Top 15 Textiles Companies in Nigeria


We all wear different forms of fabric each day. It is necessary because it is part of what makes us human. During special occasions like weddings, birthdays, burials, anniversary and the likes, people showcase different fabrics made from different prints and designs. These prints were incorporated into the fabrics by companies called textiles industries.

These textiles companies set up plants and textile mills to design, produce and distribute yarns, cloth and clothing made from natural or synthetic products. Some of them also have cotton farms and plants where cotton is processed and weaved on looms into finished textiles. The textiles are then designed with different methods such as prints, wax and other methods of designing.

In Nigeria, textiles industry play a major role in stabilizing the economy. Their products are usually exported to other African countries thereby showcasing the rich culture of the country.

Top 15 Textiles Companies in Nigeria

There are currently 25 textile mills in Nigeria. This sector has employed around 25,000 people in total. In case you are a wholesaler or distributor, and you are searching for textile industries to work with, here are the top 15 textile companies in Nigeria:

15. Haffar Industrial Company Limited

Located in Mushin, Lagos state, Haffar textiles is an industrial manufacturer of textile materials and fabric. The company manufactures different forms of yarns, lace embroidery, agbada, Ankara fabrics and dye products. The company is also known for their variety of embroidery and sewing threads and acrylic yarns.

14. O’baron International Resources Limited

O’baron international resources limited is a textile manufacturing company located in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. They are involved in the manufacture, production, design and distribution of different textile materials which can be used in the production of school uniforms, safety clothing and work wears.

13. Femro 3 Nigeria Limited

Femro 3 Nigeria Limited specializes in the complete manufacturing and production of different forms of textiles and fabrics. It was established in 1985 and has its plant located at the Ilupeju industrial estate, Lagos. The company is known even in the international textiles industries for its fabric knitting and processing styles which have been known to meet international standards.

12. AAJ Textile Industry

AAJ textile industry is a popular textile industry located in the northern part of the country. They specialize in the weaving and special waxing and printing of fabrics for all forms of occasions. It is a common sight to see party lovers rocking the fabric manufactured by AAJ to occasions like wedding ceremonies, burials, anniversaries and so on.

11. Ashezee Finesse

Ashezee finesse is a fabric and textiles manufacturing company located in Abuja. They are known for their impact on the redefinition of textile designs in Nigeria. Their fabrics are a mix of contemporary designs incorporated into the popular classic Ankara fabric. They are also involved in the marketing and distribution of textiles and textile materials.

10. Garment Factory

Talking about a textile manufacturing industry that is into the production of unique traditional fabrics of various designs, styles and prints, then it should be garment factory. They specialize in the production of purely traditional fabrics, such as Georgette, jersey, silk, crepe including micro crepe and satin crepe. The company is located in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

9. Adirepalace

Adirepalace is an innovative textile manufacturing company. They are popular for their unique designs and uncommon production methods. The company is located at Yaya crescent, Apapa, Lagos state. Their cotton fabrics are printed and designed with premium hand dying methods. Their dye products are also made from organic and natural dyes to prevent allergic reactions on the skin.

8. Atlantic Textile Manufacturing Company

Atlantic textiles is a popular textile and fabrics mill located in Surulere, Lagos state. The company specializes in the manufacture and production of cotton yarns, different forms of African prints and grey braft. Atlantic textiles are also involved in the supply and wholesale sales of textiles within and outside Nigeria.

7. Reddi2wear Nigeria Limited

Reddi2wear Nigeria limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of garments, corporate promo wears and other textiles materials. It was established in 2012 and has its headquarters in Lagos. They specialize in the manufacture of quality home textiles such as decorative pillows, bed sheets, curtains, table clothes etc. They also manufacture promo wears, Polo and T-shirts. Their garments are produced with imported American and Japanese sewing and printing technologies.

6 Chanrai Nigeria Limited

Chanrai Nigeria limited is another popular manufacturer of textiles in Nigeria. It was first incorporated as a subsidiary of kewalram Nigeria limited. It has since grown into an independent textiles manufacturing and distribution company. The company is based in Lagos and has branches in other major cities in Nigeria.

5. Sunflag Group Nigeria Limited

Sunflag group Nigeria limited is one of the oldest companies involved in the textile business in Nigeria. It was established in 1960 in Lagos state and has since grown into one of the largest textile manufacturing companies in west Africa with branch units in Thailand, Tanzania and Canada. The company manufactures different form of quality yarns needed for stitching, weaving and knitting. They also manufacture quality fabrics like, laces, school uniform, Ankara and many more.

4. United Nigeria Textiles Plc

United Nigeria textiles PLC is a popular manufacturer of traditional African prints in Nigeria. The company is based in Lagos State. They specialize in the production of Java prints, polyester, cotton printed and dyed fabrics, real wax prints including other forms of prints. Th company is the manufacturer of popular brands like, classic wax, diamond wax, rainbow wax, UNTL and Nichemax.

3. Dangote General Textiles

Dangote is a household name in Nigeria. It is owned by the business conglomerate, Aliko Dangote. The textile plant was established in 1988. In the textile industry, Dangote is a brand name of high reputation. Their fabrics are made from only the best high-quality materials. Their fabrics are designed with high quality and beautiful African prints methods.

2. Da Viva Textiles

Da viva is a textile company known for its unique patterns on fabric. They are known for always blending edge designs with the vibrant colours of traditional African designs and fabrics. Their fabrics are known to be made from pure cotton and wonderfully designed. They also manufacture a wide range of garments, such as: T-shirts for all sexes, shirts for men and different garments for ladies suitable for all occasions.

1. African Textile Manufacturers Limited

Africa textile manufacturers limited is one of the biggest textile manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The company has become a household name in the world of Clothing and fashion. In fact, they have been recognized by the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) for their quality products and service delivery. The company’s plant is located in Challawa industrial estate, Kano state, Nigeria. Although the company was incorporated in 1980, production began in 1998. Their prints fabrics are well known outside the borders of Nigeria. They also offer their clients the opportunity to order for special designs.

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