Tobi Amusan Biography & Net Worth

Name Tobi Amusan
Date of Birth April 23, 1997
Net Worth $1 Million
World Record 12.2 seconds (100-m hurdle)
State of Origin Ogun State
Birthplace Ijebu Ode
Profession Track and Field Athlete
Nationality Nigeria

Born on the 23rd of April 1997 by Mr. and Mrs. Amusan, her journey to becoming a world champion wasn’t so smooth. Mr. Amusan, her dad, was against her getting involved with sports.

But her mum saw the potential in her. She helped her by lying many times that their girl was in church when she went for practice.

Tobi is a native of Ogun state and her parents gave birth to her in Ijebu Ode. Also, she had her primary and secondary education in Ijebu Ode before moving to Texas for her tertiary education.

Discipline, patience, and perseverance are the key virtues to possess as an athlete and this wasn’t difficult for her. Tobi’s parents are teachers, and they gave her a strict and disciplined upbringing. According to her, this revolves around “eating, sleeping and reading books”.

Her full potential for track and field sport came to play when she won an inter-house 100 sprint competition. This happened when she was 15 years old. It instilled courage and love for the game and since then, Tobi began going for practice at the stadium.

Amusan Track and Field Success Record

Today, Tobi Amusan is a track and field athlete who competes in 100 meters hurdles and sprints. Her serious practices in the stadium. Plus, her mom’s white lies to her dad soon paid off; In 2013, Tobi participated in the Warri’s African Youths Championship.

Tobi Amusan won silver, and one year later, Tobi had to compete in the African Youth Games in Botswana. She encouraged herself, saying she had nothing to lose by participating in the 4×100m relay squad.

She won a silver medal again. In the 2015 African Junior Athletics Championship in Addis Ababa, Tobi walked home with a gold medal.

Proceeding to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), in 2016, Tobi continues to make her country proud. She won several medals, thus becoming the second athlete to earn the title C-USA female track athlete of the year. The medals include.

  • Gold medal in both 100 and 200 meters.

  • Silver medal in the long jump.

Amusan’s Career Challenges

Every athlete encounter challenge in their career, and Tobi wasn’t an exception. In 2013. Tobi got nominated for the world athletics U18 championship in Donetsk, Ukraine for a 200m semi-finals. The story soon changed, and they disqualified her due to a slim breach of law.

In 2019, she emerged fourth at the world athletics championship; the same thing happened at the 2020 Olympics. However, her perseverance regardless of the difficulties and set back soon paved the way for her.

Come 2021, this resilient athlete emerged winner at the Zurich Diamond League event with 12.42s. This makes her the first Nigerian athlete to win a diamond league medal.

Achievements at the 2022 World Athletics Championship

Amusan won the 2022 Diamond League competition in Paris. Thereby setting an African record by 0.01s with a timing of 12.41s.

Moving forward, at the 2022 African Championships. She successfully defended her title and won gold in the 100-meter hurdles in Mauritius with a time of 12.57 seconds. Additionally, she participated in the women’s 4100m and took first place with a gold medal.

Tobi competed in a Diamond League meet later and placed second with a timing of 12.60 seconds. Thus, trailing only Olympic champion Jasmine Camacho-Quinn.

Amusan entered the 2022 World Athletics Championships as a medal hopeful. She broke her previous record by 0.01s during the heats, with a 12.40-second African record.

During the semifinals, she established a new world record of 12.12s. She did this by beating her previous best time once more in the championship race, finishing in 12.06 seconds.

Though (2.5 m/s wind assisted and not a valid world record). Today she’s been celebrated all over as a star. Tobi is third in the world behind Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (12.37s) and Alaysha Johnson (12.40s).

Tobi Athletic Lineage

Although her parents are practicing the teaching profession today, they’ve always been involved with athletics. Her father was a volleyball star in Ogun state during his prime.

While her mum was an excellent sprinter during her university days. Sadly, one day, her mum sustained an injury after a match and the authorities turned a blind eye to her. It is rumored that this is the reason Tobi’s dad was against her interest in athletics.

Tobi Amusan Net Worth

Tobi Amusan is a Nigerian-born track and field athlete from Ogun State who holds the world record for the 100-meter hurdle with a time of 12.12 seconds and has a net worth of $1 million.

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