The Meaning of Indaboski

Like empires that rise and fall, the social media space, particularly in Nigeria, sees a plethora of slangs, parlances, or locally crafted jargon that rent the social space for a while before giving way to another.

Given that the words that make them up are either strange, remodeled, or simply recycled, the trend is frequently exciting and hilarious. It is one of the main reasons why, like kingdoms, these words become popular for a short period of time before dying out and giving way to another.

One of the many words rented by Nigerians is that of one of the most controversial pastors in recent times, Prophet Emeka Odumeje, who refers to himself as ‘The Lion’ among a variety of other nicknames. While the focus of this post is not on the jungle king’s name, it does seek to clarify the meaning of Indaboski Bahose, a strange but amusing nickname Emeka Odumeje has given himself.

So, please turn your heads back and relax as we investigate not only the strange name, but also other names associated with the controversial pastor himself.

Meaning of Indaboski

Most of Odumeje’s videos in which he refers to himself as ‘Indaboski Bahose’ are either addressed to his congregation or he thought to go the route of a self hypeman, which he does by giving himself all sorts of strange names that appear to be based on Hebrew words, the main language of the original Bible texts.

Nicknames of Emeka Odumeje

‘Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje’ has many nicknames, some of which are:

  • The Lion
  • Indaboski, Bahose
  • Sepre
  • The lebadu
  • The lemande
  • The Abidoshika
  • The war
  • The fight
  • The Battle
  • The Liquid Metal
  • Coat of many colours

What we think

“Indaboski Bahose”, “the lebadu”, “the lemande”, the abidoshika, “the liquid metal” among a host of many other names ‘Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje calls himself are words he fancies with no proper understanding of the things he says. Most of his videos have indicated that he enjoys fantasy and has not only discovered a way to make his fantasies come true. If he isn’t John Cena with a ‘attitude adjustment’ move in one of his services, he will most likely be Brock Lesnar in another, taking his devoted fans to ‘suplex city.’ In any case, we are confident that new names will be added to his existing nicknames.

We believe he thinks he is a member of the Avengers who goes by the name ‘Liquid Metal’.

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