240+ Yoruba Names for Girls and Their Meaning


Looking for an adorable name for your gorgeous little Yoruba princess? Look no further, we’ve got you!

The predominant ethnic Yoruba people of Southwestern and North Central Nigeria, as well as Southern and Central Benin, name their infants seven days after birth, in accordance with Yoruba tradition.

In the past, a group of Babalawos (traditional Ifa priests) would undertake divination to choose a name that symbolized the child’s future, and that name would then be chosen. But nowadays, parents, grandparents, or other close relatives choose names for children, taking into account the circumstances of the child’s birth.

In Yoruba culture, Oríkì (praise poetry) names are very prevalent. These are names that parents give their children to convey their delight in the contribution the child has made to the family or to conjure great qualities they believe the child was born with due to ancestry.

Our collection of Yoruba names for boys includes traditional, uncommon, modern, and current names as well as some sentences because Yoruba parents are getting more inventive with names. For the record, some of these names are unisex (given to both male and female), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a boy is called by a name that stands out to you on our list! Here are 180+ Yoruba names for boys and their meanings.

240+ Yoruba Names for Girls and Their Meaning

Aanuoluwakiishi God’s mercy never fades or can’t be removed
Abeni We asked for her, and here she is
Abifoluwa Born for God
Abimbola Born into wealth
Abiodun Born during a festive period
Abioye Born into royalty
Abisola Born into a wealthy family
Abosede Born on the first day of the week
Adebimpe The crown gave birth to me
Adebisi We’ve added to the crown
Adebola The crown meets with wealth
Adeboye The crown has brough title
Adedamola The crown is mixed with wealth
Adedayo The crown becomes joy
Adelola The crown brings honour
Ademuyiwa The crown brought this
Adenike The crown needs to be pampered
Adeola Crown of wealth
Adepeju The crown is full of honour
Aderonke The crown has something to pamper
Adesanya Reward my suffering
Adesewa The crown makes beauty
Adesola The crown makes wealth
Adetoke The crown should be handled honourably
Adetola The crown is the worthy of wealth
Adetutu The crown is soothing/gentle
Adewemimo The crown washed me clean
Adewunmi I am desirous of the crown
Adeyemi I am worthy of the crown
Adunni One who is sweet to have
Aduragbemi prayer favoured me/ lifted me
Akanni The first one
Akintoye Strength is enough title
Anjolaifeoluwa I am enjoying the love of God
Anrolaoluwayo We are seeing the Lord’s goodness and rejoicing
Anuoluwabamise The mercy of God has done it for me
Anuoluwadamisi God’s mercy kept me
Anuoluwakiishi  The mercy of God never moves/fades
Anuoluwapo/Anuoluwaposi God is merciful
Araoluwa Wonder of God
Araoluwanimi I am God’s wonder
Atinuke Taken care of from conception
Atofarati Dependable/ The one you can lean on
Ayanfeoluwanimi I am God’s beloved
Ayodapomope Joy mixed with thanksgiving
Ayodele Joy has come home
Ayokunumi I am overwhelmed with joy
Ayomide My joy has arrived
Ayoola The joy of wealth
Ayooluwa The joy of the lord
Ayotola Joy is enough wealth
Ayotundun Joy is sweet
Ayowumi I love joy
Boluwatife As God wants it
Digiola Mirror of wealth/ Reflection of wealth
Ebunifewamiri God’s gift of love found me
Ebunoluwa Gift of God
Eniola A person of wealth
Ereadura Reward of prayers
Eriadurami Testimony of my prayer
Eriayomi My testimony of joy
Eriifeoluwasimi Proof/Evidence of God’s love to me
Erimipe My testimony is complete
Erinkansilemi Laughter landed in my home
Erioluwa Testimony of God
Ewaoluwa Beauty of God
Ewatomi Beauty is enough
Eyitayo Sufficient cause for joy
Eyitomilayo This is enough for me to rejoice
Eyiwunmimitoluwasefunmi I like this particular thing the Lord did for me
Fadekemi Pamper me with wealth
Fadesewa The Lord has beautified me with crown
Fadesike The Lord has beautified me with honour
Fadesope The Lord has beautified me with thanks
Fiyinfoluwa Praise God
Folakemi Pamper me with wealth
Folashade Use wealth as a crown
Gbemisola Carry/lift me unto wealth
Ibukunoluwa God’s blessing
Idunnuola Happiness
Ifedayo Love becomes joy
Ifeoluwa Love of God
Ifeoluwakofimisile God’s love has never departed from me/ left me
Ikeoluwa The care of God
Ilerioluwa Promise
Inioluwa Property of God/ God’s heritage
Irekanmi Good things come to me
Irekitan Good things/deeds will not finish
Ireoluwa God’s goodness
Ireoluwatomiwa God’s goodness comes to me
Iretiola Anticipation of wealth
Iretioluwa God’s hope
Iseoluwa Work of God
Iteoluwa Altar/throne of God
Itunuoluwa Comfort of God
Iyalomowun  The mother cherishes the child
Iyanuayo A marvelous joy
Iyanuoluwa mercy of God
Iyin Praise
Iyinoluwa God’s praise
Kasopefoluwa Let’s give praise/ thanks to the lord
kikelomo A child is meant to be pampered
Kikiogoluwa Full of God’s glory
kikiolaoluwanimoje It’s only the grace of God I received
kikiopefoluwa It’s only thanks to God
Mobolade I came with wealth
Mobolaji I woke up with wealth
Mobolarinwa I walk in with wealth
Mofarayolaoluwa I rub in God’s wealth
Mofeoluwa  I love God
Mofeyisopefoluwa  I thank God with this
Mogbadunolajesu  I am enjoying the wealth or goodness of God
Mojirola I woke up to wealth
Mojisola Wake up to wealth
Mololuwatonjoba I have a God that reigns
Momoreoluwa I know God’s goodness
Momoririoluwa I know the worth or importance of God
Monifa I am lucky
Moraanugba I obtained mercy
Morayo I see joy
Morenike I have found a person to pamper
Morianuoluwa I see God’s mercy
Morireoluwa  I see God’s goodness
Morireoluwagbanilealaaye I received the goodness of God on earth/ in the land of the living
Morotolaoluwa  I see the wealth of God
Morounranti  I see something to remember
Mosinmileoluwa  I rest on God
Mosopefoluwa  l give thanks to God
Motunrayo I have seen joy once again
Moyinoluwa I praise God
Moyosooretoluwasefunmi I rejoice to the goodness of God/ God’s gift to me
Moyosooretoluwaseninuayemi I enjoy the good that the lord did in my life
Ninioluwalere Having God pays
Ododo Flower
Odunayo Year of joy
Odunola Year of wealth
Ogooluwa Glory of God
Ogooluwatomiwa God’s glory comes to me
Ojumiriireoluwa My eyes see the goodness of God
Ojumitirireoluwa My eyes have seen the goodness of God
Oladayo Wealth becomes joy
Olajumoke Wealth unites to pamper
Olamide My wealth has come
Olaoluwatomi God’s wealth is enough for me
Ololade A wealthy person has arrived
Olubunmi Gift of God
Oluwabukunmi God blesses me
Oluwabusayo God adds to joy
Oluwabusola God  adds to wealth
Oluwadabira God has done wonders
Oluwadamifunre God created me for his goodness
Oluwadamilola God makes me wealthy
Oluwadarasimi God is good to me
Oluwadunbarin It is such a joy to walk with God
Oluwadunsin It is sweet to serve God
Oluwaferanmi God likes me
Oluwafiebunifesetojumisibe God’s gift of love still preserves me
Oluwafifehanmi God showed me love
Oluwafiirekanmi God touched me with goodness
Oluwafukunremi  God added to my goodness
Oluwafunke God gave me to pamper
Oluwafunmilayo God gave me joy
Oluwafunmilola God gave me wealth
Oluwagbohunmi God heard my voice
Oluwajomiloju God has surprised me
Oluwajomilojupupo The Lord has greatly surprised me
Oluwakanyinsinuolami God added honey to my wealth
Oluwalanumi God is so merciful to me
Oluwalonimi I belong to God/ God’s property
Oluwamakinwa God’s goodness
Oluwamayomikun God has completed  my joy
Oluwamayowa God’s mercy
Oluwamumibori  God made me an overcomer
Oluwamumirayomi God has made me witness my joy
Oluwamurewa God has brought goodness
Oluwaniewami God is my beauty
Oluwanikayin Our praise should be unto God
Oluwapemisayo Lord called me to happiness
Oluwapemisere Lord called me to goodness
Oluwarogbayimika God built an edge around me
Oluwasemilogo God has given me glory
Oluwasemiyefunogore God has singled me out for his glory
Oluwaseun Thanks be to God
Oluwaseunbabarafunmi God has done a wondrous/ miraculous thing for me
Oluwaseyifunmi God did this for me
Oluwasindara God still performs wonders
Oluwasunmibare God draws me nearer to goodness
Oluwatamiloreire The Lord gave me a good gift
Oluwateniola God is all encompassing
Oluwatetisimi God heard my voice/ God has listened to my voice
Oluwatetisiohunebemi God listened to my voice/ cry for help
Oluwatetisioromi God listened to my plea
Oluwatishemipetan God has totally completed me
Oluwatitunmise God has repaired me/renewed me
Oluwatobi God is great
Oluwatofunmi God is sufficient/ enough for me
Oluwatomilola/Oluwatomini God is sufficient /enough for me
Oluwatoni Having God is enough
Oluwatosin God is worthy to be served
Oluwatoyin God is worthy to be served
Oluwatunmise God has beautified me
Oluwayemisi God honours me
Omobobola A child who came to meet wealth
Omobolanle A child who met wealth at home
Omodunni A child is sweet to have
Omolabake A child to be pampered
Omolara A child is family/children are family
Omolola A child is wealth
Omotade A child is the worth of a crown
Omotola A child is equivalent to wealth
Omowunmi I love children
Opeyemi I should be grateful
Opeyimika Surrounded by praise
Oreofe Free favour/ grace
Oreofeoluwakitan Gods grace never ends
Oreofeoluwatofunmi The Grace of the Lord is sufficient for me
Oreoluwa God’s friend
Oreoluwarinsola The goodness of God walked into wealth
Orode Wealth is here/has arrived
Oyenike The title has to be pampered
Oyindamola Honey is mixed with wealth
Oyindasola Honey pours into wealth
Oyindumade Honey is sweet with crown
Oyinlola Honey is wealth
Pipeloluwa Perfect God
Sibesibeoluwanbepelumi Despite all, God is still with me
Simisola Relax in wealth
Tanidabioluwa Who is like God?
Tanitoluwa Who is like unto God
Tanitoluwami  Who is like my God
Temilade The crown is mine
Temiloluwa God is mine
Temitope Enough reason to give thanks
Tiaraoluwa The Lord’s wonder/ From God's body
Titilayo Eternal happiness
Titilopemi I will forever give thanks to God
Tititlope Eternal thanks
Tiwatope Our situation is worthy of thanks
Toluwalashe God’s will be done
Toluwanimi I belong to God
Wuraola The gold of wealth
Yejide Image of her mother
Yewande  mother looked for me
Yeyetunde Mother has returned
Yosolaoluwa Enjoy the wealth of God
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