Ukraine military claims Russia will attack Sloviansk

Vadym Liakh, the head of the Russian city’s military administration, has stated that Russia is likely to launch an offensive against Sloviansk.

He went on to say that Ukrainian forces are currently holding back Russian troops on the Siverskyi Donets river.

“Probably, they will [attack Sloviansk]. Probably, that is why the incoming hits have become more frequent,” Liakh said Wednesday, according to CNN.

“I think that as soon as the enemy is able to carry out assault operations, it will begin the destruction of the infrastructure and the city itself.”

The military chief went on to say that the frontline is now along the Siverskyi Donets river, a “natural obstacle” that Russia has yet to overcome.

According to him, many fortifications were built near Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, making it possible for Ukrainian troops “to restrain the enemy for 4 months.”

So far, Russian forces have been stationed by the Siverskyi Donets river for a month, which he believes will continue. However, the civilian population will be shelled more frequently.”

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