Tems Biography & Net Worth

Name Tems
Real Name Temilade Openiyi
Date of Birth June 11, 1995
Net Worth $1 Million
Genre R&B, Afro Beat
Birthplace United Kingdom
Profession: Singer, Songwriter
Nationality: Nigeria

Temilade Openiyi popularly known as Tems is a Nigerian R&B and Afro Beat singer, songwriter and recording artist born on 11th June 1995 to a family of a Nigerian mother and a British father. Tems started her early life in the United Kingdom but returned back to Nigeria after her parents divorced at the age of 12. When Tems returned to Nigeria, she started living with her maternal uncle in Ajah, Lagos State.

Tems attended Dowen College Secondary School at Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos, after which she had the opportunity to travel to South Africa to study Economics at Monash South Africa.

During her secondary school days, her music teacher noticed her interest in music, and she was taught how to play piano and guitar. Tems often practice singing and playing with her brother and use his guitar with it. After her study in South Africa, Tems returned to Nigeria to get a job as a digital marketer which she later quit pursuing her music career.


Tems was born into a humble Christian family. As she started growing up, she developed a lot of interest in gospel songs because of her mother. When she was 17 years old, she joined her church choir department. Tens will freestyle various gospel songs with her brother’s guitar. Luckily, during her time in her church choir, Tems found someone that loved her music sense and freestyle, and the person took her to the studio for the first time. Throughout all her years at the University of South Africa, her passion for Sing was still there. She kept training her voice, doing various freestyle and writing songs. But when she became older, she sought out other music genres.

She started developing an interest in songs from music Superstars by Adele, Beyonce, Burna Boy, Alicia Keys, Aaliyah, and Lil Wayne.

Career Journey

Tems started her music career fully in the music industry at the age of 20. Her first release was titled “Time Swap EP” in 2013. However, this particular song doesn’t make her as popular as she expected because it is the music to her all, but she didn’t give up on her passion.

Her unrelenting spirit really paid off, when she released her first single in 2018 titled “Mr. Rebel”. This particular song was the door to her breakthrough. She received a lot of accolades from different musicians in the industry and a lot of praises from Nigerians physically and on social media. After a year, she released another album titled “Try me”. Try me open many doors for her and that was what brought her to stardom and popularity. Today, “Try Me” has gained over 2 million streams and views on YouTube.

Over the years, Tems has received many awards. She received an award in 2019 for the Best Female Performance and Best Alternative song in 2019. In 2021 she received African Entertainment Awards USA for being the Best Female Artist. In 2022, she received the BET Award for being the Best New Artist.

Tems Net Worth

Temilade Openiyi popularly known as Tems is a Nigerian R&B and Afro Beat singer, songwriter and recording artist with an estimated net worth of $1 million. Other than music, Tems enjoys some pretty decent endorsement deals from multinational companies such as Reebok and Tommy Hilfiger. She also enjoys some decent earnings from international collaborations with stars such as Drake, DJ Khalid, Future amongst a host of other international stars.

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