180+ Yoruba Names for Boys and Their Meanings


Do you like a classic name like Ademola or a contemporary name like Iteoluwakiishi or Oluwafifehansimi? Regardless of your preferences, we have the ideal name for your young Yoruba prince.

The predominant ethnic Yoruba people of Southwestern and North Central Nigeria, as well as Southern and Central Benin, name their infants seven days after birth, in accordance with Yoruba tradition.

In the past, a group of Babalawos (traditional Ifa priests) would undertake divination to choose a name that symbolized the child’s future, and that name would then be chosen. But nowadays, parents, grandparents, or other close relatives choose names for children, taking into account the circumstances of the child’s birth.

In Yoruba culture, Oríkì (praise poetry) names are very prevalent. These are names that parents give their children to convey their delight in the contribution the child has made to the family or to conjure great qualities they believe the child was born with due to ancestry.

Our collection of Yoruba names for boys includes traditional, uncommon, modern, and current names as well as some sentences because Yoruba parents are getting more inventive with names. For the record, some of these names are unisex (given to both male and female), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a girl is called by a name that stands out to you on our list! Here are 240+ Yoruba names for girls and their meanings.

180+ Yoruba Names for Boys and Their Meanings

Abimbola One who is born with wealth
Abiodun One who is born during festivity
Abiola Wealth has been born
Abioye Born into royalty
Abitoluwa Born as God's own
Ade Crown
Adebayo The crown has met with joy
Adebimpe The Crown is complete
Adebisi We added to the crown.
Adebola the crown meets with wealth
Adebowale The crown has come home
Adeboye The crown has brought title
Adedamola The crown has mixed with wealth
Adedayo The crown has turned to joy
Adedeji The crown has become two
Adegoke The crown has been exalted
Adekola The crown brings wealth
Adekunle Crowns have filled the house
Adelaja The King settled this fight
Adeleke The crown stays above
Adelomo The crown has a child
Adelowo The crown has honour
Ademola The crown fits wealth
Adeniyi The crown is honour
Adenrele The crown is going home
Adenuga The crown owns the palace
Adepoju Crowns are excessive
Adesoji The crown is revived
Adesola The crown makes wealth
Adetokunbo The crown arrives from abroad
Adetola A crown equals wealth
Adewale The crown has come home
Adewunmi I cherish the crown
Adeyemi I am befitting of the crown
Adeyinka I am surrounded by the crown
Afolabi Born into wealth
Akande First born
Akinkunmi Full of valour, heroism or bravery
Akintoye Valiance equals wealth
Akinwale Valiance returns home
Akinyemi Valiance befits me
Alaba The fourth child in a quadruplet
Anjolaoluwa We are enjoying the goodness of the Lord
Anuoluwapo God is merciful
Araloluwa God's wonders
Araoluwakiitan God's wonders are endless
Aremo First male child of a king/ Heir to the throne
Aremu First male child
Ayanfeoluwa God's beloved
Ayobami Joy meets with me
Ayobintan Joy gave birth to this
Ayodele Joy has come home
Ayomide My joy has arrived
Ayomiposi  My joy has increased
Ayoola The joy of wealth
Ayooluwa The joy of the Lord
Ayooluwakiitan The joy of the Lord is endless
Ayorinsola Joy walked into wealth
Ayowumi I desire joy
Babalola Father is wealth
Babatunde/Babajide Father has returned/Father has arisen
Babawale Father has come home
Bamidele Follow me home
Bayiloluwato This is how great the Lord is
Bikoseoluwa If not for God
Boluwatifenisola God handles his grace/goodness as he pleases
Boluwatitololae God's goodness/grace is as big/mighty as he is
Diekoolaoluwatimojogun I inherited plenty of God's wealth
Durodola Wait for wealth
Ebunoluwa God's gift
Eniobafe  The one the King loves
Eniola A person of wealth
Erioluwa God's testimony/God's affirmation
Erioluwape God's testimony is perfect
Eyitayo Sufficient cause for joy
Eyitomilayo This is enough for me to rejoice
Fiyinfoluwa Give praise to God
Ibukunoluwa God's blessings
Idowu The third of a triplet or quadruplet
Idunnuola God's happiness
Ifedayo Love turns to joy
Ifeoluwa God's love
Igbayinniayomisesebe My joy has just begun
Ilerioluwa God's promise
Inioluwa God's heritage
Ireoluwa God's goodness
Iretioluwa God's hope
Iseoluwa God's work
Iteoluwakiishi The throne of God never fades/ cannot be moved
Iyanuoluwa God's miracle or wonder
Iyinoluwa The prestige that comes with wealth
Jesufikunayomi Jesus added to my joy
Jesufiolawemi  Jesus bathed me with wealth
Jesuloba Jesus is king
Jesuloluwa Jesus is Lord
Maseso Be fruitful
Mobolaji I woke up with wealth
Mobolarinwa I walk with wealth
Mosadioluwa I ran to God (to shield me)
Motosinoluwa I am capable of serving God
Obaloluwa Jesus is King
ObanlaniJesu Jesus is a great King
Ogooluwa Glory of God
Ojumirayo My eyes see joy
Okanlanwon Only male child
Oladayo Wealth turns to joy
Olafimihan Wealth has revealed me/ Wealth shows me off
Oladimeji Wealth has doubled
Olamide My wealth has arrived
Olamilekan My wealth has increased
Olamiposi My wealth has increased/multiplied
Olanrewaju My wealth progresses
Olaoluwadotun  God's wealth is renewed
Olaoluwatayo God's wealth/riches sprung forth
Olaoluwatomijogun The wealth of God is enough inheritance for me
Olasupo Wealth comes together
Oludemilade God has crowned me
Olufemi God Loves me
Olujimi Gift from God
Olukayode God brings happiness
Olusesan God has rewarded me
Oluwabamigbe God is living with me
Oluwabunkunmi Bless me oh lord
Oluwadabiraninuayemi God performed wonders in my life
Oluwadamilare Vindicate me oh lord/ God vindicated me
Oluwadamilola God has made wealth for me
Oluwadaramisi God is good to me/God has been good to me
Oluwadaraolafunmi God blessed me wonderfully
Oluwademiladeola God crowned me with wealth
Oluwadetan God has finally arrived
Oluwadumininu God made me happy
Oluwadunsin God is worthy of our adoration
Oluwadurotimi God is with me
Oluwaferanmi God loves me
Oluwafeyikemi God has used this to pamper me
Oluwafeyisayomi God made this my joy
Oluwafifehansimi God showed me love
Oluwafifekemi God pampers me with love
Oluwafikayomi God has added to my joy
Oluwafikunfemi God has added more love to my love
Oluwafisayomi God added to my joy
Oluwafolajimi God has blessed me with wealth
Oluwagbenga God lifted me up
Oluwagbohunmi God heard me
Oluwagbotemi God has heard me/ God hears me
Oluwajomiloju God amazed me
Oluwajuedalo God is greater than any human
Oluwakanyinsola God has added sweetness to my wealth
Oluwakayode The Lord has brought joy
Oluwakorede The Lord has brought goodness
Oluwale Wealth has arrived
Oluwanifemi God loves me
Oluwanimoduroti I stand with God
Oluwansebebeninuayemi God is doing wonders in my life
Oluwapamilerin God has caused me to laugh
Oluwarotimi God lives with me
Oluwasayomipe God perfected my joy
Oluwasegun God is victorious
Oluwasegunotafunmimoyoninure God conquers my enemies and I bask in Him
Oluwasemilore God did me a favour
Oluwaseun Thanks be to God
Oluwaseunbabarafunmi God did a miraculous thing for me
Oluwaseunbabaralaiyemi God did a miraculous thing in my life
Oluwaseyi God did this
Oluwaseyifunmi God did this for me
Oluwatimileyin God is my backbone; God is my support
Oluwatisetemilasepe  The Lord has perfected all that is mine
Oluwatobi God is great
Oluwatofunmi God is sufficient for me
Oluwatomisona The Lord guides my path
Oluwatoni God is sufficient for me
Oluwatoosaba God is enough to run to (for rescue)
Oluwatoromo God is good to rely on.
Oluwatosin God is worthy to be served
Oluwatoyin God is worthy to be praised
Oluwayemisi God honours me
Omobolanle The child met wealth at home
Opeyimi Praise surrounds me
Oyebanji/Oyebamiji Royalty/Chieftain awakens with me
Oyediran Royalty/Chieftain is hereditary
Oyelakin Royalty/Chieftain is valour
Oyelowo Royalty/Chieftain commands respect
Oyindamola Sweetness mixes with wealth
Sijuade Eyes on the crown
Sijuwola Eyes on wealth
Taiwo/Taiye The first born or eldest of a twin
Temitope My circumstances are worth thanking God for
Titobilioluwa God is big/great
Toluwanimi I belong with God
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