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This present Mbappe is not the real one – Florentino Pérez

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Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez has given reasons why the club could not sign Kylian Mbappe from PSG despite verbal agreements between the Spanish club and the player.

Pérez, in an interview with El Chiringuito TV, started with the transfer of Tchouaméni from Monaco to the Bernabeu. Tchouaméni, during a speech at the Bernabeu said Mbappe tried to convince him to choose PSG over Real Madrid but he chose the latter as it has always been his dream to play for the Spanish giants.

In an interview with El Chiringuito TV, Pérez mentioned: “Someone told him he had to go at Paris Saint-Germain… yes, Mbappé was trying but this is normal”. PSG and Liverpool wanted Tchouaméni, it’s normal to have competition. He only wanted Real Madrid”.

Pérez who spearheads the Super League project stated that the project is still very much alive.

“Yes, Super League is still alive – of course. We are on it. Champions League football for us has never been in doubt. We’ve never been worried for Real Madrid to be excluded by UEFA”, said Pérez to El Chiringuito TV.

The Real Madrid president further talked about Mbappe’s seeming betrayal by fans of the club but Pérez thought otherwise.

“Kylian Mbappé did not betray me. Mbappé told us his dream was to play for Real Madrid, many and many times. But then all changed in 15 days because of political & economical pressure. His dream had to change, so…”

Pérez was quick, however, to bemoan the influence of French President, Emmanuel Macron in convincing Mbappe to stay back at PSG while the club offered him a ridiculous deal. He also claimed that Mbappe being the project leader at PSG changed everything.

“Macron called Mbappé, it makes no sense. PSG offered him to be the leader of the project, it changed everything. I didn’t see same Kylian Mbappé that we wanted. Here, no one is bigger than Real Madrid. It won’t change”, stressed Perez.

“I think Kylian Mbappé’s mom wanted him to join Real Madrid.”, Perez continued. “She knows it has always been Kylian’s dream. I’m sure she wanted Mbappé to join us, but things change and we have to respect. I still respect Kylian, absolutely”.

Contrary to claims that there was a pre-contract between Mbappe and the 14th-time Champions League winner, Perez denied that no pre-contract or agreement with Mbappe or any member of his family was reached as they were not allowed to do that.

“We didn’t sign any pre-contract or agreement with Kylian Mbappé because it’s not regular. We’re not allowed to do that”.

Florentino Perez, however, did not rule out any future move for Mbappe. According to him, a lot could change in three years, until the contract expiration of the French forward at PSG. He mentioned that if at all a future move was possible, he would prefer the old Mbappe to the current as that was the real footballer Madrid showed interest in.

“I’ve never said it’s over between Mbappé and Real Madrid forever. I never said that. In 3 years, many things can change. But I don’t want this Mbappé. The last one is not the same Kylian we wanted. I wanted the real one”.

While Real Madrid lost out on Mbappe, Haaland signed for Manchester City, creating speculations that Madrid’s obsession with Mbappe made the club lose out on Haaland. Perez, however, claimed that Haaland was never Real Madrid’s target because Benzema was in top form and the club wouldn’t sign the Norwegian just to keep him on the bench.

“Mbappé deal didn’t create any problem with Haaland deal, absolutely. We have Benzema, so it was impossible to have him with Karim. We can’t sign Haaland to stay on the bench. Haaland is an amazing, fantastic player”.

Perez continued: “I don’t know if Erling Haaland has a release clause into his contract with Man City. I’ve seen some stories about it but I don’t have anything confirmed”. He’s a great player but we have Benzema. It wasn’t linked to Mbappé”.

The Real Madrid President excused Mbappe’s reasons for choosing PSG over Madrid but blamed President Macron for interfering in football matters.

“It was not easy for Mbappé to receive calls from the president of France… to tell you not to leave the club. Then go to Qatar and they offer things that drive you crazy, probably things out of proportion. This is why Kylian has changed”.

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