Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Nigeria 


At some point in our lives, we need a form of structure for different purposes. It could be a home to live in, a shop for business or even hostel for accommodation for a little duration. While searching for properties to buy, some people get duped of their savings while some who were successful in the quest do not receive satisfaction on what they acquired.

Instead, they encounter so many problems like, land grabbers problem, leaking house or roof, poor terrain and a host of other problems that might not even be able to describe.

In order to solve this menace and enable people get value for their money, a set of people began to establish real estate agencies and companies. They specialize in providing excellent means of browsing through a lot of properties for clients to choose from.

They also purchase land and develop it into a wide range of properties such as apartments, shops, office spaces and other forms of properties. Sometimes, they help property owners find clients to lease or sell them to. In order to be sure, the estate agent or company is real, you can simply check if they are registered.

Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Nigeria

With real estate agents, property acquisition is a breeze either you need it for short term or long-term purpose. However, there are lots of real estate agents in Nigeria, but few have proved themselves trustworthy, efficient and more than ready to find you your dream property. Here are some of the top, most popular real estate agents or agencies in Nigeria.

10. Knight Frank Nigeria

Knight Frank was founded in 1965 and has its headquarters in Lagos. The company is a part of the largest independent residential and commercial property consultant in the world, Knight Frank LLP. They work closely with owners, developers and investors to provide high standard services to their clients. They also partner with top property management companies to ensure that customers get the appropriate satisfaction they deserve for their money.

9. Primose Development Company

Primose development company is a popular property development company that has been in existence for over thirty years now. The company was formed when two organizations; Primose properties investment limited (PPIL) and City securities limited merged into a single company. The company also has partnership with Gem group UK and together they own one of the largest construction companies in sub-Saharan Africa. Their services include, real estate development, consultancy services, engineering and construction, sale of properties and a host of others.

8. Broll Property Services

Broll property Group was founded in 1975 with current headquarters in Lagos. They help developers and investors to identify potential sites to develop into estate and other forms of properties. They also offer a wide range of services to customers such as commercial broking, corporate real estate services, research, property leasing, consultancy services, residential estate management, industrial and investment broking.

7. Chaman Properties

Chaman properties is another popular estate agent in Nigeria. The company prides itself as a world class real estate marketing consulting firm. Their workers make it their top priority to provide one stop solutions to their clients and consumers’ needs. They are known for their high-quality standards which ensure transparent property transactions. The company provides leasing services, sales, letting and property management services.

6. Giselle Homes Limited

Gissele homes is a private real estate company headquartered in Lagos. The real estate company is one of the effective and reliable anyone can find in Nigeria. They offer services like property purchase and sale, property planning and development, land matters consultancy, property leasing, project management and maintenance including other estate services.

5. Dupine Properties

Dupine properties is one of the leading real estate agents in Nigeria. They specialize in providing commercial and residential real estate services to both businesses and individuals. Their top priority is ensuring that customers get value for their money, whether it is a bought house, leased land or other forms of real estate services. They are known for their various services among which are property valuation, property development, buying and selling of properties.

4. Kings Court Realtors

Kings court realtors is a very popular name in the real estate business. They are known for offering advice on searching, investing, buying, marketing and selling of residential properties of all forms in all parts of Nigeria and even the international world. They also work with leading developers, property owners and investors to acquire only the best properties to ensure clients’ needs are met.

3. Landmark Corporate Liability Limited

Landmark corporate liability limited is a real estate developer and investment company. They provide the skills, services and systems needed to maintain properties to their highest quality and standard. The company operates a good efficiency system to ensure that customers get whatever they need within a short time. The company also ensures that customers priority is placed above any other factor to ensure a strong foundation is built with them and business can be repeated, and referrals made.

2. Adron Homes and Properties

With total focus on ensuring customers satisfaction through the provision of affordable and quality real estate services, Adron homes and properties cannot but be named in a list of top estate agents in Nigeria. With the slogan, making the incredible affordable, Adron homes and properties is known for living up to their slogan. The company was founded in 2012 by Aare Adetola Emmanuel King from ground zero to become a multi-billion-naira real estate company and one of the leading estate agents in Nigeria. Through their discount real estate services, a lot of Nigerians who never believed they could become landowners now live in their homes with comfort.

1. Jide Taiwo and Co Real Estate

Jide Taiwo and co is one of the oldest real estate agents in Nigeria. It was founded by the corporate affairs commission in 1980. It is a firm of professional estate surveyors and valuers. The company offers a range of professional services, such as property valuation for mortgage, insurance, financial reports, sale and purchase of property, property leasing, property management, facility management and general estate consultancy. They have a valuation advisory team that delivers accurate and fast valuation services that are recognized in the international market.

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