Top 10 Solar Companies in Nigeria


One of the socio-economic problems affecting the development of Nigeria is poor power supply. Most small and growing businesses have crumbled due to this long-standing issue. The country has the ability to generate 12,522 MW of electricity but can only distribute about 5,000MW to its ever-increasing population. Generating sets which served as a popular alternative requires fuel which is cost ineffective and sometimes scarce.

In order to overcome this problem, solar power was created, and the development has been rapid. Energy from the sun is trapped in a solar plate collector and converted into other forms of energy to power machines and equipment to carry out various life activities.

Solar energy is renewable and less expensive when compared to powering generating sets. It can also last as long as eight hours to provide access to power supply. Just in case, here is our article on the top ten inverter brands in Nigeria; we believe it might help as you run through this very article.

Top 10 Solar Companies in Nigeria

As Nigeria continues to experience epileptic and erratic power supply, there is a need to look beyond the gas power supplied by the energy distribution company. Renewable energy like solar power have proved to be an alternative source that can be trusted to power even the most uncivilized locality. In order to have solar energy installed in a house or office, solar Connie’s need to be contacted. Some of them offer customized solar solutions to satisfy their customers. In a descending order, here is a list of the top ten solar energy companies in Nigeria. 

10. Bluesun Energy Limited

Bluesun energy limited is a Nigerian solar tech company established in 2004 and has been delivering quality service when it comes to solar power since then. They manufacture, install, and provide solar system solutions. They manufacture solar cells, modules and solar power machines. The company also help to build customized solar power system for customers.

9. Green Power

Green power was established in 2006 as an integrated energy company and has grown to become one of the leading renewable and electromechanical companies in Nigeria. It is headquartered in Lagos with Engineer Bamidele Faparusi as its CEO. The company provides solar power solutions across all sectors including government offices, schools, banking industry, hospitals and the oil and gas sector.

8. Kingstech Solar Energy

Kingstech is another solar energy company in Nigeria. They are involved in the sale, installation, repair and maintenance of renewable energy products to telecommunication companies, banking institutions, hospitals, manufacturing companies and virtually all sectors of the Nigerian economy. It was established in 2010 as a fully-fledged renewable energy and information Technology service provider. Their vision is to deliver world class engineering solutions to consumers all over the country. They also provide flexible payment plans to the convenience of their clients.

7. Beebee Jump Nigeria

Beebeejump is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria with headquarters in Lagos. The company specializes in the manufacture, product development, research and sale of solar energy solution products. They are also expert at distributing off grid photo-voltaic system solutions. Their products have also undergone various testing procedures and received appropriate certifications.

6. Ecozar Technologies Limited

Ecozar was established in 2014 and has grown to become one of the leading renewable energy companies in Nigeria. They specialize in the installation, maintenance and sale of quality renewable energy machines and equipment. They provide solar energy services to places like farms, cold rooms, filling stations, banks, schools, communities, hospitals, factories and many more.

5. Wavetra Energy

Wavetra is a popular renewable energy solution provider in Nigeria headquartered in Lagos. Their vision is to provide pollution free and uninterrupted power supply to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. They specialize in the sale, construction, installation and maintenance of solar power systems. They also have a solar power training institute to train interested people and empower them.

4. Rubitec Solar

Rubitec is a renewable energy company that specializes in solar power and inverters, biomass energy systems, hydro power, waste to energy and wind energy.  The provide installation and maintenance service to all forms of solar power solution products. Their vision is to be an integrated renewable energy company and independent power producer providing electric power from renewable energy technology for urban and rural areas.

3. Arnegy

Arnegy is a renewable energy technology company that specialize in the design, manufacture, sale and rent of reliable and affordable solar power solution products. Their solar energy services are sustainable for households and all scales of businesses. Their payment plans are also flexible to allow customers pay according to their convenience. They also offer free maintenance for the first twelve months of products purchase.

2. Phlemin Integrated Global

Phlemin integrated global offers the best solar energy solutions customized to solve all forms of power issues. The company was established in 2005 and is recognized as a leading producer of renewable energy. Their products include deep cycle batteries, solar panels, surge protectors, UPS systems, inverters and many more.

1. Hians Energy Solutions Limited

Hians energy was established in 2010. Their vision is to become a world class electrical and renewable energy solution company through the provision of excellent and quality service. They provide solutions to all forms of electricity problems for commercial and residential areas through solar energy. They also provide household electrification and electrical renovations, installations of security cameras, intercom systems and interrupted power supply solutions.

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