130+ Urhobo Names for Girls and Their Meanings


Looking for a befitting Urhobo name for your little princess? We are more than happy to help!

The Urhobo people make up the majority of Delta State’s ethnic population in southern Nigeria. Because it is widely believed that a child’s fate is closely related to his or her name, Urhobo parents take great care while naming their children.

Their traditional religion regards Ọghẹnẹ as the All-Powerful God and Erivwin as the Cult of the Ancestors and Forefathers (Esemo and Iniemo). The physical body (Ugboma) and the spiritual body (or spirit man), according to the Urhobos, are two separate entities that make up every human (Erhi). Prior to a man’s incarnation into the world, the Erhi (spirit man) determines his destiny and how it will be fulfilled. The man’s general wellbeing (ufuoma) is likewise under the jurisdiction of Erhi.

The Urhobo people’s beliefs are all reflected in their names, which have a significant spiritual or religious connotation. The majority of Urhobo names also allude to a person’s wealth, place of birth, local climate, resources, and color. Here are 180+ Urhobo names for boys and their meanings.

All of these are included in our list. Pick a name for your baby girl from the extensive list provided below:

130+ Urhobo Names for Girls and Their Meanings

Aghogho Joy
Akpenvwoghene Praise God
Akpobume My own life
Akporvwovwo Good life in later years
Anaborhi Born with good destiny
Asaroyoma Comfort zones
Avwunudiogba Those who profess strength with mere talk
Avwunufe Wealthy only by mouth, not substance
Edeki Market day
Edidjana Sunday
Edore Day of festivity(festival)
Eduvie Day of Glory
Efediome Let riches be mine
Efekodo Famous with wealth
Efemena Here is my wealth
Efemena Here is my wealth
Efetobo wealth is achieved
Efeturi There are more than 100 types of riches
Efevwerha Wealth is joyful
Efurhievwe Destined to be wealthy
Eghwrudjakpor I have come to stay
Eguono Love
Ejaita Let them say
Ejiroghene Praise God
Ejokparoghene Let us trust in God
Ejomafuvwe Let peace reign in my life
Ejoyovwi Let it be a success
Elohor/Enohor Blessing
Emarejedje The elderly also run for life
Emetemedia I will always remain a lady
Emeterhire Girls have arrived
Emuobosa Your own thing is precious
Emuvoke Everything has time
Enajemete These are also girls
Enita Watch what you say
Enitekiru Think before you act
Enivwenaye Compare my achievements with those of my detractors
Erhimeyoma My God is good
Erhinyoja God meets our challenges/ hears our prayers
Erhinyuse God answers prayers
Erhioghene The spirit of God
Erhuvwun Beauty
Erukainure We have aided them
Eseoghene God’s gift
Esereshareberuo men are hard to please
Eserovwe God’s grace/ Free gift
Esisorigho Bag of money
Etanomare Freed from blame
Etarakpobuno The world has so much to say
Ighofose Money can break close relationships
Ighofovwe Wealth suites me
Ighohwo Riches make you human
Iminiovwerha There’s joy in having blood relations
Iniovosa Siblings are unique
Irorokpaka Deep thoughts
Isio Stars
Miriodere I now have a name
Mitaire I have achieved their match
Mivwodere I now have a name
Norioghene Look at God’s judgement
Obatere Destiny
Obiebi Dark
Oborerhinrin It’s your destiny
Odavwaro I am contented
Odibo Disciple/Servant
Odirin Patience
Ododo Red
Ofuafo White
Ofuako One with white teeth
Oghenebrume God decided in my favour
Oghenechovwe God aided me
Oghenefejiro God is praiseworthy
Oghenegaren God is great
Oghenekevwe God gave me
Oghenekohwo God provides
Ogheneme My God
Oghenemine I look up to God
Oghenenyerhovwo God answers prayers
Oghenenyore God answers prayers
Ogheneochuko God provides my support
Oghenerhoro God makes all things possible
Ogheneruemu God makes all things possible
Oghenerukevwe God did this for me
Ogheneruno God has so much
Oghenetega God is worthy to be worshipped
Oghenevwede God owns the day
Oghenevwogagan God provides all my strength
Oghomena Here is my respect
Oghonoro Respect is greater than riches
Ohwevwo Good human relationship provides valuable support
Ojanomare I have met the challenge
Okeroghene God’s own time
Okiremute There’s time for everything
Okpako Senior
Okposio Heavy Rain
Omafuvwe I am at peace
Omarmerhi Good God
Omenasan Mine is unique
Omodibo Young disciple/servant
Omoefe Child is wealth
Omonigho Child is greater than riches
Omonoro Child is greater than gold
Omonoro A child is greater than gold
Omote Girl
Omotejohwo A girl is also a human being
Omoteko Girl born in Lagos
Omotekoro A girl is like Gold
Omotore Birth of a girl brings festivity
Omotughele Girl from ughelli
Omotukane Girl born in the Diaspora
Omovigho Child brings wealth
Omoyibo Little fair person
Onajite This is sufficient
Onajite This is sufficient
Onakpoma Who creates life?
Onanefe This child is greater than riches
Onofeghara Who shares his wealth with others
Onoharhese Who blames good deeds
Onomavwe Who is my creator?
Onome This is mine
Onomine Whom do I look up to?
Onoriode Who knows tomorrow
Onovughakpor Who can predict what life can bring?
Orodena The great one
Osio Rain
Otevwobrise It’s sufficient to make parables
Oviereya Queen
Ovigueraye Everyone with his/her own destiny
Ovuevuraye Everyone has his/ her own mind
Oyabevwe Tired of sojourn
Oyibo Fair skinned
Oyovwikemo May our children be blessed
Oyovwikerhi May my God be blessed
Ufuoma Peace of mind
Ughwubetine No more deaths
Umukoko Young woman
Umuto Woman
Uruemuesiri Good deeds

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