pick up their mats, crutches or bed and sin no more. Since our beloved Jesus, whom we all follow never sold miracle items to those who needed redemption, why then will a pastor or spiritual leader sell one to his congregation? In fact, Jesus sent away traders from his father’s house. Aren’t they practicing the same thing?  Aren’t they the same traders Jesus chased away from the temple?

2. They Do Not or Rarely Preach About Sin Or Salvation

One of the signs of fake pastors is that they never talk about sin or salvation. The utmost aim of every spiritual leader should be how to lead the church so that they will make heaven. But, this is not the concern of every fake pastor. Instead of preaching about salvation, how to make heaven, how to lead more souls to heaven and how to do away with sins, they make preaching on topics that Christians should not even be concerned about.

3. They Charge Payment For Every Service Rendered

Another character associated with fake pastor is their constant demand for money. You will see them charging money before praying for a member. They will ask members to send “something to their account” before they can pray for them. Someone once told me about their pastor in church who asked them to pay him for data before he could come online to pray for them during the lockdown. That kind of character exhibited is no doubt that of a fake pastor because it is the job they were called to do by God and so shouldn’t demand money before doing them.

4. They Praise Themselves For Each Miracle Performed

One language popular with fake pastor is “I did it”, ” I healed her”, “I casted it with my powers”. The bible explained that miracles of healing the sick, raising the dead, casting demons, among others are signs that will follow those that believe in Christ. This is why many preachers today seek powers from the devil in order to deceive their unsuspecting members. Even when they eventually perform the miracles, they will always give credit to themselves. A real pastor who performed miracle by the power of the holy spirit will always say words like; “The Holy Spirit/Jesus/God did”.

5. They Tell The Congregation What They Want To Hear and Not What They Need To Hear

This is something they do in order to bring more members to their church and retain those they already have. They twist the bible to suit their own interpretation. Afterall, that’s what the “holy spirit” says and no one would ever question them so as not to commit blasphemy against the holy ghost. They know more members would mean more tithe and more tithe meant more money for them. So they can tell their members that wearing skimpy wears didn’t matter as long as their hearts remained pure a in a bid to make them loved by members.

6. Money-focused

You will hear them asking questions like “has your business boomed”?, Instead of “Did you spend a quiet time with the holy spirit this week”, “Have you read your bible today”? etc. All these point to the fact that the pastor is fake. To him, that young man that pays tithe in millions is more valuable than you who pays him a few thousands. He knows that a growth in the finances of his members meant more income for him.

7. Often involved in sexual scandals

It is common news to hear of pastors having sexual relationship with their church members. Even before being caught, they must have exhibited characters related to what they do. Fake pastors are not excluded from this as they all have sexual relationships with their female members. They brainwash them by telling them that that is what the “spirit” asked them to do. Whereas, in actual fact, the bible is against adultery, fornication or any immoral deed of any kind. You will see them having prayer sessions with female members behind close doors. A real man of God will never do that as he will do all he can to ensure he don’t remain in a room alone with the opposite sex.

8. Materialistic

Fake pastors are always after worldly things. They always want more luxury to keep growing their collection. In order to achieve their aim, they demand these things from their members. You will hear them saying things like “The holy spirit says you should buy your most beloved spiritual leader a new Lamborghini and be blessed in multiple folds”. Even Jesus never used luxurious items when He was on earth, yet these pastors keep using them.

9. Fake Miracles

The bible says that believers should keep going into the world and bring more people to Christ. However, fake pastors go into the world, demonstrate their fake miracles and bring more people to themselves and earn more tithe. Since human beings follow only proof no matter where the proof comes from, they gullibly follow the pastors who displays signs and wonders.

10. He Never Help His Members To Grow Spiritually

One of the responsibilities pastors and other spiritual leaders are charged with is to help their members grow spiritually, make them realize that the power they need (Holy Spirit) lives inside them and all they need is to grow the power. However, fake pastors tell their members that the power they need lies with them and ask them to keep following him, thereby neglecting their spiritual growth which is supposed to be paramount.

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