Top 10 Ways To Make Money In Nigeria Easily 


Gone are the days when citizens do not have to worry about how to make money. It was simply the job of the government to would ensure that the citizens were gainfully employed upon graduation from school. Those times seem like an illusion that has faded especially with the current economic situation in the country. With a recession ripping through the economy and things turning even worse, there seem to be no hope for Nigeria.

This is why many Nigerians have taken it upon themselves to create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for the government to create one for them. To earn money in Nigeria through other means apart from being a civil servant used to be very hard, but thanks to technology and Internet, everything is now very easy. If you are looking for ways to make money in Nigeria easily and be free from the shackles of poverty, then this article is for you.

Top 10 Ways To Make Money In Nigeria Easily

One thing about earning money is that you need money to make more money, either to purchase goods for a business, purchase a course or to invest, money is required. This is why it is never possible to earn money without spending first. If you are ready to battle poverty, along with your money, here are top ten ways to earn money.

 1. Crypto Trading

Crypto trading might be a very risky and unpredictable business to go into, but those that know the nitty-gritty of the game are swimming in profits. During crypto trading, you need to know when to step into the market and when to step out. You can learn all these including how to earn money if you take a course or learn from a mentor.

2. Sell Data And Airtime

Just like oxygen is to human being, data performs the same purpose in the online space. It is like the oxygen that keeps it alive. An average Nigerian spends about 1000 naira on data every week with airtime exempted. This shows that data and airtime is in high demand in Nigeria. If your data and airtime is sold at a cheaper price, you will gain even more patronage leading to more profit.

3. Sell Clothes

Clothes is one of the necessities required by every living being. Whether to cover the nakedness, protect against harsh weather conditions, or to celebrate joyous occasions, clothes is always needed. This is why clothes selling is a very lucrative business to go into. You can decide to buy bulk clothes in local markets in popular areas like Aba, Ibadan and Lagos, repackage them and sell to people.

4. Become a YouTuber

One of the foremost ways of earning money online without expending much energy is YouTube. All you need is to select a niche, create a YouTube channel and upload videos. You can also make videos on things you know how to do best. As people watch the videos, like and subscribe to the channel, you get paid in dollars. You can also earn money from brand sponsorships and affiliate commissions. If you wish to go into YouTubing, you do not need to spend much only that you will need to work hard to grow your channel.

5. Become a Blogger

Blogging is a means through which you can earn money online. People search for information every hour and you can provide it for them through your blog. When people visit the blog and traffic is generated, the blog can be monetized with ads network, such as; google AdSense, native advertisements, etc. As a blogger, you need to be patient and consistent as the journey might not be easy. To become a blogger, you will need to select a niche and build extensively around it.

6. Freelancing

Freelancing works for just any online skill, be it Copywriting, graphics design, UI/UX design, website creation and design, virtual assistance and so on. These skills are needed for a one time deal which is why the clients are usually willing to pay high. So many Nigerians have made a career out of freelancing and you can too. All you need is a highly sought after skill, Internet connection and an account with any freelancing site.

7. Online Publishing

Publishing a book offline requires a lot of effort and hardwork. At the end, the author might not even earn much like he wished. But, what if I told you that you can publish your books on online publishing sites? Yes, it’s possible. You can publish your fictional books, non fictional books, ideas, stories and projects on sites like amazon kdp store, okadabooks, Goodreads, Gumroad, Udemy, Expernaire, among others.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever thought of making money just by referring people to buy a product? This is what affiliate marketing is all about. Prior to the sale, the seller of the product would have agreed with the affiliate on a fixed commission to be paid when a buyer buys through the affiliates link. The amazing thing about affiliate marketing is that you continue to make money several decades later as long as people continue to click and buy through your link.

9. Tutoring

One thing about knowledge is that it is highly sought after. Even if you only have the knowledge of how to make the teeth whiter, people will always be willing to pay. Some people even take a course and instead of implementing it, they start tutoring people because they understand that they can make more money from teaching than practicing. You can decide to be a virtual/online tutor, home tutor, or organize physical tutorials for Nigerian students.

10. Become a Photographer

Photography in Nigeria is a very lucrative skill that has even been taken to the next level. There is no weekend that parties are not held, which is a place photographers get clients. Also, people celebrate birthdays everyday and majority of them have photoshoots. Passports is another thing that is in high demand. All these makes photography very profitable. All that is required is a camera or a smartphone with a good camera, photo editing skills, and photo printer.

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