10 Tribes With Expensive Bride Prices in Nigeria  

It is a common knowledge that Nigerians spend massively on weddings. It means a lot when an individual gets married. A popular saying even states that of the three ceremonies performed because of a person; naming, wedding and burial, it is only during a wedding ceremony that one is conscious. This is why families and individuals do all it takes to throw a a lavish party even if it means taking a loan.

Before a wedding ceremony can occur, family of the groom must give gift items like foodstuff and fruits to the bride’s family according to their specifications. A certain sum of money would also be levied on the bride by her family to be paid by the groom. This money is called the bride price and it often determines the worth of the bride.

Some cultures believe it is a form of appreciation by the groom to the bride’s family for taking care of her up till the time of the groom’s arrival into the picture. This belief has brought about the demand of outrageous amount of money by the bride’s family under the pretense of collecting bride price, leaving many men in neck-deep debts and others with the phobia for getting married. For the record, you may want to see the 10 tribes with the cheapest bride prices in Nigeria.

10 Tribes With The Most Expensive Bride Prices in Nigeria

Here is a list of tribes with the most expensive bride prices in Nigeria:

10. Efik

The Efik tribe is located in southern Nigeria and can be found in present day cross river and Akwa Ibom states. Bride price paid during a marriage ceremony here is expensive and paid to three people: the bride’s father, bride’s mother and the bride herself. They believe it is necessary for the bride to be paid so as to tighten the ties between the couple.

9. Ngwo

Ngwo is a tribe located in Enugu in southern Nigeria. It is believed in this tribe that the groom’s only responsibility to the bride’s family is a financial one. Hence, they demand what could be enough to start a very lucrative business as bride price. This is why it is a common sight to see women matured enough to marry languishing in their fathers’ houses because they are unable to find a man to bear the burden of paying a high bride price.

8. Nkpa

The Nkpa people are found in Abia State in Bende local government.  Bride price in this tribe is determined by the ethnicity of the groom. It is lower for indigenes and extremely high for non-indigenes. The groom is also expected to buy household gadgets for the bride’s parent and gift items for all the members of the bride’s community.

7. Mbaise

Mbaise tribe is found in Imo state, a state known for demanding high bride price. The bride price in mbaise is determined by the educational qualifications of the bride. The gift items listed in a mbaise marriage list could cost as high as 200,000 NGN. The groom would also be asked to pay some ridiculous fees like questioning fee, youth fee and others in addition to the bride price.

6. Ikwerre

The Ikwerre people are a member of the igbo sub-groups inhabiting Rivers state. The bride price for a lady from Ikwerre is considered high and can cost about 500,000 NGN to N700,000.

5. Bororo

Bororo is a tribe of nomadic people like the Fulanis and located in Adamawa state. Being a nomadic tribe, wealth of a man is measured by the number of cattle he has. This also applies to marriage and a groom is expected to bring between 10 to 50 live cows as payment for bride price.

4. Okrika

The Okrika tribe is also found in Rivers state in southern Nigeria. In the aspect of marriage, the okrika tribe has sparked a lot of conversations on the issue of bride price. For a groom taking a bride from an Okrika family, he is expected to pay about 400,000 NGN to the bride’s father alone, N250,000 to N300,000 to the bride’s mother and also give other family members specified amount of money.

3. Ogoja

The Ogoja tribe is found in a prominent town called Ogoja, located in cross river state with supposed migration from Zululand in Eastern Africa. It is a major trade centre in the state and have their cultural heritage tied to their traditions and beliefs. This is why it is considered a norm for the bride’s family to demand bride price and gift items that can run into a million naira.

2. Kalabari

Kalabari is an ethnic group in rivers state. Although they are well educated and civilized, the Kalabari people still practice ancient traditions taught by their ancestors. Their marriage ceremony can last one or two weeks with a series of activities depending on the family. The groom is expected to spend money to show how responsible he is. The marriage list can go as long as five to ten pages and the bride price which can be up to one million naira is then placed in a pot and given to the women in the bride’s family because only the women conduct the activity of demanding and collecting bride price.

1. Annang

Located in Akwa Ibom state, Annang is the second largest ethnic group in the state. Annang boasts of a preserved culture that adds colour to their marriage ceremonies.  In this tribe, the groom would be asked to pay exorbitant bride prices in addition to several gift items and if any of the demands are not met, the bride would not be released to the groom.

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